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Let us all gather whatever we have learned from the great soul, who was ever smiling, and ever encouraging. I had an opportunity to learn some of his clinical tips in these last few days. He was my guide but .......

With heavy hearts I share his tips to all.

1. Colon carcinoma ----- Anhalonium

2. Hot flushes of climacteric when lachesis, sulphur and medo failed --- Sangunaria can.

3. Skin symptoms >ed bt cold application --- Ledum pal

4. Tormenting others ---- Zincum met.


We can pool in our knowledge what we have learned from Sir in one place.

Please contribute.

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Some More Tips from Homoeopathic GEMS By D.P.Rastogi
Points from the O.P. D. and therapeutic hints
Apis mellifica for allergic manifestations.
Phosphorus has nasal obstruction, polypus, does not like tea.
Pulsatilla may be thirsty for cold drink, weeps when worried, worse stuffy room, loathes fat.
Prednisolone 3 for bad effect of the same.

Drugs for common cold
Pulsatilla, Carbo vegetabilis, Euphrasia officinalis, Allium cepa, Iodium, Kali iodatum, Arsenicum iodatum, Psorinum, Nux vomica.

Stuffed up nose but no relief from blowing
Lachesis, Kali bichromicum, psorinum, Naja
Sticta pulmonaria-KENT )

Paeonia very excellent drug for piles

Pulsatilla is better by slow motion.
Arsenicum album child wants to be carried very fast but Pulsatilla child is satisfied by slow motion.
Migraine at the time of menses is a good pointer to Sepia.
Kali iodatum 1M for ear trouble.
Blue sclerotics and hairs from arm upto the shoulder is a good pointer to Tuberculinum bovinum.
Bromium 3X
4 minims 3 times daily for enlargement of thymus.
Calcarea silicata
Catarrh with feet very cold and damp.
Child very sensitive to cold.
Nux vomica patients are agg. by overwork.
They do their work quite laboriously.
Arnica montana for Hypertension.
Used for shock, emotional as well as physical shock.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum discharge smells like old cheese.
Pulsatilla acute of Medorrhinum.
Capsicum for homesickness.
Preventive of mastoid abscess if given early in ear troubles.
Calcarea phosphorica 2X, Ferr-p3X
Kali iodatum, Kali sulphuricum for sinus trouble
Bright red blood haemorrhage-Ipeacacuanha
Gelsemium is good for Poliomyelitis.
Mercurius cynatus
For diphtheria.
Cough on exertion at night.
Thea 200 (Tea)

In a case of bed wetting.
Jealousy in children - Lachesis 10 M 3 doses 12 hrly seem to act as one dose.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum
Bacillinum and Influenzinum combined [can be obtained from A. Nelson] is very good to prevent cold.
Pulsatilla acute of Silicea.
Pulsatilla has complaints after hair cut like Belladonna
Mongols have usually Catarrh , they tend to be overweight.
Pulsatilla and Medorrhinum most indicated.
All statements qualified- a strong indication for Sulphur.
Patient shows that he wants to score off doctor - Nitricum acidum, Zincum.

Sheer exhaustion could drop in tracks.
China officinalis, Conium maculatum, Picricum acidum.
Pain in Bone - Aurum, Mercurius, Sulphur.
Pain in bone, trunk, finger tip covers - Kali carbonicum.
Pain in flesh, extremities, Kali Carbonicum.
Weekend headaches, saturday - Natrum muriaticum.
Weekend headaches, Sunday - Sulphur.
Headaches, Tuesday - Natrum muriaticum.
Pain over right eye into eye,- Sanguinaria canadensis some time Spigelia.
Pain over left eye into eye- Spigelia.
Irritable, better from snapping - Natrum muriaticum.
Irritable, remorseful after snapping- Nux vomica.
Fine hair, poor concentration, forgets word or paragraph just read or written, emotions follow closely mood of music, story, films etc.

Easy tears to eyes and lump to throat, mobile nostrils - Lycopodium clavatum.
Heart pains not always constricting, sometimes precordial, pressure with radiation down left arm - Cactus grandiflorus.
Sweating between shoulder blades, shirt sticking to back, dark downy hair on back - Tuberculinum bovinum.
Tuberculinum and Thuja for Laventhal syndrome.
Tuberculinum bovinum
agg. heat amel. open air.
[Stramonium and Pulsatilla also jealous]
Pulsatilla 30
6 doses four hourly cured a case of acute tonsillitis with 102o F temp.
Mercurius corrosivus 30
6 doses 4 hourly and 6 doses 6 hourly for tonsillitis and otitis media.
Kali sulphuricum6 B.D. for 8 weeks, kicks the cover at night.
Wakes at 3 A.M.
Mercurius corrosivus 200
In acute amoebic dysentery.
Aloes 200
In dysentery.
Tuberculinum bovinum
To clear the bronchitis and bad temper.
Mixed pollen - for hay fever and asthma.
Eczema agg. near fire and radiant heat - Antimonium crudum also Sulphur, Pulsatilla.
Chronic otitis media -amel. good plan to give a low potency over a long time e.g. Pulsatilla.
Iodium for metabolic diseases.
Urtica urens for eczema.
Q in bath - frantic irritation.
Thuja for mother-vaccinated several times during pregnancy.

