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Dear members,
I have a frined who received in 2008 and this year Hepatitis A vaccine and 3 weeks ago swineflu vaccine. One year ago, somehow in the same time of vaccination there was a lot of stress at job, she did some wrong movement with the arm, something cracked in the back. Since then she has tinnitus.

The pain in the back is gone but tinnitus remained. Can it be that tinnitus was not caused by this wrong movement, but because of the vaccination? Or both. I tried to give her first phosphorus (until then I didn´t know she got all those vaccinations) and after she told me about it I gave her silicea. There were no reactions after one week. Do you have any suggestions? The only symptoms I have: aggravates when there is too much stress at job or too much partying. Lying down, sleep and walk in nature better. Nux vomica? Tinnitus happens on both sides, changing. I can´t find any other relevant symptoms..... I would appreciate any experienced or spontaneous thought.

"What Doctor's Don't Tell You" provides a wealth of information on approaching tinnitus, ringing in the ears. 

  • Everything from causation, nutritional advice, medications, herbs and metallic triggers. If this is true, then perhaps the vaccines containing aluminum, mercury and thimerosal could be implicated. Would this suggest some homeopathic remedies that address metal toxicity; or perhaps cleansing treatments?


  • There is a paragraph about trying homeopathy. The following homeopathic remedies can work for tinnitus: Abroma augusta, Atrax robustus, Antipyrinum, Cannabis indica, Carboneum sulphuratum, Glycosmis pentaphylla (also known as Atista indica), Hydrophis cyanocinctus, Melia azadirachta, Ocimum sanctum, Salicylicum acidum and Terminalia arjuna.10 For optimal results, consult a qualified homeopath for an individualized prescription.

Tinnitus by Eberhard J. Wormer

German Edition

A knock, whistling or hissing in the ear, loud or soft, acute or chronic: So tinnitus is confirmed as imputable (lat "the ringing of the ears".)

Although the ears are mostly "only" a symptom the ringing can often represent other diseases. These symptoms affect in the long run quite the quality of life and cause health problems.

Many sufferers are trying to come to terms with their inner "background music"; while others fall to the edge of despair and suffering from anxiety, depression or insomnia.

Is tinnitus ever cured? What is the basis of this "disease"? How do you approach it? With his competent book Eberhard J. Wormer provides a comprehensive overview of tinnitus, provides background information and gives helpful advice on how to get at the tinnitus. Do not let things get you down! There are many ways to have the incriminating tinnitus in their place. The author provides the most important information about the ear and hearing, possible causes of tinnitus, fundamentals of tinnitus diagnosis, therapeutics and offers tips to help yourself. 

Ein Klopfen, Pfeifen oder Rauschen im Ohr, laut oder leise, akut oder chronisch: So stellt sich Tinnitus aurium (lat. "das Klingeln der Ohren") oftmals dar. Zwar sind die Ohrgeräusche meist "nur" ein Symptom anderer Erkrankungen, doch können sie auf Dauer durchaus die Lebensqualität beeinträchtigen und Gesundheitsstörungen verursachen. Viele Betroffene versuchen, sich mit ihrer inneren "Hintergrundmusik" zu arrangieren; andere hingegen geraten an den Rand der Verzweiflung und leiden unter Angstzuständen, Depressionen oder Schlafstörungen.

Homeopathic Mind Maps Remedies of the Mineral Kingdom by Alice Lee

As the practice of homeopathy evolves the methods of case-taking, research, and analysis become simultaneously more simplified and increasingly more sophisticated.  Homeopaths need new ways of viewing the remedies, a linear model is no longer solely sufficient and an additional new integrated model is now imperative.

Mind maps are a multi-dimensional concept, which allow the homeopath to view the remedy in a holistic and visual form. Alicia Lee has created her mind maps using the key group analysis concepts of Rajan Sankaran and 
Jan Scholten in a unique structure allowing the picture to unfold in an intuitive, logical and natural manner. This gives us an alternative to the previous form of definition, with the old familiar pictures to which we are accustomed, and allows for key concepts to be highlighted and primary symptoms to arise from a central scaffold and unfold in a cascade.

This form also allows a full view to be seen at a glance and the relationship of symptoms to emerge in an engaging and easily assimilated way.

Images also assist us to give texture, tone, emotion, sensation and energy to the remedy picture and photographs are a simple and effective way of achieving this. The Images on these mind maps are vibrant and powerful and assist in bringing the mind maps to life.

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Per se there is very little information about the case itself. I will try to break it down.
1.what is the age of the patient: If between 55-65. will hear noise, not everybody but many. severe is the symptom: per your post it seems, she is OK with her sleep pattern, that tells, the case is mild (usually classified as mild to catastrophic).

There is no direct relation between the wrong movement she did and getting tinnitus. Tinnitus involves the labyrinth and the stereocila and cochlear division of the 8th cranial (vestibulo-cochlear nerve), the vestibular division is mostly involved in Meniere's disease. Still for Classical approach in homeopathy, you should ask the patient the level at which she felt cracked in the back. Usually if it is between C1-C8, Brachial Plexus involvement should be taken into consideration.

