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Ready to uncover the truth behind thyroid disease?
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Statistics by Country

Extrapolated data / undiagnosed 

USA 21,592,308 293,655,4051

USA 14,035,001  —  293,655,4051

Canada 2,390,284  —  32,507,8742

Canada 1,553,685  —  32,507,8742

Mexico 7,717,617  — 104,959,5942

Mexico 5,016,451  —  104,959,5942

Brazil 13,536,845  — 184,101,1092

Brazil 8,798,950  — 184,101,1092

United Kingdom 4,431,669  —  60,270,7082

United Kingdom 2,880,585  —  60,270,708 for UK2

Russia 10,586,327 — 143,974,0592

Russia 6,881,113 — 143,974,0592

China 95,503,499  — 1,298,847,6242

China 62,077,276 —  1,298,847,6242

India 78,314,013  — 1,065,070,6072

India   50,904,110  — 1,065,070,6072

Iran 4,963,470  —  67,503,2052

Iran 3,226,256 — 67,503,2052

Egypt 5,596,869 — 76,117,4212

Egypt 3,637,964  — 76,117,4212

Ethiopia 5,245,336 — 71,336,5712

Ethiopia 3,409,468 — 71,336,5712

Australia 1,464,201 — 19,913,1442

Australia 951,731  — 19,913,1442

  • Thyroid disease is often misdiagnosed as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, depression and infertility?
  • Deficiency in thyroid function has proven to be a leading cause of infertility in women? On top of this it has led to miscarriages for women. It can also increase the likelihood of birth defects, Down Syndrome and autism in children born to women with thyroid disease!
  • If a patient simply treats their thyroid by only using drugs, radioactive iodine or having the gland removed, and ignoring the root cause of their disease they run the risk of doing permanent damage to their thyroid and overall health?

Dr. Izabella Wentz (your Thyroid Pharmacist) is the host and creator of The Thyroid Secret

Through personal experience and investigative research she says:

Yes, You Absolutely Can Treat and Prevent Thyroid Disease.

An estimated 20 million Americans have some type of thyroid disease.

Thyroid diseases are common worldwide. In India too, there is a significant burden of thyroid diseases. According to a projection from various studies on thyroid disease, it has been estimated that about 42 million people in India suffer from thyroid diseases.

A research study focused on the epidemiology of five common thyroid diseases in India:
(1) hypothyroidism

(2) hyperthyroidism

(3) goiter and iodine deficiency disorders

(4) Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and

(5) thyroid cancer.

The research review briefly covers the exciting work that is in progress to ascertain the normal reference range of thyroid hormones in India, especially in pregnancy and children.

Thyroid diseases are, arguably, among the commonest endocrine disorders worldwide. India too, is no exception. According to a projection from various studies on thyroid disease, it has been estimated that about 42 million people in India suffer from thyroid diseases. 

Thyroid diseases are different from other diseases in terms of their ease of diagnosis, accessibility of medical treatment, and the relative visibility that even a small swelling of the thyroid offers to the treating physician. Early diagnosis and treatment remain the cornerstone of management.

Live Recording. Debby talks about The Thyroid Gland. Thyroid dysfunction. Homeopathy


Thyroid Disease is a world-wide reality

About 200 million people in the world have some form of thyroid disease. Yet before the founding of the Thyroid Foundation of Canada in 1980, no lay organization existed in North America to promote public education about thyroid disease and to promote public support of thyroid research.

Thyroid disorders for the most part are treatable; however, untreated thyroid disease can produce serious results in other parts of the body. Improved public awareness and understanding of thyroid disorders will enable patients and their families to cope more effectively with the sometimes disturbing course of thyroid illness. In this way individuals will also be better equipped to play a role in alerting their physicians to a suspected thyroid condition that may otherwise be difficult to diagnose in the sometimes slowly developing initial phases.

The thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck. It weighs only about 20 grams. However, the hormones it secretes are essential to all growth and metabolism. The gland is a regulator of all body functions. Thyroid disorders are found in 0.8-5% of the population and are 4 to 7 times more common in women.

Types of thyroid disease

There are many types of thyroid disease. However, the main conditions present in most thyroid illnesses are hypothyroidism (thyroid under activity) and hyperthyroidism (thyroid over activity).

Thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer

Thyroid nodules are common and treatable but should always be investigated since a small proportion of them are cancerous. The majority of thyroid cancers have a favourable prognostic and require a multidisciplinary approach (endocrinologist, surgeon, nuclear medicine specialist and sometimes oncologist). In the past years there has been a rise in the number of thyroid cancers being identified. There has been no change however, in the mortality rate.

Symptoms of thyroid disease

Signs and symptoms of hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions include:


  • weak slow heart beat
  • muscular weakness and constant fatigue
  • sensitivity to cold
  • thick puffy skin and/or dry skin
  • slowed mental processes and poor memory
  • constipation
  • goitre (increased size of the thyroid)


  • rapid forceful heartbeat
  • tremor
  • muscular weakness
  • weight loss in spite of increased appetite
  • restlessness, anxiety and sleeplessness
  • profuse sweating and heat intolerance
  • diarrhea
  • eye changes
  • goitre (increased size of the thyroid)

Each person’s experience of thyroid illness differs depending on a number of factors; a patient will not necessarily have all the above symptoms and some patients have the symptoms in the absence of thyroid disease. A physician should be consulted if thyroid illness is suspected.

