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Update on Whooping Cough

Medscape on Pertussis | For the traditional medical background with statistics

Digital Journal | Whooping cough outbreak linked to vaccinated children

An analysis of the outbreak of whooping cough from 2010 that had been written about below revealed these statistics and conclusions:

  • 81% of patients had received the full series of whooping cough shots
  • 11% of patients had received only some of the shots
  • 8% of patients had not received any immunizations for whooping cough
  • Dr Witt concludes that the immunization effects wear off
  • Other scientific studies confirm a link between vaccines and increased risk of infectious diseases
  • Science Daily 2009, four separate Canadian studies concluded that the seasonal flu shot increases the likelihood of contracting the H1N1 flu

DailyPaul | A Collection of Mainstream News Reports. 

26/08/2010 02:53:30 PM EST
Sept 19, 2010 Gainsville Times  LOS ANGELES (AP) -- State health officials reported Thursday that California is on track to break a 55-year record for whooping cough infections in an epidemic that has already claimed the lives of nine infants.  At least 4,017 cases of the highly contagious illness have been reported in California, according to the state. Data from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control show 11,466 cases nationwide, though the federal numbers are known to lag behind local reporting Pediatrics: So far in California, there are 1,496 confirmed cases of pertussis, with the highest rates in children under six months of age. Younger infants also have the highest rates of hospitalization and all six deaths, so far, have been in younger infants.
Joe Comments: Last year in New Jersey they had multiple outbreaks of pertussis (Whooping Cough) in elementary schools. Kids in elementary schools have had 5 shots to protect them from pertussis. Since New Jersey is the home to many vaccine manufacturers, they have the most stringent vaccine policy in the country. It was determined that over 99.9% of the kids who came down with pertussis were properly vaccinated. A cynic might say this vaccine does not even work. Would you still take the risk of seizures or brain injury knowing this fact? Not me. This article brings back memories of the fear mongering H1N1 pandemic
Despite widespread immunization programs in most countries, pertussis disease - a highly contagious disease caused by Bordetella pertussis - continues to be a threat to public health.
The number of cases reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that whooping cough (pertussis) is still very much a public health concern; health experts estimate that up to 600,000 cases occur each year in adults alone.
However, a range of factors makes delineation of these epidemiologic trends difficult. Reported cases of pertussis represent only a fraction of the actual number of Bordetella pertussis symptomatic infections, because under consulting, under recognition and under diagnosis are widespread and are a particular problem in adolescents and adults. In populations where children are routinely immunized, adolescents and adults now constitute the main source of infection in infants.
The anticipation and early recognition of this change in the epidemiology is important because the affected adolescents and adults act as reservoirs of the disease to the vulnerable population of infants, for whom the disease can be life threatening.
The clinical presentation can be atypical in the adolescent age group, and the disease is often misdiagnosed. Possible explanations for failure to diagnose pertussis include the heterogeneity in pertussis disease expression - symptoms may be indistinguishable from those of other upper respiratory infections - and low physician awareness and index of suspicion. Consequently defining pertussis from a clinical perspective is difficult.
Although case definitions for specific circumstances have been established by the World Health Organization and the United States Centers for Disease Control, these are not universally useful, making inter-country comparisons and global evaluation difficult. Less-than-optimal and poorly performed laboratory tests, or their lack of availability, also make confirmation of B. pertussis infection difficult.
To overcome these problems, a conscientious case definition must be standardized for outbreak and endemic situations. Some authors have suggested decreasing cough duration from 2 weeks or more to more than 1 week would result in 95 percent of those with positive PCR results meeting confirmation criteria for pertussis. Apnea should be considered an additional sign for pertussis confirmation in infants. Rapid, easy-to-use and inexpensive laboratory diagnostic techniques also must be made available and be widely implemented. In particular, PCR and single serum serology are 2 techniques that should be more widely adopted. With the availability of PCR and serology, the disease can be diagnosed even later in the course of the disease when culture results are often negative.
In response to the changing epidemiology, several countries have implemented booster programs of universal adolescent vaccine with waning immunity after natural infection or immunization. Apart from the recommends 5 doses of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine for infants and children, the CDC and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) recommend that most adolescents and adults get a single dose of the whooping cough vaccine, also called "Tdap" vaccine ( tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis). Tdap is a one-time booster shot that is recommended for most adolescents and adults, if they have not been previously vaccinated with Tdap.
With pertussis continuing to pose a serious threat to infants, and greatly affecting adolescents and adults, there remains a need to: (a) increase the awareness of physicians as to the growing pertussis problem, (b) standardize diagnostic techniques, and (c) implement various new vaccine strategies to enhance its control.
Pertussis symptoms usually start just like regular cold symptoms about 6 to 21 days after being exposed to someone else with pertussis, often an adult with a chronic cough. These initial pertussis symptoms typically last a week or two and might include a low-grade fever, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, and a cough.
The second stage of pertussis actually shows a worsening of symptoms, which can last an additional 3 to 6 weeks, including:
  • coughing spells or fits, which might end in the classic 'whoop' sound
  • vomiting after coughing spells (post-tussive emesis)
  • cyanosis or blue spells after coughing
  • apnea or episodes where an infant actually stops breathing during or after a coughing spell
These pertussis symptoms then gradually improve over the next few months.
Children with pertussis often do not have other signs and symptoms, such as:
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • skin rashes
  • wheezing
  • fast breathing
If the child is coughing and also has the second set of symptoms, then he may have RSV or another infection, and may not have pertussis, especially if he has been fully vaccinated and has not been exposed to anyone with pertussis. SOURCE



The following pages comes from the Complete Repertory
Edwin van Grinsven | Complete Repertory - FOR FREE on your Computer

Thank you to Edwin van Grinsven for all this information. 

