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Creating Waves of Awareness

Once upon a time, a turtle and rabbit plunged into an argument that who is faster.  Finally, they decided to have race. Both of them agreed upon and started a race. The rabbit started like a bullet of gun; whilst turtle, as usual, in slow motion. The rabbit ran so faster for some time and then looked back. He found his opponent was far away. He thought that he may relax for a while and even then he shall win the race. He sat down under a shadow of a tree and soon fell asleep. While turtle plodding-on overtook him and finished the race. In this manner, the turtle became undisputable winner of the race. When the rabbit awoken-up, he realized that he lost the race.

Essence 0f the above story & lesson: Who is even if slow, but the steady, wins the race. (We all knew this story since our childhood)

But what happened furthermore of the turtle and rabbit.....

2. The rabbit who had been lost the race, realized that the he was too confident of the victory. And so, he so carelessly relaxed. He decided that he will not relax at next time. He realized the things. If he had not been taken win for granted; there is no way for the turtle he could have been beaten him.

He again challenged the turtle for another race. The turtle again accepted his challenge.

The rabbit again started like bullet of gun; however, without stopping completed the race up to the finish line. He won the race by a great difference of several miles.

Essence 0f the story & lesson: The faster but consistent always wins the race over slow and consistent. The steady is good, even if slow; however, it's better to be faster and steady. (reliable)

The story of turtle and rabbit doesn't ends here.

3. This time turtle realized the things. He realized that, in this way (with custom), he may never win the race with rabbit. He thought to customize the race. This time turtle challenged the rabbit for another race. The rabbit agreed upon the race.

The turtle and rabbit started to run again.

The rabbit keeping his self-commitment, to be consistent and fast, begin the race like a bullet of gun; however, a broad river stumbled upon his way. The finish line was not far away of him; however, on the other side of river. The rabbit looking there is no way to go other side of the river; he sat wandering that what to do. Meanwhile turtle creep up there. He got into the river and swam to the opposite bank of river. Finally, he again firstly reach to the finish line and won the race again.

Essence 0f the story & lesson: Firstly, identify your core capabilities. Then change the field as per your core competencies.

My story of turtle and rabbit even doesn't end here.

4. Until now turtle and rabbit had been become a good friend. Now both together began to think. Both realized the things. They realized that the last race could be customized in such a way; we both may become winner together? Therefore, turtle and rabbit together decided to run earlier race again; however, as a team work.

This time turtle and rabbit again started to run; however, as a team. The turtle sat on the back of rabbit and he carried him until the river stumbled upon. The turtle got into river and rabbit sat onto the back of him. The turtle swam to the opposite bank of river. The rabbit jumped out of river. The turtle came out of the river and sat onto the back of him. The rabbit ran and finished the race. In this manner, both became winner of the race. Both won the race together and both felt a greater sense of satisfaction than they earlier felt alone.

Lesson from all the above-mentioned four episodes

It’s good to be individually brilliant and successful as well as have strong core competencies. But, unless you become capable of working as a team as well as learn the core competencies of the others; you always perform below par. It comes true because of there may always be a situation when you will perform far poorly while someone does far better. The team-work works better mainly where situational leadership is required. It allows a person to take leadership with relevant core competencies in a specific situation.

It's the end of story.

It taught us that, if we want to become victorious over different morbidities, we have to work together. The Homœopaths and Allopaths should work as a complementary to each other and not as rivals.

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'We have to see unity in diversity. Once the Soul (Atma) is cognized, people find that all is really One.'

To the admin, regards,

Thanks for putting my discussion in featured discussion. 



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