Vaccination, its side effects or as a causal factor is a big topic and should be left alone. Usually bad effects of vaccination would not show up that early (years will go by) and secondly if they show up it will be immediate as immune system will mount a response very quickly as body perceives anything non-self as potential antigen .

TINNITUS AURIUM (noises in ears) -- Adren., Am. c., Antipyr., Ars., Bar. c.Bar. m., Bell., Canchal., Carbon. s., Caust., Chenop., Chenop. al., Chin. sal., Chin. s., Cim., Cinch., Cistus dec., Con., Dig., Ferr. p., Ferr. picr., Graph., Hep., Hydr., Jabor., Kali c., Kali iod., Kali m., Kali p., Lach., Lecith., Lith. chlor., Merc., Merc. d., Nat. m., Nat. sal., Parth., Petrol., Phos., Piloc., Plat., Plumb. m., Puls.Sal. ac., Sang., Sang. n., Sil., Sulphon., Sul., Viola od.

Buzzing -- Am. c., Anac., Antipyr., Bar. m., Calc. c., Canchal., Caust., Chenop.Chin. s., Cinch., Dig., Diosc., Ferr. p., Formica., Graph., Iod., iris, Kali p., Kreos., Lach.

Cracking, snapping, when blowing nose, chewing, swallowing, sneezing -- Ambra., Bar. c.Bar. m., Calc. c., Chenop. al., Formica, Gels.,Graph., Kali c., Kali m., Lach., Nit. ac., Petrol., Puls., Sil., Thuya.

Hissing -- Can. inc., Chin. s., Dig., Graph., Teucr.

Humming -- Alum., Anac., Calc. c., Caust., Cinch., Ferr. p., Kali p., Kreos., Lyc., Petrol., Puls., Sang., Sep., Tereb.

Intolerance of music -- Acon., Ambra., Bufo., Viola od.

Pulsating, throbbing -- Calc. c., Caust., Ferr. p.Glon., Hep., Hydrobr. ac., Lach., Merc., Morph., Nit. ac., Puls.

Re-echoing of voice, sounds -- Bar. c., Bar. m., Bell., Caust., Col., Lyc., Phos., Tereb.

Ringing as of bells -- Bell., Calc. fl., Carbon. s., Caust., Cham., Chin. s.Cinch., Formica., Graph., Iris, Lach., Mez., Nat. sal., Petrol.

Roaring -- Aur., Calc. c., Caust., Chin. s., Cinch., Elaps, Ferr. p., Graph., Kreos., Lyc., Merc. d., Merc., Nat. m., Nat. sal., Nit. ac., Petrol., Phos. ac., Puls.,Sal. ac., Sang., Sil., Strych., Viola od.

Relieved by music -- Ign.

Rushing -- Ferr. p., Gels., Puls.

Singing -- Chin. s., Dig., Graph., Lach., Puls.

Whizzing -- Bar. m., Bell., Hep., Rhod., Sul.

Many remedies are there, but the case has to be studied in totality of characteristic symptoms.


Suhas posted: "Vaccination, its side effects or as a causal factor is a big topic and should be left alone. Usually bad effects of vaccination would not show up that early (years will go by) and secondly .. "
My reply: I don't agree sorry- Bad effects of vaccination DO show up quickly — a few hours to a few days immediately after vaccines. Some symptoms manifest years later (like the learning disorders). In fact ear problems show up verry prominent in vaccine injured babies. See list of posts written by parents of vaccine damaged babies and children.
In fact, I have never seen one ear infection in a baby/child that was NOT vaccinated. It's ONLY in the vaccinated kids. You might need to antidote that vaccine with a potentized version. The list of homeopathic antidotes is massive. I posted the list in my article called Vaccinosis here at HWC

vaccines do cause adverse effects immed after.
All those ear infections,hearing problems, and problems like glue ear, are caused by vaccination". When I asked her who is her father, she said "he is an ENT specialist in Brisbane, Australia". --Viera Scheibner

"giving vaccinations is a goldmine for ear, nose and throat specialists."--Dr Jean Elmiger MD

I was talking about this case specifically. As Ms.Buterin says that the patient is her friend, I do not think that the patient is a baby. Most adults have developed their immune system well to counter the effects of vaccines/medicines etc, unless and until patient is severely immune compromised, which may not be the case in this patient. Having said that, a reaction can occur at any age, any time. For example a rare side effect of Hep B vaccination is GBS.

The onset looks more insidious than anything and in this patient a stressor at job place or at home level like noise pollution may be acting as a trigger.

Vaccination and kids is altogether different subject and I was not even referring to that when I wrote the comment. I was more case specific than generalization of the topic.



