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Dear colleagues: From the approach of the Homeopathic Medicine Unicista Hahnemanniana, difficulty costs to think to me that a single medicine, substance or information can be generalized, like a specific one, to treat all the diseases. Well it is known that the clinical diagnosis with the name of the disease can exist, but when it begins to apply Homeopathy with its inalienable principles, first of them is the one To individualize the patient. It is here when the name of the disease becomes a Reductio ad Absurdum, because each human being will have different forms to react in agreement with: Diathetic predisposition, land or miasma, before the endogenous or exogenous morbid information. Or, which is the same, all the patients with a luck of arthritis, diabetes, asthma will express every one their own group of symptoms, voice of the nature, that will cause that each morbid imbalance must be taken care of with a medicinal stimulus, that will become the homeopathic remedy in each case of individualisation. Where it is the Principle of Invigoration. Where it is the Principle or Law of Similarity? He already interrogated himself to the nature? Through the Pure Experimentation? In order to obtain the Patogenesias. With my feelings of esteem by the colleagues who will be doing the investigations it would be good for obetener of them the answers to these restlessness, raised from the philosophy and indoctrinates hahnemanniana. By his approach he gives the impression that has a great content of the allopathic law in its approach, application and conception. Thank you very much and I am awaiting its commentaries.

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Dear Jamie
I would appreciate if you can be a little more clear ...


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