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Let us all gather whatever we have learned from the great soul, who was ever smiling, and ever encouraging. I had an opportunity to learn some of his clinical tips in these last few days. He was my guide but .......

With heavy hearts I share his tips to all.

1. Colon carcinoma ----- Anhalonium

2. Hot flushes of climacteric when lachesis, sulphur and medo failed --- Sangunaria can.

3. Skin symptoms >ed bt cold application --- Ledum pal

4. Tormenting others ---- Zincum met.


We can pool in our knowledge what we have learned from Sir in one place.

Please contribute.

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In the last class of Dr.D.P.Rastogi on 2nd of dec, he said that Hahnemann did not like the work of Jahr and discarded it, though he was the best of his friends. So much so that Jahr was the only person called for Hahnemann's funeral. But still this discarded work of Dr.Hahnemann was the base of the repertory of Dr.Hering and then Dr.Lippe followed by Dr.Kent and then so many others including synthetic and synthesis repertory.

Hahnemann used Dr.Boenninghausen's and Dr.Ruckert's repertory. Many Indian authors says Dr. Ruckert's repertory was not published. This is not true as it was published in three volumes. It was as follows:

Rückert, E.F.,

Ref: Systematic Presentation of all Homoeopathic Medicines known hitherto , 3 vols, 1831-33.

LMHI 2010 Conference

Redondo Beach, California

May 18-23,  2010

His experience with small and rare remedies.



  • Is a cardiac tonic and diuretic
  • Quarter grains daily, or two to five grains of first decimal trituration.
  • Increased arterial pressure and prolongs the diastole, favoring emptying engorged veins
  • Is an excellect substitute for digitalis and is not cumulative in action


  • Muscular paralysis without impairing sensation and consciousness
  • Ptosis of right side.
  • Double vision
  • Glycosuria with motor paralysis
  • Diabetes mellitus with 4th dilution
  • Degenerative, aging processes
  • Cancers: ulcerating; gangrenizing

Natrum nitricum:

  • Remedy for inflammations and haemorrhages
  • Sour risings
  • Flatulence with pressure in the pit of stomach and pain in chest
  • Asthma with urine supersaturated with solids.
  • Worse motion
  • Better eructations

Hoang nan:

  • Removes fetor and haemorrhages in cancer
  • Revives the healing process
  • Follows Ars-alb
  • Tertiary syphilis and paralysis
  • Leprosy

Kali phos:

  • Remember it in the treatment of suspected malignant tumors
  • After removal of cancer when in healing process skin is drawn tight over the wound
  • Nocturnal enuresis in excitable children

Ammon phos:

  • Sneezing wih excessive running nose and eyes only in the morning
  • Nodosities of the joints of fingers and back of hands


From--- Homoepathy: The Versatile Science


Vertarum alb  ----Conscious of his position in society. Boaster

Anacardium is cruel.

Calcarea sulph --Desire to be alone and meditate.


Thank you for continuing this discussion. Much to learn from a great teacher.
Thank you Piyush and Debby.

Homeokit of 31 remedies. as suggested by sir.

1.Arnica 2. Allium cepa 3. Arsenic alb 4. Apis mel 5. Aloes 6. Aconite 7. Bryonia 8. Belladonna 9. China 10. Carbo veg 11. Colocynth 12. Cantharis 13. Euptorium perf 14. Gelsemium 15 . Hepar sulph 16. Hypericum 17. Ipecac 18. Ignatia 19. Ledum pal 20. Merc sol 21. Nat mur 22. Nit acid 23 . Nux vom 24. Podophyllum 25. Phosphorus 26. Pulsatilla 27. Rhus tox. 28. Ruta 29. Sulphur 30. Thuja 31. Veratrum alb


Great! Thanks again.
"Cephalandra Q acts better than other tinctures"
Thank you Dr.Rafeeque

Dear All,

A nice discussion is going on. Here's my contribution.


This is a power-point presentation of a lecture given by Dr. D.P. Rastogi on 15th Sept 2007 at a National Homoeopathic Conference (Kent Memorial Lectures) held in New Delhi organised by South Delhi Homoeopathic Association.


Hope you will like it.

Thank you so much Dr.Navneet for your contribution.


  • For persons who are wearing out under the physical and mental strain of a busy life.
  • Who suffer from exhausted nerves and brain
  • Sleepy; but can find no rest anywhere.
  • Instantaneous voice producer [Populus]
  • Impotence and diabetes


  • Uterine cancer
  • Anasarca
  • Pemphigus
  • Dose recommended in tincture.


  • Is one of the best remedies fro the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • We fnd a picture of Bry and Ars at the same time. The patient wants to be quite like Bry. and has burning in the stomach and vomitting like Ars.
  • Nasal polypus


  • A resolvent, externally and internally, for dissolving scar tissue, tumors, enlarged glands; strictures; adhesions and fibroids.
  • For retarding old age (Dr.A.S.Hard)
  • Stricture of rectum
  • Tabes dorsalis


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