Is this your vaccinosis page Gina?
thanks debby,yes that is my article on vaccinosis
Dear Tihana Some more info on vaccines and hearing problems,yes there is a connection.
Antonuccio C [On a case of vaccinosis localized at the external auditory meatus. Clinical note]. Arch Ital Laringol. 1966 May-Jun;74(3):149-52. Italian. No abstract available.PMID: 5965607; UI: 67162877. [See Related Articles]
Angerstein, W, et al, "Solitary Hearing and Equilibrium Damage After Vaccinations", Gesundheitswesen, May 1995, 57(5): 264-268.

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Hulbert, et al, "Bilateral Hearing Loss after Vaccination in an Adult", NEJM, 1991 July, 11;325(2):134

Healy, " Vaccine and Nerve Deafness", Am J Disorder Child, 1972 Jun; 123(6):612

Hulbert TV, et al. Bilateral hearing loss after vaccination in an adult. N Engl J Med. 1991 Jul 11;325(2):134. No abstract available.PMID: 2052052; UI: 91270316.

Jayarajan V, et al. Hearing loss following vaccination. J Infect. 1995 Mar;30(2):184-5. No abstract available.PMID: 7636291; UI: 95363215.[See Related Articles]
Kaga, "Unilateral Total Loss of Auditory and Vestibular Function as a Complication of Vaccination", Int J Ped Oto, Feb 1998, 43(1):73-73

Koga K, et al. [Bilateral acute profound deafness after vaccination--report of a case]. Nippon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho. 1991 Aug;94(8):1142-5. Japanese. PMID: 1960595; UI: 92071796.
In April 1989 the vaccination program had started, and until October, 1989, 630,000 children received vaccination. In is, however, well known that many children developed various complication including aseptic meningitis after vaccination, and the vaccination program has discontinued. This report described a case of bilateral acute profound deafness most likely due to vaccination. The cause of this deafness was presumed to be vaccination. The bases of the presumption are as follows: the meningitis after vaccination was elicited by PCR method to be caused by vaccine, and the complication of CNS after vaccination occurs within 14 days after injection, while the onset of vomiting and gait disturbance of the case was 24 days after vaccination.

Nabe-Nielsen J, et al. Unilateral total deafness as a complication of vaccination. Scand Audiol Suppl. 1988;30:69-70. PMID: 3227284; UI: 89145980

Pialoux, P et al, "Vaccinations and Deafness", Ann Otolaryng (Paris), Dec 1963, 80:1012-1013.

Pantazopoulos, PE, "Perceptive Deafness Following Prophylactic use of vaccination, Laryngoscope, Dec 1965, 75:1832-1836.

Stewart BJ, et al. Reports of sensorineural deafness after immunisation. Arch Dis Child. 1993 Jul;69(1):153-4. PMID: 8024302; UI: 94296111.
Seiferth, LB, "Deafness after Vaccination - a Case Report and Review", HNO, 1977 Aug; 25(8): 297-300

Zimmerman, W, "Observation of a case of Acute Bilateral Hearing Impairment Following Preventive Vaccination (type 3)", Arch Ohr Nas Kehlkopfheilk, 1965, 185:723-725.

"To give some idea of vaccine's dangers, it was reported--in the late sixties--that annually, roughly 3,000 children were experiencing varying degrees of brain damage due to vaccine; and according to G. Kiftel in 1967, vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children in West Germany, of which 71 became totally deaf.117."--R Obasawin MD (117 James, W., Immunization, p. 18)

Dear Gina and Suhas,
Thanks for your quick answer. I´ll try to give some more information about the person. She is 28 years old, working since few years in a pharmacy where vaccination is supposed to "prevent". During the first consultation I made a beginner's mistake and didn't ask about vaccination, because I thought nobody does this anymore! What a terrible one sided and homeo-selfish theory!

This young woman is quite healthy, I would even say "too healthy" and I don't see other causes than vaccination. She is normally very cheerful, positive thinking and open.

I gave her phosphorus first because it was most similar to her constitutionally type and the kind of sound: there are mostly two sounds - the constant one (like when the TV Program gives off) and the additional one which comes with every stronger outer stimulus (with phosphorus this kind of sound went away, but the constant one remained).

This additional sounds are of a different kind: sometimes very high short or long sound, sometimes like ringing watch. After the swine flu vaccination in the left hand there came stronger additional sound in the left ear, loud high tone.

Her sleep is good, uninterrupted and the only thing that helps to forget tinnitus. In the evening when she is too tired, she hears ringing watch sound which is also the sign to go to sleep or that it was "too much"...

I´ll check your links now...

A list of some Homeopathic Remedies used for Vaccinosis:
Boericke's MM lists:
aconite,antimonium tart,apis,bell,crotalus,horridus,echin,maland,merc-s,mez,sars,sepia,sil,sulp,thuja.
J.T. Kent has this list:
Only the homeopathic remedy that most closely matches the totality of the presenting symptoms given should be prescribed.
Dear members,I´ve posted this discussion in the Cases-for-homeopathic-discussions Group


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