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What's taking so long for this news to spread? ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

All must read this if they know someone that has cancer,its an eye opener!

The flip side is of course Holistic healing such as Homeopathy for cancer...........................please post your comments.............................................

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We have had 50 years of American Cancer Society (ACS) brainwashing on the question of cancer, so most people out there believe we are making progress in the war on cancer. We are not, we are losing the war."---Interview of Dr Ralph Moss, Ph.D.

"The American Cancer Society is one of the most powerful and corrupt organizations in American society. It operates as a behind-the-scenes force, influencing powerful politicians, imposing its views and prejudices on governmental research, instigating government suppression and harassment of independent researchers, making newspaper editors cower, and all the while asking the public for money through its public relations image as the leading cancer fighter. Its key people must bear heavy responsibility for the millions of American lives lost while potential alternative therapies for cancer were "ground under" the ACS's heavy boot."---Barry Lynes (The Healing of Cancer p39)

Homeopathy and Cancer its history;
from the famous dr. Ramakrishnan
see his link/cases
(see homeopathy/cancer page)
(see searchbox: cancer/homeopathy)

list of toxic chemo read and be informed;
How do homeopathic professionals use homeopathy treat cancer?

There are several different treatment philosophies and approaches for using homeopathy to treat individuals with cancer. Often times practitioners that use homeopathy in the treatment of cancer use a combination of these approaches.

One approach is to use homeopathic remedies to target the tumors themselves. In this case, the homeopath selects remedies which match the symptom picture of the tumor itself (e.g. Conium Maculatum for hard immovable tumors that develop slowly). Homeopaths using this approach might also consider other symptoms (such as the individual’s food cravings, disposition, etc), but their primary focus is to target the tumor and reverse its growth. Some physician homeopaths also give remedies at the tumor site itself (in the form of an injection) to more aggressively stimulate a response.

Another approach is to use homeopathic remedies to assist in healing the patient’s eliminative channels (kidneys, urinary tract, lymphatic system, liver, etc), and strengthen cell detoxification. In this case, the homeopath may use drainage remedies. These are low potency combination remedies that are used to target specific systems, or detoxify particular substances (e.g. heavy metals, etc). Homeopaths using this approach select the drainage remedy based on an analysis of the case – or they may use an electro-dermal diagnostic tool, such as the Quantum machine.

Still another approach is to use homeopathy to address the overall constitution of the patient. In this case (called the classical approach), the homeopath does a complete interview of the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical symptoms and then selects the best match accordingly. Often the best selected constitutional remedy will directly affect the tumor.

By assisting the body in addressing and resolving the energy that underlies the tumor, it can result in complete elimination of the tumor.

The best selected Anti-Miasmatic constitutional remedy can also support drainage and detoxification, although this is not the primary focus of a classical prescriber.

How effective is homeopathy in the treatment of cancer?

In the US, most alternative health care professionals use homeopathy in combination with other approaches
Dietary overhaul
detox of each organ
All of these act of different levels,seeking a holistic method for each individual.
Homeopathy can access deep emotional trauma that may be suppressed from childhood on. This suppression will eventually lead to physical/pathology/viral.........and tumor manifestations.
Gina - you are an encyclopedia of information. Wonderful link sources and approach information. I took Dr. R's class at St. John's Hospital a number of years ago.
What brought up this discussion :
That boy(Daniel)? with his mother running from the law/courts,because they(allopaths) are enforcing chemo ,they ran into california and are on the way to Mexico to get holistic treatments for his cancer.
Will find the link somewhere...........................

What is this country up too? A bit scary reading these things !
"Land of the free................" Oh really?
Yes only if you choose chemo,no choice for alternative medicines.
I know many many many that cross the border into mexico for holistic clinics.
Are the cure rates regards Homeopathy posted in the Media?
We all know the answer..........................................................
This is where blogs/discussions/forums come into play...............
parents of other cancer children are most likely searching for alternatives to cancer.
Lets increase the search engines (google)in favor of homeopathy.......Anyone know how to do this?
I agree. We are losing our freedoms.
My immediate concern is the upcoming required influenza vaccinations.
Debby posted:"We are losing our freedoms.
My immediate concern is the upcoming required influenza vaccinations........................................................."

Yes agreed,We are Losing our Freedoms!
Justified by newsreal rhetoric.
This is why we speak up!Start discussions like these............
silence is cowardly
ignorance is bliss
we cant keep puting our head in the sand.
Sorry to hear this.Thats verry disturbing!
It is amazing to me the bully methods used by enforcement health dept. Is it for the well ness of the community? NO
Does it make the community healthy? NO

Why is this done one might ask?
The enforcement is placed on society through manipulation of big pharma via political avenues. Political leaders and security (like the police) get paid to enforce citizens. Its NOT in the citizens best interest.These Doctors get funds to vaccinate,in the USA the tax payers get charged to pay for these insaine toxic vaccines,gov funding for this propaganda! Vaccines have nothing to do with making people healthy! ITS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY/CORRUPTION!
what is behind the allopathic movement? see link
for laws to protect citizens from forced vaccinations
The Quackery of Chemotherapy, Gunpoint Medicine and the Disturbing Fate of 13-Year-Old Daniel Hauser
By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
May 20 2009- You see it in newspapers and websites across the 'net: People insisting that 13-year-old Daniel Hauser must be injected with chemotherapy in order to "save his life," and that anyone refusing to go along with...
read the full article via this link
Source: "Frequency, nature, effects, and correlates of conflicts of interest in published clinical cancer research."

