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A lot has been written about suppression in Homeopathy. Different authors have expressed their views on the subject, some giving a lot of importance on this while others don’t. Many Repertories too have mentioned the subject in details. But the fact is how relevant is it in Homeopathic prescribing? Is it worth considering while cure is taking place in a given case? But the issue is what exactly is suppression.

Whether it is physical or emotional or even mental can we ignore it. A person with an injury or a cut from the knife gets a dressing done with an antiseptic. Can this be labelled as suppression? Or if someone takes an analgesic for a headache: is that suppression? A wrong Homeopathic medicine for any ailment given by mistake: can it cause suppression.

Many such questions with fewer answers! Many Homeopaths consider this as an important indication for prescribing, but what exactly is Suppression and how important is it to Homeopathy? The views of all are welcome

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All excellent questions Dr Rajiv. I hope others will jump into this conversation. I am at the moment under the influence of  'suppression' from thinking, writing and investigating this subject, while many other duties call.

sup pression |səˈpre sh ən|nounthe action of suppressing something such as an activity or publication the Communist Party's forcible suppression of the opposition in 1948.• Medicine stoppage or reduction of a discharge or secretion.• Biology the absence or nondevelopment of a part or organ that is normally present.• Genetics the canceling of the effect of one mutation by a second mutation.• Psychology the restraint or repression of an idea, activity, or reaction by something more powerful.• Psychoanalysis the conscious inhibition of unacceptable memories, impulses, or desires.• prevention of electrical interference. 


Much has been written about suppression. There can be heathy situations to sublimate emotions and discharge to prevent total shock and loss of energy. On the whole, we strive to assist the body, mind and spirit to express freely, without forceable suppression. Many examples may be given. 

Thanks Debby for the true meaning of suppression. The best defination as far as we are concerned is what S.Close has written:

....."Suppression," or palliation of disease, is the removal of the external symptoms of disease by external, mechanical, chemical or topical treatment; or by means of powerful drugs, given internally in massive doses, which have a direct physiological or toxic effect but no true therapeutic or curative action.


Sir you are confused about the topic related to suppression. Suppression is only possible in those diseases which are originated from the dynamic derangement of vital force. And it is subversive force(Miasm or medicinal force) who is responsible for the derangement of vital force. Suppression means to turn the direction of miasmatic force toward other weak organ of the body, by the use of external application or the violent medicine. If you want to clear your concept about the suppression then please go to the full study of MIASM.


Its infection

Its internal course

Primary manifestation


Secondary manifestation

Irreversible pathology


These are some fact related to the suppression.

-         Rheumatism especially knee pain after suppression produce Rheumatic heart disease and stenosis of mitral valve

-         Skin eruption after suppression produce Bronchial asthma or pulmonary tuberculosis

-         Gonorrheal urinary infection after suppression produce Warts


In present time I notice a case of 20 Years old unmarried girl who is still suffering from the complaint of  aplastic anemia after the suppression of Malaria fever by the allopathic treatment.    

 Dr. Habib,

 Thanks for your response.The purpose of this write up is that of a discussion, hence there is no confusion whatsoever. I agree with your views. However there are a number of Homeopaths who give undue weight age to suppression and base their prescriptions on it. But the question is when to do that? Can we consider a past surgery in a patient as suppression? Can herbal supplements and medications also cause suppression? And above all can our own medicines in high potencies cause suppression?


Suppression may be possible by any type of medicine even homoeopathic medicine too. Its depend upon principle, using your medicine; here it is not a matter of high or low potency. If your medicine is selected single pathological persistent complaint and the Homoeopathic medicine has that condition in marked degree but not fully selected then it may be a cause of suppression. True similia naver produce suppression.


Yes past surgery can produce irreversible suppression,

Suppose that a woman is suffering from primary manifestation of Active Sycosis. She has burning pain in urethra during urination and also has offensive leucorrhoea. Now she is treated with allopathic medication for her present complaint. She got well very soon, after few days or few months she suffered from the complaint of uterine fibroid or endometriosis, the allopathic physician prefer to her for surgery, hysterectomy was performed. Within two or three years she develops pulmonary tuberculosis. Now you can not cure to her.

Because the second seat of disease has been removed, so the hering’s law of cure can not be completed in natural direction, hence patient can not to be cured.         

Here the surgical removal of the uterus is the cause of pulmonary tuberculosis.  


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