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Homoeopathic medicines are dynamic in nature after being potentised. They cross the Avagadro number as not a single molecule of original substance is present in them. Dr.Hahnemann suggested traditional mode of administration –oral, olfaction and tactual mode as he was still to find out the most natural mode. Controversy prevails how these dynamic medicines are working. Exploring on the subject Dr.B.Sahni discovered that Homoeopathic medicines need not be digested. They start working as soon as they come under the influence of person. Medicines are chanalised. Thus they can be transmitted from a distance through natural belonging of the Patient. It works. At Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy Drug transmission is the only mode of administration of Medicine. Hundreds are following.

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Dr.M.K.Sahani : Mystery still prevails how they work.

Dr. MAS: It is the most fascinating topic for me at net. But after long discussion and experience, it has now been concluded that "Mystery still prevails how they work."
There is no doubt that Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy from a distance works. Scientific explanation are plausible. Different views on how it works are there. Only fact that homoeo medicines are dynamic in nature, and all substances with dynamic properties must have remote effect i.e ability to produce effect from a distance, they may only produce effect and may not take part in action. Homoeopathic principle explains that vital principle when get effected with disease force, it can be corrected by potentised medicines.All homoeo medicine beyond 6th potency crosses the Avogadro number as they do not contain any molecule of the original substance. They acquire the dynamic character thus produces effect on the vital principle to correct itself. Dr.Hahnemann was skeptical about mode of administration of dynamic homoeo medicines. There may be many more thoughts fr explaining how it works, but reality is it works. Dr. B.Sahni has tried to give explanation how it works in his book TRANSMISSION OF HOMOEO DRUG ENERGY FRORM A DISTANCE. As we are not able to explain many facts of nature but we have experienced the effects. Lets keep practicing and exploring further scientific explanation.
Dear Dr. Mas
Nice to see you join in this discussion
long time no communication (last was in 2005)
Remember the occasion?
Its a complex subject at first but when you actually see it working its the simplest method of dispensing remedies. This form of transmission fits homeopathic dispensing like a hand in a glove.
you might want to read more on this subject through this book
TRANSMISSION OF HOMOEO DRUG ENERGY FROM A DISTANCE. ,I have had this book over a decade now and its still one of my favorites on homeopathy.It openes the mind to more options to serve mankind.

For those that have used this method thanks for your imput on this subject.I am sure with more dialogue on long distance transmission the greater homeopathic community will accept this form of dispensing.
Practicioners seem to forget "HOMEOPATHS ARE USING ENERGY FOR MEDICINE" not a physical substance,so why not dispense it via energy transfer.
a article writen by Dr. Ravi Singh june2009
more on this subject;
Hair Transmission a new Method of Adminstration of Homoeopathic ... Here, I am introducing you a new method of administering homoeopathic remedy named as HAIR TRANSMISSION or SAHANI EFFECT. Some of u is probably aware of ...
Some of u is probably aware of this method but probably hesitating to adopt in your practice for want how to use this method. I was in same situation when I first heard about it. But I decided to try it and hence obtained brilliant results from this method.
This method was invented by well known homoeopath of India Late Dr. B. Sahani of Patna. He was thinking that homoeopathic medicines are in the form of energy and energy is not a commodity to be fed by mouth? Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can only be transformed in other form. Obviously energy can be transmitted like radio or mobile signals. Dr. Sahani never claimed how it works, he has given many postulates about his theory( Ref. Transmission of Homoeo Drug energy from a Distance by Dr. B. Sahani B. Jain Publishers. - Cached -
Dr Singh speaks on Hpathy forum

Hi All
I am practicing with method of hair transmission since about 15 years.
I have never gone in deep how it occurs, what is its so called scientific explaination.
I have witnessed so many wonderful cures with this method that now i am practicing exclusively with this method(honestly speaking with placebo, because i have to earn my bread and butter).
It happened so many times in my practice that patients left their treatment because i had not given them relief, but that was my fault due to my limited knowledge and intelligence.
And overall it happens so in our oral method prescribing also. Since few years i have collected some case records with photographs(obviously only with externally visibles) and arrenged at my website just follow link
First see them then u can critisize.
What is my humble request that first explore that in yr practice (can u spare just 5 patient out of 500 of ur patients) follow strict Hahnemannian homoeopathy then tell me failure.

