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Three key factors contribute to thyroid dysfunction:
(1) Genetics. (2) A trigger like a toxin, infection. (3) Intestinal permeability enables imbalances of gut bacteria and thus begins the chain reaction to thyroid illness. We will also learn about the EMOTIONAL component of auto immune disease. You know what we're talking about, "I feel it in my gut"  This is my "gut reaction" and these words really express an underlying factor of stress. 
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OUR BRAIN: The amygdala (Latin, corpus amygdaloideum) is an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in the brain's medial temporal lobe. Shown to play a key role in the processing of emotions, the amygdala forms part of the limbic system. In humans and other animals, this subcortical brain structure is linked to both fear responses and pleasure. Its size is positively correlated with aggressive behavior across species. In humans, it is the most sexually-dimorphic brain structure, and shrinks by more than 30% in males upon castration.

— Conditions such as anxiety, autism, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias are suspected of being linked to abnormal functioning of the amygdala, owing to damage, developmental problems, or neurotransmitter imbalance. 

— Prevention by Maya Angelou

Encouragement to all women is - let us try to offer help before we have to offer therapy. That is to say, let's see if we can't prevent being ill by trying to offer a love of prevention before illness.  

I’m so excited to share the full schedule of the Thyroid Secret with you! Starting on March 1st, there will be 9 action packed days of "aha" moments for you! 
Every day each new program begins at 6PM Eastern Time and
ends viewing 6PM the very next day 
March 1st begins 6PM ET and ends March 2 at 6PM ET
  • Thyroid disease is a hidden epidemic often missed by conventional medicine — but the truth is you can start recovering your health today. 
March 2nd begins and ends March 3rd
  • Dr. Izabella Wentz reveals which myths leave people sick and helpless and how to avoid the rabbit hole of modern medicine


March 3rd begins and ends March 4th
  • Synthetic thyroid hormone has been the #1 prescribed drug the last 2 out of 3 years. But what if there is a better way?


March 4th begins and ends March 5th
  • We often come in contact with as many as 80, 000 chemicals per day! Find out how our environment can lead to a toxic thyroid gland.


March 5th begins and ends March 6th
  • Headaches, fatigue and upset stomachs shouldn't be part of our everyday. What if healing started in your kitchen?

March 6th begins and ends March 7th
  • Stress can keep us in a cycle of sickness. Find out why the adrenals play an important role in keeping us well.

March 7th begins and ends March 8th
  • Thyroid disease can often cause fertility issues, but this episode reveals there is hope at the end of the tunnel.


March 8th begins and ends March 9th
  • Removing just one of these factors can reverse auto immune thyroid disease.


March 9th begins and ends March 10th
  • We celebrate the success stories of thyroid patients who took back their health and share tips and strategies to empower you on your journey. Here's to a brighter future. 
PLEASE SHARE THIS SERIES with anyone that you know may benefit from the information in the series.  
P.S. Please make a special note, Episode 2 will be focused on misdiagnosis- if you know someone that has been diagnosed with a mental health condition like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder please share this series with him/her- this information will likely change their life!
P.P.S. Episode 7 will be focused on fertility. As thyroid disorders are really common in postpartum and can interfere with a successful pregnancy please share this with anyone you know who is thinking about having a baby, pregnant or just had a baby! You may just save a life!

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