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Today as I did the BlogTalkRadio Show, Aphorisms 127-132, Hahnemann was teaching us how to carry out a proving. He said that the weakest and mildest of substances can have medicinal action when the substances are potentized and succussed. Well, I suppose our food is not potentized and shaken, unless it is a milk shake or smoothie (Do we potentize milk into butter?)  

It makes me wonder if we eat the same thing day after day, will we be proving those substances? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this subject. When something in our own environment is impacting and effecting us, that substance or similar substance can be used as a similar morbific agent for healing. 

The rate of peanut allergies have risen

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Dear Debby, May be we are continuously taking these ?potentized foods. Some resaerch in the form of provings of these substances is needed.

Dear Debby, This is not potentisation as you are saying. It requires proper proprotion of distilled water and alcohol. And the strokes to be given is on an yielding surface i.e. hard rubber board.

It is just a line of thought. The foods are not really potentized and succussed. However, when we repeatedly eat an over-abundance or certain foods do we get sensitized to them?

Not really, because repeated intake of these food are not potentized. E.g. Common salt is in our every day diet it is inert. Once it is potentized it has the valuable effects.

one man's food is the other man's poison. This explains the constitutional make-up or disposition. It has been observed that pregnant mothers who have eaten a lot of particular food for example: Gram Dal (Besan in Hindi) the children born are allergic to them. Proving by food can occur if it is taken in excess and over long period of time and the person constitution (genes) has a marker that gets excited by them.
In fact the science of proteomics (study of effect of protiens) today explains the role of proteins that actually decide on the genetic make-up. The proteins from animal and insect bites and from food must be leading to genetic alteration over a period of time.

Dr. Valerian,

Proving has specific methods as I already mentioned above.


I also read somewhere that an example is to eating pepper and then having a reaction like capsicum, wherein, capsicum then becomes the remedy for healing.

That is a different thing. It is bad effects of certain thing is healed by potentised form of that thing.

Dear Nilanjana. I was awaiting your reply to explain the difference in types of response. Based upon Organon, only homeopathic remedies are potentized. How do we categorize these hypersensitive responses to foods, peanut allergies, eating daily same reactive spices, etc? And, when people say, I have been able to eat such and such my whole life, but now, I am not longer able to without getting distress.

You have already answered the question Dear Debby. It is hypersensitivity, allergy not proving. This may have developed due to some kind of disease or affection. E.g. some says he is never well since he had suffered from typhoid. So typhoid might change the economy of that patient.

-- and if they show medical powers to alter the previous healthy state into an defined artificial disease state, then they are classed MEDICINES otherwise they are just food.  -- If its only queasiness nausea and vomiting, then it could be overindulgence. that's why CHOCOLATE is not a medicine --

BUt Chocolate in potentized form is Medicine.


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