For more information:
Fraud in cancer research
just found out this
link was deleted,why i dont know but you can read it in my next post
hmmm,the self edit is not workin.Its workin again!

the link i posted for fraud in cancer research seems to be deleted by the paper?
You can find a copy of this full article at
Mike adams has saved the format in full for all to read.
here it is from
(NaturalNews) So what if cancer researchers have close financial ties to Big Pharma? Scientists have to disclose their associations with drug companies when they publish research in respected journals and they'd never let a little thing like financial ties influence how they interpret outcomes or run a study. Right?

Not exactly. In fact, a new analysis by University of Michigan (U-M) Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers just published in the online version of the journal CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, found that a very large number of clinical cancer studies published in well-known medical journals have financial connections to pharmaceutical companies. Most importantly, the study flat out concludes that conflicts of interest may cause some researchers to report results that are biased to be favorable to Big Pharma companies.

"Given the frequency we observed for conflicts of interest and the fact that conflicts were associated with study outcomes, I would suggest that merely disclosing conflicts is probably not enough. It's becoming increasingly clear that we need to look more at how we can disentangle cancer research from industry ties," study author Reshma Jagsi, M.D., D.Phil., assistant professor of radiation oncology at the U-M Medical School, said in a media statement.

Entanglements and alliances between clinical researchers and companies that make medical devices and medications have become increasingly complicated, especially in the face of more and more scientists competing for fewer and fewer federal research funds. Out of necessity, scientists have turned to financial support from Big Pharma. But apparently there could be strings – and lures – attached.

For example, many researchers get additional consulting fees and also end up owning a part of a drug company themselves, through stock purchases and/or by holding salaried positions within medical industries. In other words, they profit from sales if the very products and drugs they test do well.

You don't have to be a business insider to figure out this type of conflict of interest should raise concerns and suspicions that research tied closely to industry might be biased and not designed to produce the most accurate test of medical therapies. That's why most medical journals now require investigators to disclose all potential conflicts of interest in the studies and reviews they submit for publication.

But is voluntary disclosure enough? And does that somehow make a conflict of interest less likely?

Nearly one-third of cancer studies had financial conflicts of interest
To document how frequently conflict of interests in clinical cancer research might occur, Dr. Jagsi and colleagues reviewed cancer studies that were published in 2006 in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Lancet, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Lancet Oncology, Clinical Cancer Research and CANCER.

Out of the 1,534 cancer studies identified, nearly a third, 29 percent, had conflicts of interest that were, in fact, fairly obvious from a review of the published studies authors' declarations and authorship lists (which included medical industry funding, consulting fees to the researchers, co-authorship by industry employees, etc.). Some 17 percent had direct industry funding. The conflicts of interest found most often, according to the current CANCER study, were in articles with primary authors from medical oncology departments (45 percent), who were based in North America (33 percent), and those with male first and senior authors (37 percent).

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the CANCER study was the fact randomized clinical trials that supposedly assessed patient survival were found to be more likely to report a survival advantage associated with a medical intervention (such as a prescription drug, diagnostic tests or new technologies) when a conflict of interest was present. This could have very serious consequences for patients because trials reported in prestigious journals are the basis by which various treatment modalities, including prescription drugs, get approved for use by clinicians.

Bottom line: studies steered to report a survival advantage where there might not really be one are unfairly and perhaps dangerously shaping the way oncologists treat cancer patients.

In addition, the findings also show medical industry-funded studies were more likely to focus on ways to treat than studies without industry funding (62 percent vs. 36 percent). They were far less likely than studies not hooked to medical industry funding to concentrate on epidemiology, prevention, risk factors, screening or diagnostic methods.

"In light of these findings, we as a society may wish to rethink how we want our research efforts to be funded and directed. It has been very hard to secure research funding, especially in recent years, so it's been only natural for researchers to turn to industry. If we wish to minimize the potential for bias, we need to increase other sources of support. Medical research is ultimately a common endeavor that benefits all of society, so it seems only appropriate that we should be funding it through general revenues rather than expecting the market to provide," Dr. Jagsi said in a statement to the media.
Cancer Studies Published in Respected Journals Biased By Medical Industry Money
click LINK
In the mean time, Daniel Hauser isn't the only teen who had to flee the law in order to save his own life from aggressive chemotherapy docotrs:

Another young man named Billy Best also had to flee authorities fifteen years ago! And guess what?
Today he's alive and thriving, living on superfoods, herbs and natural remedies! (So much for the myth that if they don't take chemo, they'll die, huh?)

Read that astounding story here:


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