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HWC DISCUSSION <~ | Please View LIVE STREAM of the Oil Spill in the Gulf and more information regarding the toxic effects.

LINK to Dr Wequar's Discussion: Oil Spill, Health and Home

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is developing into the greatest man-made environmental disaster in history.  Many of my Environmental Technology students who are federally certified in hazardous materials handling are going to the Gulf to volunteer in the cleanup.  I fear for them.  Crude oil is filled with benzene, and other carcinogenic hydrocarbons.  Entry via mouth, skin and aerosols could make them very sick if they are not properly protected.  

Is there anything homeopathy can do to protect them?

Dr. Robert Bruck

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Dr Bruck,i had mentioned in one of my post with reference to oil spill about use of PETROLEUM as a Homeopathic medicine.Some how i am unable to locate it on our HWC pages;Debby's post on oil spill was just before mine. Your concern is genuine.

I am quoting from Murphy's Lotus Materia Medica and the symptoms that may arise out of the oil spill if found matching with the symptoms of PETROLEUM, it may prove very beneficial.However each case of affect of oil spill will vary and has to be treated individually.

Petroleum was proved by Hahnemann is made by agitating the liquid commercial
Petroleum with Sulphuric acid and then rectifying the portion which this acid
does not act upon. It is "a light oily fluid, colorless or of a pale straw
color and strong characteristic naphthalic smell. Dropped on white paper it
evaporates completely, leaving no greasy stain."

Petrolatum (Vaseline) consists of hydrocarbons of the Paraffin series,
obtained from residues after distillation of lighter oils from crude
petroleum or deposited from crude petroleum on standing. The disorders met
with in petroleum extractors and refiners are diseases of the skin and
subcutaneous tissue, depressed nutrition, anemia, dyspepsia, nerve troubles,
irritability insomnia, respiratory disorders. In addition to these is a
species of intoxication.

Petr. is one of Hahnemann's leading anti-psorics and is especially closely
related to Graph. It is suited to long-lasting, deep seated, wasting
diseases, lingering gastric and intestinal troubles with or without
ulceration. In Clarke's experience no remedy corresponds to more cases of
chlorosis in young girls with or without ulceration of the stomach.

A man, a patient of Clarke's who suffered from inveterate eczema and who had
formerly been employed in a factory where much petroleum was used, noticed
that his eczema was much better while working with petroleum.

He told Clarke that the vapor had the singular effect of making some of the
workmen insane, causing: Desire to kill, hallucinations, they will see things
not actually visible, for instance, "they will see the rails in a station
when a train is on them."

I hope you find this useful,with request to other members to shed light on the subject of treatment in light of oil spill and disease that may surface as time passes.I only hope it does not become pandemic.
Thanks Dr. Khan---- this is very helpful!
my other post was of 22 May,under "Epidemic and Pandemic,Homeopathy" titled "Oil spill ,health and Homeopathy"


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