Please contact him for further information about using and purchasing his wonderful computer repertory. 

You can see that there are STAGES to this disease, with appropriate remedies.

Not only does homeopathy have methods for selecting remedies to alleviate symptoms, it has NUMEROUS remedies that must be carefully chosen. Please see your professional homeopath for care





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Thanks Debby. Lot of information, on Whooping cough. This is there, despite, pertussis vaccine.
Great info Debby thank you.

In India and many other countries even Tuberculosis and other such diseases are on the rise. In-spite of national campaigns and awareness programs done for decades, the odds are changing. Maybe there is a need for redefining and understanding disease better than as mankind knows it now.
I would like some homeopathic information added as comments regarding whooping cough and pertussis to have it all in one place here. And, if anyone has successfully treated cases, too.

MIND: timidity: in pertussis: Causticum
Combined Synthesis (Kent)-
Chapter- Cough

1 acon, 1 all-c, 2 ambr, 1 am-c, 2 anac, 2 anan, 1 ant-c, 2 ant-t, 2 arg-n, 2 arn, 2 ars, 1 arum-t, 1 asaf, 1 asar, 1 asc-c, 1 bad, 2 bar-c, 1 bar-m, 2 bell, 2 brom, 2 bry, 2 calc-ar, 2 calc, 2 calc-p, 2 carb-ac, 2 carb-an, 2 carbn-s, 3 CARB-V, 2 cast-v, 2 caust, 2 cham, 2 chin, 1 chlol, 1 chlor, 2 cina, 2 coc-c, 1 con, 2 cor-r, 2 crot-h, 2 cupr, 1 cupr-ar, 1 dig, 3 DIRC, 3 DROS, 2 dulc, 2 euphr, 1 ferr-ar, 2 ferr, 2 ferr-p, 2 graph, 1 guare, 2 hep, 2 hippoz, 1 hydr-ac, 2 hyos, 1 hyper, 1 ign, 1 indg, 2 ip, 2 kali-bi, 1 kali-br, 2 kali-c, 1 kali-chl, 1 kali-i, 2 kali-p, 3 KALI-S, 2 kreos, 2 lact, 1 laur, 2 led, 2 lob, 2 lyc, 1 mag-m, 1 mag-p, 2 meph, 1 merc, 2 mez, 1 mosch, 1 mur-ac, 2 nat-m, 1 nicc, 2 nit-ac, 2 nux-v, 1 op, 1 par, 1 phel, 2 phos, 1 podo, 2 puls, 1 rhus-t, 2 rumx, 1 ruta, 2 samb, 2 sang, 1 sec, 2 seneg, 2 sep, 2 sil, 1 spig, 2 spong, 2 squil, 1 stann, 1 stict, 1 stram, 2 sulph, 1 sul-ac, 1 syph, 2 tab, 2 verat, 1 viol-o, 2 visc, 1 zinc, 1 caps
If the indicated remedies do not work, I try Mephitis. This remedy has helped me on several occasions.
Thank you so much. Shortcuts are wonderful when all else fails.
Meningitis Booster Shots Recommended for Teenagers
When will it end. Read the controversy on this article and how the vaccine is being recommended even though low efficacy. They have the nerve to recommend shooting up all family members, as if that will protect the children from contracting the disease. None of it makes any sense.

"The reason for the meningitis recommendation is that two popular vaccines against the disease do not seem to work as well as hoped. Instead of providing 10 years of protection, they may work for only five years or less."

Are vaccinations "popular?" How about are they effective? There was a huge debate about the cost factor, as well.

Dr James Turner said, “If there is waning immunity, we’re not seeing any emerging disease yet. So I don’t know that there’s a lot of urgency today in deciding on a booster.”
THe article appears in a good section, named MONEY AND POLICY. As long as these are at play, I guess these things are not going to stop...
Well said Elena! Its about MONEY AND POLICY not about keeping everyone healthy.
Each fall/winter season is a big money making opportunity for the pharmaceutical companies to gain new customers by manipulation of facts using the media to advertize new toxic vaccines. No one will get these vaccines if the incentive of "FEAR" has not been induced. "Fear -makes people DO STUPID things!"No one has complained to me in my clinic about 'whooping cough'. Why? Because this epidemic does nOT exist!!!!

Whooping Cough News Articles Is Whooping Cough Vaccine Working?

  • almost 200 of those out of the 332 cases of whooping cough in San Diego were FULLY IMMUNIZED according to the CDC policy. 
  • 45 of this 332 had at least 5 vaccines that contained the pertussis in it but not this new form of the vaccine.  
  • 8 of the 332 were infants who had only had one vaccine or two of the three require before the age of 6 months got whooping cough.  What they are not telling in that statistic is how close to the vaccine did they develop the whooping cough.  I would venture to guess that they got the whooping cough from the TaPD vaccine itself.  This is often the cause, but not revealed to the general public.  Pediatricians and Health Department personnel love to use these cases of infants in hospitals because of whooping cough numbers to set fear into parents to get more vaccines for their children.   Parents don't know to ask I the baby had had any shots and when.  If the parent ask the MD refuses to answer or leaves the examining rooms without answering them their question.



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