The emotional aspects of thyroid illness

There may be emotional reactions to thyroid illness. Hyperthyroid patients often feel unusually nervous or irritable. Hypothyroid patients can feel unusual fatigue or depression. It is important for thyroid patients and their families to understand that these reactions are common and likely to resolve with treatment. It is also important to realize that some thyroid disorders develop very gradually and it can take a while before they disappear after treatment has been initiated. Since symptoms may not be easily recognized at first, subtle reactions in emotions or behaviour may be the only visible signs of thyroid disorder.

The need for monitoring

Thyroid patients require life-long monitoring. Patients who believe they have been completely cured of their thyroid illness should discuss the need for follow-up with their family physicians or thyroid specialists.

The purpose of newborn screening

Canada is a world leader in developing screening methods for the detection of the serious disorder of congenital hypothyroidism. As a result, most North American hospitals now screen for this disease. One baby in 4000-5000 is being identified in Canada by screening tests. Thus the serious mental retardation and growth defects that can result from congenital hypothyroidism are being prevented. However, early identification and treatment are absolutely essential.

The need for further research

Further thyroid research is necessary to continue the progress that has been made in diagnosis and treatment. Although there are effective treatments for most thyroid disorders, the underlying causes require further investigation. The continued study of the thyroid may yield important knowledge in other areas of medical science. The role of new treatments for thyroid cancer has to be defined and improved. To achieve these goals, public support of thyroid research is vital.

Who Are We?

The Thyroid Foundation of Canada was founded in Kingston by Diana Meltzer Abramsky in 1980. It grew from the concerns and feelings of isolation of thyroid patients and their families. These feelings were largely due to the lack of adequate information available on thyroid disease and lack of support groups for discussion of mutual problems and frustrations.

A growing network of chapters is being developed across Canada. The Foundation has raised funds to support thyroid research and awards have been granted for a variety of projects. Grants from government and corporate sources have been received for the production of educational material in English and French.

Ready to uncover the truth behind thyroid disease? 
Opt in to watch The Thyroid Secret absolutely free!

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck. Your thyroid lies below your Adam’s apple, along the front of the windpipe. The thyroid has two side lobes, connected by a bridge (isthmus) in the middle. When the thyroid is its normal size, you can’t feel it.
Brownish-red in color, the thyroid is rich with blood vessels. Nerves important for voice quality also pass through the thyroid.
The thyroid secretes several hormones, collectively called thyroid hormones. The main hormone is thyroxine, also called T4. Thyroid hormones act throughout the body, influencing metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature. During infancy and childhood, adequate thyroid hormone is crucial for brain development.
HYPOTHYROIDISM – Imperfect or complete loss of function of the thyroid gland or under production of thyroid gland
TUBERCULINUM 1M –CM – Start the treatment with this remedy. No other medicine should be given for the next 24 hours
BARYTA IODIDE 3X- When the inflammation is accompanied with inflammation of the tonsil
BELLADONNA 1X-Thyroid secretions become poisonous  and spread throughout the body via the blood stream. Extreme thyroid toxemia
CALCAREA CARB 30-Increase of aft in the abdomen.The patient is fat, flabby, fair colored and perspires easily. Thyroid dysfunction
CALCAREA IODIDE 3X- Thyroid enlargement at the time of puberty
CALCAREA FLOUR 30- Stony hardness of the inflamed glands
CISTUS CANADENSIS 30- Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of the glands
FERRUM PHOS 6X- Inflammation, face flushed and bright red. Menses too profuse and too frequent
IODUM 30- Inflammation and enlargement of the gland
KALI CARB 30-Imperfect and complete loss of function. Do not repeat too often in old, gouty and tubercular patients
KALI IODIDE 3X- Inflamed hard gland with  swelling . It also protects the thyroid gland in case of radiation
PETROLEUM 200- Tendency to thyroid diseases
SEPIA 30- Low thyroid hormones with low blood pressure and  attired feeling
THYROIDINUM 30-Its effects are stricking in this disease.The patient craves sugar and is inclined to excessive obesity and weight gain. Arrested mental and physical development
HYPERTHYROIDISM – Overproduction of thyroid hormones
BROMIUM 30- Enlarged parotid gland and goitr. Dilated blood vessels on the throat
FUCUS VES. 30-Obesity and non toxic goiter. Protrusion of eye balls. Thyroid enlargement
IODUM CM-- Rapid emaciation not withstanding a good appetite. Obesity. Great debility. Slightest exertion produces perspiration . Loss of breath on going upstairs
LYCOPUS 30- Useful in cases of exophthalmic  goiter .Increased nervousness. Excessive sweating with weight loss. Increased bowel activity
PETROLEM 200- Tendency to thyroid diseases and goiter . Gastric acidity and skin eruptions. Excessive hunger

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"thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer

Thyroid nodules are common and treatable but should always be investigated since a small proportion of them are cancerous. The majority of thyroid cancers have a favourable prognostic and require a multidisciplinary approach (endocrinologist, surgeon, nuclear medicine specialist and sometimes oncologist). In the past years there has been a rise in the number of thyroid cancers being identified. There has been no change however, in the mortality rate."

Recently i have been diagnosed with a malignant nodule on my left thyroid gland,and doctors in Miami are of opinion that i should have the gland removed.Can the learned members of HWC share their experience, if surgery is the only option,or use homeopathy for some time and then have it rechecked? But for how long? I am not young and am in early eighties, but have no other complications. Your input will give me strength.

Dearest Dr Wequar. We are praying for you. Please get second opinion. Weigh all options. 


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