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1. Tweaking: People on the ground picking up little bits of things from the cracks. What happens when you inject cocaine and crack cocaine? Within 10 seconds of someone injecting cocaine it’s almost impossible to communicate with that person. They can be roaming around on their hands and knees picking around the ground, searching for things because everything looks like pieces of cocaine or money. With long cocaine use psychosis can develop, like hallucinations – when you see something that isn’t there.

2. Bugs: With injected cocaine: Users hallucinate that there are bugs all over them and they have to take off all their clothes. Cocaine artificially creates dopamine in the body's reward center and then the body stops producing the hormone internally. Cocaine withdrawal is very different than opiate withdrawal. People have more of a psychological withdrawal, they cannot be happy, they cannot be satisfied. After withdrawal, your body takes up to 6 months to start producing dopamine again, during which time you can’t feel any joy or happiness. The user knows only that they must go out and do some cocaine and that will make them happy again.

3. Dopamine: Say, you’re looking forward to going away on vacation and you are anticipating going to a nice hot place. The excitement of looking forward to something is the same sensation as activating dopamine in the body.  The dopamine levels may being skewed and this can start in utero or from some environmental trigger from a life situation during childhood.

4. When you see someone doing the crack dance, you will know this happens from sleep deprivation. They may have been up for 10 days straight. They shouldn’t be awake but they are because they have so many stimulants in their body.

Typical Pharmaceuticals used are Seroquil and Trazadone for sleeping. Avena sativa could help here.

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lac-h has been another helpful remedy that I've seen some success with in a handful of DTES cases.

Our medicines works better for the treatment of addictions.

Here is a quote from my book on Drug addiction:


Abuse of narcotics: Aven, BELL, camph, CHAM, COFF, dig, ferr, graph, hyos, ip, LACH, lyc, NUX.V, op, puls, sep, valer.

Addictions to drugs: Aven, nux.v, tab.

Aggravation by stimulants: Agar, ant.c, chion,, glon, ign, lach, led, naja, nux.v, op, thuj, zinc.

Ailments from morphine addiction: AVEN, cham, ip, lach, macro, nux.v, OP, passi.

Ailments from narcotics: Aven, ip, nux.v, op, ozone, verat.

Amblyopia from abuse of stimulants: Nux.v, sil.

Angina from abuse of stimulants: Nux.v, spig.

Antidote to narcotics:

Asthma from addictions: Coca, nux.v.

Cocaine addiction: Aven, coca.

Constipation after abuse of drugs: Agar, ant.c, bry, chin, COLOC, hydr, lach, NUX.V, op, ruta, sulph.

Convulsions after drugs: Acon, ARN, nux.v.

Desire for narcotics: Buth.a, op, tab.

Diarrhoea after drugging: Ars, nux.v.

Diarrhoea after opium:, nat.m, nux.v, PULS.

Dyspnoea aggravated by stimulants: Lach.

Headache after abuse of drugs and narcotics: Aven, bell, cham, coff, dig, graph, hyos, lach, lyc, NUX.V, op, puls, sep, valer.

Headache after abuse of opium:, aven, cham, nux.v.

Headache after intoxication: Ant.c, bell, bry, carb.v, cocc, coff, glon, laur, NUX.V, puls, spong, stram, sulph, tarax.

Heroin addiction and ailments from it: AVEN, cham, ip, lach, macro, nux.v, OP, passi.

Indigestion after abuse of drugs: NUX.V.

Insomnia after narcotics: Bell, nux.v, stram.

Mind sensitive from drugs: Acon, ars, aven, cham, coff, lyc, NUX.V, puls, sep, sil, sulph.

Morphinism: Aven, cham, lach, macro, passi.

Morphinomania: Nat.p.

Toothache aggravated by stimulants: Acon.

Vomiting during intoxication: Crot.h, NUX.V.

Weakness from drugging: Aven, carb.v, helon, nux.v.

Courtesy: Drug Addiction And Its side effects- A Homeopathic Approach.

Here is a section of rubrics I've chosen as a demonstration of useful for addictions in my 'publication', too. BUT really, I understand much more fully that when I am helping someone with a history of substance mis-use that I have to go into what happens BEFORE they starting 'using'. And that it is ALL about the individual. MOST OFTEN, we don't even discuss their DOC (Drug Of Choice) or their using behaviours but everything OTHER than that! Plus, I wrote this paper before having these three years of experience of hundreds of homeopathic consultations with people in Vancouver's DTES (downtown east side).


MIND: Mind; DRUG addiction, morphinism (53)

Mind; DRUNKARDS, in (31)

Mind; ALCOHOLISM, dipsomania (161)

Mind; MONOMANIA (40)

Mind; SELFISHNESS, egoism (57)

Mind; WILL; Astonished of finding themselves not masters of their own acts (2)

Mind; WILL; Loss of (52)

Mind; WILL; Weakness of (73)

Mind; ESTRANGED (58)


Mind; ANXIETY; Conscience, of (128) [guilt]

Mind; FORSAKEN feeling; Isolation, sensation of (65)

Mind; FORSAKEN feeling (172) [isolation is sometimes a reality of being in addiction, despite that the person in active addiction won’t even feel it or notice it]

Mind; DESPAIR; Recovery, of (81)

Mind; DECEITFUL, sly (42) [aka manipulative]


Mind; IMPULSE, morbid (52)

Mind; IMPULSIVE (54)


Mind; PERTINACITY;General (38) [part of the need to fulfil their addiction]

Mind; ESCAPE, desire to; Dreams, in a world of (3)

Mind; ANXIETY; Pursued, as if (13) [aka paranoia]

Mind; AUDACITY (61)

Mind; REMORSE; General (92)

Mind; SELF-CONTROL; Loss of (35)

Mind; VIOLENCE, vehemence; General (151) [taking drugs or using alcohol beyond the point that you know it could destroy you - is an act of violence to oneself].
Some of these rubrics might be more common in the addictive personality
©Elena Cecchetto 2007


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