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Top Indications of Homeopathic Remedies

For example:

Aconite for onset of sthenic fevers, intense anxiety, fear of death, dry and hot skin, dry and cold winds

Every one symptom has result. Please add in this discussion remedies with symptoms about your experiences. 


Keynote Prescriptions

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We are already discussing this topic under the heading "Keynote Prescription". Please follow the link. I think if similar discussions runs in different names then it will not be fruitful.



I did'nt mean to hurt your ego.


              Arnica Montana

Probably the most well-known and mainstream homeopathic remedy, Arnica is used in first aid for bruising and trauma. Take Arnica after a fall or a day of hard labor to prevent bruising and muscle soreness.


Apis Mellifica

Apis is made from bee venom, and is usually the remedy of choice for bee and insect stings. In case of a severe reaction, take Apis on the way to the emergency room.


Hypericum Perforatum

Derived from the St. John's Wort plant, Hypericum is used for pain and for injury to nerve-rich areas. Some practitioners prescribe Hypericum, along with Arnica, after surgery or dental work.


Nux Vomica

As the name suggest, Nux Vomica addresses symptoms of nausea and vomiting, generally as related to overindulgence. Nux Vomica is commonly prescribed for a hangover.

Dr Amir,

Please continue.Very soon i will take part in this discussion.At the moment i am busy.



Pain at bifurcation of trachea when coughing. Pain extends from mid sternum to back. Remedy is Kali Bichromatum. It means Kali bich activate the disturbance of deep cardiac nerve plexus.
For cracking of the periosteum and inflammation of the periosteum. Here homoeopathic materia medica indicate the medicine is ruta grave (Tendency to the formation of deposits in periosteum Ruta G.) prickling pain sorceress of the periosteum. It stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surface. Remedy is symphytum (Boericke)
Stitching, cutting pain from left kidney following course of Ureter in to bladder and Urethra. This leading indication of berberis vulgaris. It means berbaris correct the ulceration of nerves impulses to excretory system. Is this type of special indications may present in any other pathy? Answer is no and never.(It is only in Homoeopathy)
Pain and Constriction around the heart. This symptoms manifests coronary stenosis. Here it is necessary to know that heart receives blood supply through the coronary arteries and if these arteries become constricted then stenosis manifests. This indication is for Amyle nitrate.
Swelling of inguinal lymph glands specially on right side. Remedy is Clematis erecta.
Pain in right testis which ameliorate after urination, (Cobaltum) patient may suffer with symptoms of emission without errection means seminal ejaculation without errection of penis.
It means cobaltum constrict the seminal vesical without sexual disorder when it may balance with sexual desire penis become erect.
Dislocation of patellar on going up stair cannabis satives. It indicates that tendons of quadriceps femoris muscles and patellar ligament come under influence of cannabis sativa.
Profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse blunt coryza, remedy is Euphrasia. Action of euphrasia is on serous membrane. Especially on conjunctiva & nasal cavity.
Indication is severe dull, backache in lumbo sacral articulation remedy is Aesculus hip.
Indication is aching back wards along left floating ribs. Remedy is amyle nitrate. This symptom indicates that neuralgia of left eleventh inter costal nerves & sub costal nerves. No one drug from any other pathy except homoeopathy which acts on certain nerves of the body.
Extra ordinary rigidity of os of cervix of utrerus Remedy is caulophyllum. It indicate that caulophylum relax the rigidity of os of cervix. No other pathy have any one drug as this drug in homoeopathy.(Except Hormones)

Topic is very intresting and amazing

ACONITUM NEPELLUS used for shock of any kind. It covers 90% of all shock symptoms. Used for convulsions, Hyphema, Shortness of breath and paralysis.




2. Slow pulse.
3. Appetite diminished.
A patient with the above symptoms was prescribed Digitalis and he got cured .Simple and practical homeopathy.

We give certain drugs on the basis of some particular indications. It may not work for all cases due to partial similarity. But, there are many cases that respond nicely. Hence, we usually give some drugs on the basis of these sure indications, mainly for acute conditions.

Here are some sure indications for me:

Hypericum: When a person comes with a crushed finger tips with horrible pain

Staphysagria: When a newly married lady comes with burning micturation.

Cocculus: A person comes with nausea and vomiting during traveling.

Eupatorium: Fever with chills, bony pain and soreness, headache, vomiting at close of chill.

Opium: Constipation with no urge to pass stool.

Ant crud: Irritable child with white-coated tongue and indigestion after altered food or overeating.

Bryonia: Troubles with stitching pains, thirst, coated dry tongue. Troubles > by absolute rest, < by even slightest motion.

Gelsemium: Dullness, thirstless, muscle weakness.

Pulsatilla: changeability of symptoms, aversion to fatty food, thirstless, amel in open air.

                                               Alumina (An excellent remedy for constipation)

Constipation : no desire for and no ability to pass stool until there is a large accumulation (Melil.); great straining,  must grasp the seat of closet tightly; stool hard, knotty, like laurel berries, covered with mucus; or soft, clayey, adhering to parts (Plat.).
 - Inactivity of rectum,  even soft stool requires great straining (Anac., Plat., Sil., Ver.).
 - Constipation : of nursing children, from artificial food; bottlefed babies; of old people (Lyc., Op.); of pregnancy, from inactive rectum (Sep.).

 Tuberculinum bovinum kent 
 Most helpful. 
 Left sided pain, pain precedes the flow - very heavy flow. 
 May be scanty, shreddy membranes coming away. 
 Magnesium phosphoricum 
 Pain tends to be very severe abdomen colic. 
 Amel. heat, pressure. 
 Always accompanying abdominal flatulence. 
 Pain precedes the flow. 
 Right sided pain. 
 Calcarea phosphorica 
 For growing girls or students where the period is bright and heavy and the pain is located in the back. 
 Cocculus indicus 
 Very useful. 
 Violent spasmodic cramps. 
 Profuse flow and dark. 
 Violent vomiting accompanied by faintness, chilliness, numbness and occipital headache. 
 Viburnum opulus 
 Membranous dysmenorrhoea with severe cramps and scanty flow. 
 Cramps come before the flow and is amel.  when the flow is established. 
 Backache aggr. on the left side. 
 Amel. by pressure. 
 Patient is amel. by lying down as is the Cocculus indicus patient. 

Secale cor : A wonderful remedy  Adapted to women of thin, scrawny, feeble, cachectic appearance; irritable, nervous temperament; pale, sunken countenance.
 Women of very lax muscular fibre; everything seems loose and open; no action; vessels flabby; passive haemorrhages, copious flow of thin, black, watery blood; the corpuscles are destroyed.

                                                   Haemorrhagic diathesis; the slightest wound causes bleeding for weeks (Lach., Phos.); discharge of sanious liquid blood with a strong tendency to putrescence; tingling in the limbs and great debility

The skin feels cold to the touch, yet the patient cannot tolerate covering; icy coldness of extremities.

You are welcome Dr.Amir, This is the beauty of this unique platform.


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