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Dear homeopaths,
what would you suggest to take for tonsilitis on the right side and pain in the right ear. Not easy to eat. Headache and weak feeling by standing up, beginning in the back of the head, but goes very fast away. Wandering pains from the shoulders, shoulderleaves till the hands, but not heavy, sometimes muscles sometimes bones.
Mentally the person feels good, very qualm. Normally the person is very active and not so qualm.
Needs warmth, but can´t stand the sun. Likes warm drinks and food.
Being outside makes worse, bein inside but with open doors makes better. Normally the person likes to be outdoors most of the time.
After taking Ferrum Phosporicum C30, rheumatic pain in the right leg, but the pain in the shoulders is gone. Tonsilitis is still there, the same.

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welcome Tihana for this Homoeopathy World Community and for the tonsillitis and particularly on the right side with the pain beginning at the back of the head kindly take Sangunaria c30 one or two drops in 60ml of water and sip it four or five times in a gap of six hours( a 1/4 litre water bottle you can carry which will be very handy) I am sure that will give required result with in four five days for these right sided affections.

Best wishes
For right side tonsilities and pain in the right side of this type, Lycopodium is the best homeopathic remedies I have found in several cases of my long homeopathy practice.

Dr. M. Ahmed
M.Sc. (D.U.), M.Sc. (P.U. Pak.)
D.H.M.S. (Dhaka), E.O.R.D. (India), R.C.E.P.T. (Japan)

Vice – Chairman
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies in Homeopathy (BCASH), Dhaka
Vice – Chairman

Centre for advanced Studies in homeopathy (CASH), Dhaka

Country Representative
World Homeopathic Awareness Organization (WHAO)
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Bangladesh Homeopathy Board, Govt. of Bangladesh

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Thank you all for your replies. Even if it is an older post it is good to see all the possibilites...
may i make a suggestion on this subject;

There might be a strep infection if this symptoms shows itself chronic.
Have a labtest do a throat culture to verify strep or not.
If it is 100% strep confirmed,a nosode is a possible option-followed by the patients constitutional remedy.
This way you erradicate the problem.
I used to give "Acutes" for this type of symptom but saw more often than not a re-ocurrance of symptoms.Looking into nosodes may remove the block . Taking into consideration also the well indicated Anti-miasmatic remedy may need to be focused on.


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