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Dear friends, my name is Francisco from Guatemala in Central America, because of the situation occurring in our neighboring country, Mexico, the possibility that swine influenza causes death in our country increases, what advice would you offer to improve their conditions of health and make it stronger, we know that we as homeopaths are needed for symptoms repertorize power and fulfill the role of homeopathy, but it's nice to hear their proposals. Thanks for your support and comments.

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Dear Francisco


Please try to get in touch with our colleagues in Mexico .I know there are homeopaths over

there .Ask them if they need any remedies ,or any other help .Dr.Kent has a chart of

remedies which are effective in case of different conditions like influenza .Influenzium 30 or

200c in 3 doses has been mentioned to be effective for prevention .I recommend to use the

liquid form in order to potentise it by shaking vigorously 8 to 12 times after taking the remedy and to minimize the possiblity of aggravation .Be in touch and calm but active and cautious
thanks for your input we are in contact with other homeopaths homeopathy and hope that the results provided it has given to human health always, thanks for your fine contribution to the knowledge, you can check it on my website
Dear friend,
Please share this information on how to create immunity with your community.

Also have you seen the other posts about Peter Chappell;s work on resonant homeopathic remedies?
The link to his swine flu remedy is here and can be downloaded and listed to.
Melanie Grimes
This link is on the Front Page...
thanks for all our coments, it´s to helpfull to the people, i read this in my radio program today, thanks for your participation.


Swine flu and Islam
“O you mankind: Eat of what is lawful and good on earth. 2; 168
“Eat of the things which God has provided for you lawful and good, but fear God in whom you believe’. Forbidden to us is dead meat, blood and flesh of swine (5:4) and intoxicants (5:93 and 2: 219). 5:91
The Pork:- The pork is high in cholesterol, salt and may have worms.
Some recent western studies revealed that eaters of the swine flesh (pork) carry the same characteristics of swine. Eating pork is harmful to health in a great many regards.
Swine flu:- An animal also suffering from many diseases as well as human.flu is common disease in human being and also present in animals. But in these days swine flu is flash news, Swine flu virus is deferent from human flu, the swine virus found in that persons how directly contract with pigs and eat pork and now swine flu spread from that infected people to other people how have not direct contract or eat pork.
Symptoms of swine flu:-Common cold, temperature, sneezing, cough, pain thourt and body, headache and dizziness. Some patient’s complaint of loose motions and vomiting also.
What we can do in swine flu:- Rest at home, Cover your mouth and nose during cough and sneezing, Wash your hands after touching the mouth and nose, Destroy properly sputum and other secretions and Consult your doctor for treatment and diagnosis.
Preventions:-Stop eating of pork, Stop direct contract with swine and Other is as in common cold
Treatment:- tamiflu and Reenza both medicines treat and prevent from swine flu
Homeopathic Treatment
According to WHO Homeopathy is a largest system medicine to treat and prevent from diseases after allopathic system.
Oslocasicium new antiviral homeopathic being in use in USA and other countries, it can also to treat the swine flu.
According to patient s symptoms’ following homeopathic remedies can use in swine flu.
Aconite, Belladonna, Apis, arsenic alb , Bryonia, Gelsemium, eupatorium perf, etc.
By H/Dr Jamil Bajwa
For more information please visit 24 hrs help line 0092-3009703836


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