Wow! great list.

Thank you so much Sir for your response and contribution. Sir will live in us!

                **** Dr.D.P. Rastogi ******


Thanks Dr.Dasgupta. Would also like to get to know what your personal experience with Dr.D.P.Rastogi.

Some useful hints from Glasgow Hospital
Some useful hints from Glasgow hospital (from Homeopathic Gems by Dr. D.P. Rastogi )
Ptelea : Pulsating pain right hip.
Pain external throat extending to eye : Selenium
Pain under the left scapula : Oxalicum acidum
Diarrhoea only during daytime, worse wet : Natrum sulphuricum
Drowsiness : Nux moschata
Lycopodium clavatum has desire for cold drinks too, but Chelidoneum majus wants drinks very hot.
Rash on palm of hands : Fluoricum acidum.
The upward direction of Sepia symptom is characteristic.
Increased desire in old woman-Moschus
Badiaga : Pain worse going up and down in Osteoarthritis of knee.
Schizophrenia : Silicea, Baryta carbonica, Thuja, Calcarea carbonica
Paranoid Lachesis, Arsenicum album, Apis mellifica, Nitricum acidum, Pulsatilla
Catatonic Hyoscyamus niger, Phosphoricum acidum
GPI : Aurum, Platina, Palladium
Mania : Agaricus muscarius, Cannabis indica, Cantharis, Belladonna, Opium, Fluoricum acidum, Stramonium, Veratrum album.
Depression : Natrum muriaticum, Lycopodium clavatum, Phosphoricum acidum, Psorinum, Sulphur
Neurotic : Ignatia amara, Nux vomica, Kali phosphoricum, Alumina, Magnesia carbonica, Tuberculinum, Cuprum metallicum, Zincum, Tarentula hispanica
Idiocy : Baryta carbonica, Bufo, Mercurius, Thuja.
Insane : Hepar sulphuris calcareum, Mercurius, Iodium, Kali phosphoricum, Veratrum album, Anacardium orientale.
Heart : 1. Acute attack angina : Aconitum napellus, Iodium, Cactus grandiflora, Spongia tosta, Arsenicum album, Spigelia anthelmia, Latrodactus-mactans, Lilium tigrinum.
2. Coronary : Arsenicum album, Carbo-vegetabilis , Oxalicum acidum, Snakes.
3. Post coronary : Crategus, Arnica montana, Kali carbonica
4. Congestive failure : Ant. tart., Carbo Vegetabilis, Cactus grandiflora, Laurocerasus., Digitalis purpurea, Strophanthus.
Failure with hyperthyroidism : Lycopodium clavatum, Iberis amara, Arsenicum iodatum.
Failure from hypertension : Snakes- Crotalus horridus, Crategus, Baryta carbonica.
Rheumatic Carditis : Kalmia latifolia.
Dr. Paterson
Cross children-Proteus and Tuberculinum bovinum for cross and irritable children.
Children with tempers- Chamomilla, Tuberculinum bovinum and Proteus.
Pain in the sole of the feet- Valeriana
Sore throat after bad vaccination- Thuja.
Natrum silico-fluoride is known as bone scraper, for discharges from fistulae.
Carbo vegetabilis- Headache, frontal Piercing.
Rhus venenata- Eruption on the back of wrist.
Piles worse before menses- Cocculus indicus, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla
Nasal obstruction, green discharge : Teucrium
Squid. for flushes of climacteric in a sepia patient.
Sabadilla : agg. in open air, thirstlessness with a dry tongue.
Desire for honey and pastry.
Mezereum : Perspiration in small parts.
Collinsonia 3X : In Piles, hot, bleeding, itchy like Sulphur.
With heart symptoms.
In pregnancy.
Pulsatilla, Calcarea phosphorica, Lycopodium clavatum demand affection but don't give out, Phosphorus patients demand and give out affection.
Kali carbonicum - For backache before labour.
Mentha piperata : Cough due to smoke
Clematis : Sycotic remedy, tenderness in right iliac fossa, buboes.
Calcarea carbonica and Natrum carbonicum for weak ankles.
Wart in inner thigh : Medorrhinum
Swelling of left submaxillary gland : Bromium, Corallium rubrum
Aversion to salt : Corallium rubrum
Larynx pain touch on : Lachesis, Phosphorus, Spongia, Antimonium tartaricum, Belladonna.
Tearing pain in larynx-Phosphorus
Lump going up in larynx- Phosphorus
Cicuta virosa : Eruptions on face, colicky pain in abdomen.
Magnesia muriaticum for Ascites
Thuja for colitis and rheumatism
Biting nails : Nervous patients- Natrum muriaticum, Lycopodium clavatum, Proteus.
Tuberculinum bovinum : Constant disposition to take cold, long eyelashes, blue eyes.
Thin patient.
Bacillinum : Stout patient, uritcaria, heat spots.
Juniperus virginiacus : Respiratory symptoms.
Kali-nitricum : Polypus of nose.
Radium bromatum : Rheumatism and troubles remaining after the use of X-rays.
Horny corns both sole : Antimonium crudum
Syphilinum is complementary to Lycopodium clavatum.
Must swallow the sputa : Sepia, Kali sulphuricum, Causticum.
Diabetes in young : Sulphur, Dysentry co., Lycopodium clavatum
Sweetish taste in mouth : Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Sulphur.
Fear of dogs : China officinalis, causticum, Tuberculinum, Stramonium, Hyoscyamus.
Sulphur : Desire for sweets, salts and fat.
Lupus erythematosus : Tuberculinum, Corallium rubrum( Aversion to salt)
Rheumatic fever : Natrum muriaticum
Acidum phosphoricum-Bone pains, dyspepsia, want warm drinks.
Is like Pulsatilla.
One pupil large, slender tall persons.
H/o Masturbation.
Desire for juicy things with great difficulty in studies, brain exhaustion, cannot concentrate.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Diarrhoea does not debilitate.
Bites the tongue during sleep.
Mancinella for people who have fear of insanity.
fluoricum acidum : Sepia plus Silicea.
Ammonium carbonicum : Cloudy weather aggravates, pain in the heels.
Voice improves after taking Rhus toxicodendron with sore throat.
Sleepy while sitting : Sepia
Gelsemium sempervirens : Tiredness and heaviness.
Pain vertex, Sleep ameliorates : Calcarea carbonica
Thuja : Warm aggravates.
Cough waken the patient : Sulphur
Physostigma : Preventive for poliomyelitis, 3 powders 4 hourly to be taken one day a week for two weeks.
Calcarea phosphorica : Alopecia areata
Astigmatism : Tuberculinum bovinum
Arsenicum album and Tarentula make the life of cancer patients much easier.