Follow the methadology as
Dr.Ravi Singh, Dr.Pragati Singh
Dr.Ravi's Multispecialty Homoeopathic Clinic
Vaibhav Complex, Maruti Puram Turn
Opp. Lekhraj Khajana, Faizabad Road Lucknow 226016
Ph 0522 4042243
Homeopathy and Radiaesthesia
by Gina Tyler DHOM
The Mystery Of Morphogenesis: How the Actual Forms of Living Things Come Into Being

What controls the homeostatic principle of life? What force animates matter? To be "alive", what does that mean? What are these invisible forces? These questions have always been debated. Can we find the mysteries of life under a microscope? For instance, health and disease have been 100% misdiagnosed by modern allopathic MDs, looking with their noses under their microscopes. Viruses, bacteria, cell destruction, atom and gene manipulations are all tackled with a limited perspective. A world full of linear and analytical thinking.

There is a bioenergetic phenomenon of inter-connected forces mentioned in "the Tao of Physics". An interface between quantum physics and the ancient cosmology of the Chinese ying/yang. This interaction of western and eastern cultures brings us to how this bioenergetic field relates to all living matter. Modern science has somewhat caught up to these mystic forces, having to acount for unexplained energies.................................................

....................................................The Mystical Properties of Hair:The relationship between separated hair and the body. Ritual shaving of a child's hair...Why some cultures place hair in a sacred place... An imbalance of any illness shows in the hair itself. For instance: a homeopath can look at Alopecia Areatta and relate this to the syphlitic miasm. Placing human hair in any garden keeps away the neighborhood cats. Animals feel the presence of the owners via the The Chinese burn human hair into an ash to stop bleeding. It works, but why and how?

In some cultures hair from all family members are used to create intertwined art pieces as keepsakes for bonding purposes. As long as the owner of the hair itself is still alive, the hair obtained for transmission purpose has all its energetic properties needed.

Kirlian photographs show the same auric field in attached or detached hair, nails, and limbs of any human being. These photos take pictures of the aura, corona discharge, or prana, all are one and the same.

Gina Tyler practices Classical Homeopathy in the USA and Indonesia

Transmission of HomeoDrug energy from a Distance - By Dr. B Sahni
Unfathomed Regions of Homeopathy - By Dr. S. Alam Bihabi
Bioenergetic Medicines East and West - By Manning and Vanranen

Teletherapy - By Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya
Vibrational Medicine - By R. Gerber MD
The Power of Rays - S.G.J. Ouseley
Link for my full article on this subject Searchbox; Gina tyler articles
A Mechanism for Hair Transmission ?


your questions regarding the mechanisms behind Hair-transmission (HT) are quite valid.

It doesn’t appear anyone has, or can provide, a rigorous, scientific explanation of the mechanism(s) involved. I don’t think human understanding of physics would allow this yet. Nevertheless, it’s my conviction that although the mechanism of HT can’t yet be explained scientifically, it does work.

My husband is very skeptical by nature. He’s a Sulphur with a life-long love of Science. He’s studied Science, specifically physics, all his life. He remains very skeptical about HT, but has posited some theories about how it might work from the point of view of a phyical/mechanical/scientific explanation. His idea is more akin to notions of Quantum Entanglement. The concept is very familiar to physicists. The concept has been proven to have real, demonstrable effects via various E.P.R. experiments over the last 4 decades or more.
The phenomenon has even been used recently to transmit tiny amounts of information in cutting-edge computer labs.

As you may know, E.P.R. stands for Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen. The experiments are named for three of the physicists that outlined and then proved how elementary particles (electrons, photons and other sub-atomic particles) can become intertwined such that information can be transmitted between them instantaneously.

This would seem to break certain laws of physics by surpassing the speed of light, but in fact it does not. Instead, the information does not travel through space at all. The particles are said to be ‘entangled’ via some not yet well-understood mechanism, possibly explainable via Superstring Theory. Anyway, my husband’s notion is that any part of a person’s body may produce quantum entanglements as a matter of course.

Perhaps this occurs all throughout the body, in every skin cell, blood cell, hair follicle, etc. If so, it’s possible that remedies applied to tissue somewhere in space-time could ‘transmit’ the healing component or ‘remedy’ to their quantum-entangled counterparts elsewhere.

Yes, this does not answer the question of the mechanism of HT definitively. It’s merely meant to suggest that although modern scientific understanding seems ill-equipped to answer the question, there appears to be some potential for understanding in the future. Of course, it will depend greatly upon like-minded Homeopaths and open-minded Scientists working together. Perhaps your inquisitive and skeptical nature will help in this regard.

Lets continue this discussion further shall we-------------------------------------------------------
Dear Dr.M.K.Sahani and Gina

Thanks for your comments.

