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Homoeopathic medicines are dynamic in nature after being potentised. They cross the Avagadro number as not a single molecule of original substance is present in them. Dr.Hahnemann suggested traditional mode of administration –oral, olfaction and tactual mode as he was still to find out the most natural mode. Controversy prevails how these dynamic medicines are working. Exploring on the subject Dr.B.Sahni discovered that Homoeopathic medicines need not be digested. They start working as soon as they come under the influence of person. Medicines are chanalised. Thus they can be transmitted from a distance through natural belonging of the Patient. It works. At Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy Drug transmission is the only mode of administration of Medicine. Hundreds are following.

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Classical practice of Homoeopathy become more relevant wit the transmission of drug energy from a distance. AT RISDTH we are providing training module for its proper practice.
Since the medicines are dynamic, they may be able to transmit energy... if so then the medicines stored in our clinic may emit energy and in a time period they may exhaust? May i have a answer for this sir?
Considering the nature of Homeopathic medicines it is assumed that they are dynamic. Mystery still prevails how they work. Homeopathic philosophy explains about the dynamic life, influenced by dynamic medicines requiring dynamic medicines. Dynamism has the property of radiation, as such it may be assumed that medicines stored in clinic may keep radiating. But the fact reveals that they remain active even after being stored for a long time. It is also told that medicines prepared by Dr.Hahnemann and now stored in museum are still active. Question arises do Homeopathic medicines have an expiry date? Lot of question are raised about the expiry date of Homoeopathic medicines. In some books they have fixed deadline of expiry. As such according to them Homoeopathic medicine will stop working after expiry date. Realities and facts have another stories. At my clinical units all medicines brought before 1990 are still working.
On the above facts it may be assumed that dynamism stored in medicine remain active and in dormant stage and it is activated as soon as it comes in contacts with the medium, which helps it to get channelized and act. In oral medication it will act in direct contact and in distant transmission these dynamic property are transmitted to the natural original patient.
Only proof of Homeopathy is that it WORK. Thus TRANSMISSION also WORK. In our clinic we are experiencing on daily basis. All patients are given medicine only through transmission route through the hair. Cure are wonderful. One has to practice to see the result. You may experience it. For any difficulties be free to contact and discuss.
It seem apparent at the moment that water has memory and this memory is stored in structures very much similar to hologram. These "loose" structures are very stable and when one water molecule move away others would join in and this is how it maintains its structural integrity. The structure exists and do not exists as it is dynamic.

By extension to this I believe that these "loose structures" when come in contact with vital force, qi, bioenergy or whatever name you give to it these loose structures modulate the vital energy to effect changes.

If we have a homoeopathic remedy and to transmit it over a distance we need "vital force" for the transmission. The work of Dr.William tiller of stanford U paid prominence to the transmissive power of thoughts and intentions.

I have to add that this is just my hypothesising on the transmission mechanism.

Web Blog :
Thank you for your addition."vital force" are dynamic and present in the entire profile of human life. As such parts separated from the natural life retains the memory of it and act as transmitter to send signals.Hair separated too retains and help sending medicinal energy contained to be transmitted to person.
More than just the coming together of remedy and hair, the intention and mind state of the physician will facilitate the transmission as well. There is an aphorism in traditional chinese medicine that the physician's mind state/heart intention can actually affect the outcome of the remedies he prescribed. It was advised centuries ago that a physician must only have peace in the heart before he could serve his patients well. Anyone falling short should take a break to bring back into balance his internal turbulence.

So a short prayer - strong intention - may help the transmission. That's my view and this is supported by the work of Dr.William tiller.
Shakespeare wrote "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy"
Better reading on the subject TRANSMISSION OF HOMOEO DRUG ENERGY FROM A DISTANCE" published by M/S B.Jain Publishers (P)Ltd, New Delhi
Many thanks for your prompt reply. I will see for the availability of the book here,

With love , Charu.
Just read your document,Good article Dr. Sahani.
I took your research one step further,
Dispensing application of homeopathic remedies
without using hair.Without oral dispensing,Without using bood-

Having patient carry the well indicated remedy in a small glass vile around their neck on a cord or chain.
The glass vile is aprox 1-Centimeter long with a cork closure.
I have done this on myself aswell,my last expierence with this was only a few weeks ago.
Under severe conditions,the remedy acted perfectly 100% .
Thanks for addition. Medicine contained in a vial and tied around neck will definitely transmit energy to the patients. Often while handling medicine bottle we experience effects of the medicine. Recently I was sick and required medicine. I simply took two globules of Calcarea Carb 0/1 and hold them between fingers . Effect was there and I felt ok will it.
Your right,Its so easy to communicate these simple facts with you Dr. Sahani,You and I know verry well homeopathy is energy medicine and can easily be transmitted via 'other' means than oral dispensing.
Why is it such a struggle for others to understand this?
Perhaps practicioners forget that it is "Energy' we are speaking about and not a physical medicine.


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