Thank you Dr.Dushyant for your contribution.

I was fortunate enough to be the student of Great Master Prescriber .

We at Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College, were fortunate enough to attend his lectures for full three years.( During M D classes.)

I used to disscuss every little and big cases with him and he always helped us.

He was Inspiration for me .He is Inspiration for me.

I remember one of our  conversation with him, i asked him , sir you have seen many generation of Homoeopaths. What you expect of new generation and specially from me?

He was very affectionate and very much dedicated for Homoeopathy. He answered ....New generation will have to bear great responsibility , more than earlier Homoeopaths.

He not only guided in my Thesis but also gave valuable suggestions in our Book writing.

I remember he used to say that daily read Materia Medica and everyday use repertory. on asking which MM should be often used He used to suggest -Boericke and H C Allen .

I will always miss my Great GURU JI.


Truely Dr.Piyush we all will miss him. Since you have spent a lot of time with him, do share more of his teachings.

on 13 - 7 -2006

Sir used to enter the lecture hall with smile on his face, we all used to welcome him . we loved to talk him about his student days and his TEACHERS.He loved to share the memories and tell us many valuable clinical tips. He used to say that Dr M G Blackie used to greet her patient very affectionately and would accompany them to her consultation room.( He emphasized over the Doctor patient relationship...relation of care taking.) and trust .


I remember that day he told us to keep open mind and always study H C Allen, M M. He laid stress on study of MM through repertory. Know the comparison and differentials of symptoms.Everyday practice teaches us. Always consider yourself as student. I used to do homework. i made it habit to browse the rubrics . I know often correct prescription depends on knowing and not knowing. The child wakes up at night and wants to play ?  Name the remedy ?  Cyperpedium ... so if case comes to us and we know this beforehand we would be able to choose correct remedy otherwise we may just MISS.

(Today He discussed about Autism, Cancer )


I will post later .  Before i take leave. I just remember one thing, once i told him about my failures in cases. He very affectionately told me to stick to the study of MM and rubrics in repertory.

He had great respect for His Teachers and loved to discusss about his student days.

Salute to our great Master.

After around ten minute or fifteen minute he

Thanks Dr.Piyush for the Sharing of experience. PLease continue to do so.


Oily hair ---- Bryonia (He said though bryonia is a Dry medicine!)


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