Unless we will not develop our mind as critical, we cannot discuss any topic. The title of the book "TRANSMISSION OF HOMOEO DRUG ENERGY FRORM A DISTANCE" explains everything that the writer is skeptical. So whenever skeptical mind was adopted at homeopathic website, you will always face ban decision. Now you have two options left. Either you discuss in open forum where scientists, philosophers, skeptics, allopaths and homeopaths of different fields and professions are allowed to comment on your topics or we should simply close all such topics and just follow what is written by Hahnemann.

First I would like to request to the admin of the board to highlight the policy whether we (homeopaths) can discuss homeopathy or validity of homeopathy on scientific ground if yes then I can prove the title the book is absolutely wrong with all evidences and proofs. If we are not allowed then it is ok to support everything with or without logic in homeopathic favour.

You see, the book title "TRANSMISSION OF HOMOEO DRUG ENERGY FRORM A DISTANCE" is a topic, which is totally against homeopathic fundamental philosophy.
Dr Mas,

I beg to differ.

I am a classical homoeopath. I work according to Hahnemann's laws and principles. And i am moreover very critical of anything that goes against these laws. However, this is not about whether we have a new method of finding the remedy, but about the means of delivery of the dose.

Gina summarised the conundrum succinctly, when she stated that this transmission is a dynamic process, which passes on the energy of the remedy - there are no physical entities involved. Rather, the potencies are quantum-mechanical entities and thus their transmission is based not on any physical laws.

Since Hahnemann was also a promotor of mesmerism - which is equally non-material - the criticism you voice is somewhat redundant, unless we accuse the founder of unscientific gobbledegook and of going against his own laws.

If scientific investigation means we look for results - which is really the goal - then we shall judge things accordingly. We must not be so naieve as to believe that homoeopathy was finished by the time the Grand Master left this earthly plane and reject all development a priori.

Since it are the results that count - Hahnemann being incapable of explaining how the cure takes place - we shall have to adopt this as the criterion on which to judge the fallacy or the confirmation of any method to administer the remedy. Olfactory administration is also accepted as genuine.

My peronal experience since 1982 is that this method works and therefore deserves to be used. The means to arrive at the remedy selection still needs to be the classical Hahnemannian way. It is solely a discussion about the means of delivery here, so how does it go against homeopathic fundamental philosophy?
Dr. Mas posted:'
I can prove the title the book is absolutely wrong with all evidences and proofs. If we are not allowed then it is ok to support everything with or without logic in homeopathic favour..........."

My reply;
You can do as you please DR. Mas.
I fully agree with Kaviraj posts My oppinions mirror his. Let me add-
There are proofs of this method of dispensing,I am one of those practicioners who use this method with great success(for aprox 12 yrs now). "THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING". Talk is cheap,doing the actual test and seeing for yourself show tangible results.
The human mind has many limitations if the doors are closed from the start,we as homeopaths know the possibilities of miraculous results using homeopathic remedies on the incurable illnesses,where allopathy has failed. With this mindset of exploring that great mystery of homeopathic energy we should take it one step further and research Hanemann's
OTHER" forms of dispensing besides oral wet dosing.
You are familiar with inhaling as a form of dispensing? Think about that concept?
Remedies Do not smell like anything-correct- Then why does this form of dispensing work?
Transmission from long distance is JUst another form of dispensing application of remedies.
Dear members

I want to clarify a few points.

Scientificness is not achieved by looking at results and to proclaim the proof is in the pudding. This is called hit or miss experiment, and a historically long outdated way, which is still adhered to by allopathy. All other sciences have adopted post 1785 principles. (defined by Kant)
Scientificness is not established by forming a theory and then trying to see in what percentige confirmation is found in experiments.

Modern Scientificness of application of remedies is achieved by the creation of an apriory knowledge of its effects before its therapeutic application. This apriory knowledge of application has been established as part of the provings for the transmission using material carriers.

And as provings have established this apriory knowledge in the context of application of homeopathic remedies, it therefore is it this very same mode of applications-- the only mode till date-- which makes the process scientific (in modern terms) when applied at the sickbed.

The process scientifically proven for the application of homeopathic remedies is the One outlined in the Organon.

It behooves the promoters of other modes of applications to go through the initial process of proving the remedies by such form of application in order to establish the true effects brought out by such modes.

These effects then form the basis for the selection of remedies used in this form. We can then safely use such modes of application based on such a special Materia Medica for the selection of the remedies.

Unless this special MMP is established an application of remedies by Homeo Drug Energy remains experimental.

Personally, I abstain from medical experiments on the sick. Experiments of that kind should be done on Provers.

Hahnemann does not categorically deny the existence of mesmerism, but makes no reference to any tests of transmitting remedies over distances by means of non –material carriers.
mr hans i have to but totally agree with this statement,it seems like ' wheather it work or not, it homeopahy or not, peace n salaman


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