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At the beginning stages of a baby's entry into the world, a few natural therapies can sooth anxiety and help heal the birthing trauma. In fact, simply watching some videos can warm your heart. 

From the comfort and safety of the womb into the temperate bath waters under the hands of a seasoned expert, a baby can feel completely safe and nurtured. The touch of the hands, a particular hold and type of pressure will make adjustments to misalignments. 

Just as music soothes the soul, so life giving water can take us to a place of rest and rejuvenation. These are the blessings of people devoted to healing. 

Thalasso Bain Bebe Video - Baby Bath video - Sonia Rochel Video
The Baby Spa is a new bathing approach invented by Sonia Rochel, new born nurse (in Paris). It is the result of many years of observation and reflection. The video shows some marking moments of this caress-bathing : it actually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and is reserved for very small ones (up to about the age of 2 months). It is a real care, given by the specialized nurse who settled it. Nobody else uses this specific approach. Caution: Any parents or guardians watching this video must be aware that special training is necessary to reproduce these effects. Do not try it on your own, you can see the special tub and method.  


The beginning stages of a little baby's entry into the world, a number of natural therapies can enrich and sooth any anxiety and birthing trauma. 

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