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Master F Khan, age 8 years came to my clinic with his mother. His mother was very much worried by his chronic complaint of tonsillitis. The condition was getting worse day by day.  On examination  tonsils were found to be swelled up. His mother said that the boy often complains of a needle pricking like pain, which goes up to the ear from throat on swallowing or when he yawns.

She said, "Doctor, I fear he might loose his ears. As many times I have noticed that he does not listen at once, we have to either speak loudly or repeat the sentence."

The cervical lymph nodes were also enlarged and palpable. One thing I noticed that while talking the boy was constantly swallowing. From last winter he was also coughing, which usually starts from an irritation in the larynx. The expectoration is loose and mucoid. The boy was given ------------------ Medicine and with in 3-4 weeks he was back to normal. Since then almost 5 years have gone, and he did not experience any other attack.

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It is nice to see and learn the way correct rubric selection gets positive results. "Swallowing" rubric was the main rubric,and the result STAPH .

Thanks Dr Vikas,

                          For sharing this case. Every one thinks about Hepar sulph, but one thing clearly indicates the picture of Staphysagria.  When the patient , in this case the boy, must constantly swallow while talking. So Stap. is remedy for this case.

Excellent rubrics selected and you have suggested the right remedy, remedy given was Staphysagria. Thanks Dr. Ravindra Saraswat ji

Thank you so much. It is helpful to remember these particular keynotes. 

Thanks Debby Bruck..


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