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Homoeopathic medicines are dynamic in nature after being potentised. They cross the Avagadro number as not a single molecule of original substance is present in them. Dr.Hahnemann suggested traditional mode of administration –oral, olfaction and tactual mode as he was still to find out the most natural mode. Controversy prevails how these dynamic medicines are working. Exploring on the subject Dr.B.Sahni discovered that Homoeopathic medicines need not be digested. They start working as soon as they come under the influence of person. Medicines are chanalised. Thus they can be transmitted from a distance through natural belonging of the Patient. It works. At Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy Drug transmission is the only mode of administration of Medicine. Hundreds are following.

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Full feeling in the head - forehead especlally. Pressure above the eyes in middle of forehead - also tired feeling, but it is late.
Stiff feeling in the neck, where it goes into the back. Slightly painful to turn the head either way, as if the mucles are stiff.
Irritation gone. Replaced by no specific thing. Brain feels tired.
Where else does a person go when they feel sick, tired, old? To bed. That makes sense that they die in bed. Other places would be scenes of an accident. In the hospital "bed" and in "bed" at hospice. A person who is so weak they cannot stand would be "in bed" too. This is not coincidence. That does not mean when we go to bed at night we will die. Although, if you die in your sleep, then you would be found in your "bed."
hi Debby

The bed discussion was a bit a tonque - in -cheek.
It really shows, that statistics can be used to back up any opinion deducted from them and make it look scientific.
It also shows, that one being the reason for something else can be thought of, speculated, but the one being the reason for anther cannot be shown.
So-- deductions remain methaphysical speculations.

Of course the bed is not the cause of death and not any more or less dangerous than any other place.

BTW.: I started a new discussion for the proving experiment.
I am using this method since 1994 and my practice is based exclusively on this method.
Here are few video cases cured by method of Hair transmission with homoeopathy.

Diptheria case

Hemiplegia case

Foot Drop Case

To see some more cases(with photographs) by hair transmission follow link

To read more about hair transmission follow link of my website
dear Ravi,
Thanks for posting cured cases with Drug Transmission. For more detailed information also visit and
Vega machine is not needed for long distance transmission of remedies.
properties of the patient;
Hair with the root
fingernail clipings
drop of blood
photograph As Kaviraj explained

But I have done more test that go further,Without using 'parts' of people.

These Vega machines are a mere version of Biofeed back instruments.
Or using pendulums(or copper dowsing rods) just other ways to see visually the energy movements (transfers)
To me, respecting all here, this question of drugs from distance, i.e., picture, it sounds to be the same like when a chaman allegedly punctured with a needle a doll causing a supposed pain to a person

My reply:
No not the same The intent is different,A healing practicioner must nOT have bad intent to do harm and needs permission from the patient before application is possible
Dear Sai Ram
Welcome to this discussion nice to see your comment.
With all due respect (I am also a Reiki practicioner)
Reiki is nOT homeopathy
The long distance transmission we are speaking about is
different than Reiki.

A Reiki practicioner must have an Atunement by another REiki mAster(teacher) sort of passed on to the student. None of this is done in transmission of hair using homeopathics.
A different subject-
The Immateriality of HomeopathyPosted by
Melanie Grimes on April 12, 2009 at 3:14pm in Homeopathic-Theory-Philosophy
View Discussions (HWC)
Homeopathic science is based on laws that are yet invisible to our modern devices, and our senses. Yet homeopathic cures are tangible evidence of its efficacy. All organic life is a merely carbon-based mix of elements. If you remove all the space that spin the atoms of our cells, the total amount of actual material “stuff” in our bodies would only fill a teaspoon. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, called this energy the Vital Force.

Read article here(link does not work go to
See Melanies article)
Let me perhaps play the devil's advocate for a moment. I am doing not as a sceptic but as an interested and I can assure you as well a passionate learner.

Assuming that signal from the environment could be transmitted through the hair of the person what would happen if our hair happen to fall on the ground or flushed into the sewer. Would not the harmful energetics of the sewer be transmitted to the person ?
I would say no.
Where is the dynamics of the sewer? It has not been potentised.
Now on the other hand if we would take some stuff from that sewer and dynamised it and the hair falls in that, you may end up with dysentery or cholera.
Hi Kaviraj,

Thanks for the reply.

Doesn't ALL water has an energetic signature ? Potentisation only focused the energetic signature to a particular substance. Work of Emoto on water crystalisation revealing the water's underlying energetic "structure" is instructive.

Doesn't this energetic structure have an effect on the person through the hair ? I believe there is an intervening mechanism in the transmission and i.e. the intention of the person applying the remedy.


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