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Recently I wrote a blog on Alzheimer's disease and homeopathy and today I am writing 5 tips that will help to prevent and ward off the disease.

TALK: Socialization may help preserve cognitive function and improve mental health.

THINK: Continuing to learn can help improve processing speed, working memory and attention

EXERCISE: It stimulates brain-cell growth and decrease risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.

EAT: Put baked or broiled fish on the menu at least once a week for omega-3 essential fatty acid which prevent or slow dementia.

SLEEP: It improves memories, which consolidate during sleep and lowers stress.

The above tips are do able and will help to improve quality of life also,even if you are young ,so think it over.

Ref: Miami herald

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Thank you Dr Sahib sharing these useful tips with us. I would like to add that one or more  mind-sport as a hobby goes a long way in maintaining mental health.

Five almonds soaked in water overnight then peeled and taken after being well chewed with a tbsp of honey( omit honey for diabetics) regularly taken in the morning is a tried and tested recipe to improve memory.

Thank you,I do take almonds, and my daughter suggested to play cross word every day, then of course there is yoga which was posted by Debby recently.

On the other hand, brain health is directly proportional to our level of happiness.

Recent study has even concluded that simulation and adventure games played via pc or mobile too has a stimulating effect in elderly people, intact such game learning delays senile dementia.
Thanks for sharing , excellent article.


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