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A few days back, I received a call from my junior colleague Dr P. asking suggestions for the treatment of his baby - a case of diarrhea since 2 days. She also had vomiting, especially after feeding and giving any water. The stomach was distended with gas, and there was rumbling noise in the abdomen. The stools were profuse watery like rice water, with forceful evacuation. The baby was irritable with frequent cries, may be due to colic.

He had given the following drugs one after the other, with no positive response.

Initially Sulphur 200 was given, but no response.

Then Chamomilla 200 was given, but again no change.

And finally he was giving China 200, but the condition was getting worse.


The number of stools increased and the child became inactive due to dehydration, hence he admitted the baby in the hospital for giving only IV fluids. The pediatrician diagnosed the case as viral diarrhea. On his request, the pediatrician allowed him to continue homeopathy (China 200).


After getting these details through phone conversation, I asked a few more details. But he could not give more, mainly because he was in real tension. (This really happens whenever our own kids suffer). He then asked me, “Shall I request them to start modern medicine?” Actually, his wife and other family members were forcing him to start modern medicine!


I suggested him to wait for one more day. On the basis of available symptoms, I suggested Jatropha (Purging nut) 30 C. He brought the same medicine from the pharmacy, and one drop was mixed in a glass of pure water. One spoon of medicated water was given to the baby. I asked them to repeat only when there is no change after a few hours.


Next day, he called me to tell that the baby is much better, and has passed stools twice, that too normally formed stools. She also started playing within a few hours after the first dose!


Important drugs for forceful stools:

Jatropha, Elaterium, Gratiola, Natrum carb, Podophyllum, Gambogia, Croton tig, Thuja, Verat alb, etc.


Certain points to be considered:


  • When our kids suffer, we usually loose patience, and keep on changing the drugs.
  • Always take the help of colleagues under such situations.
  • In diarrhea and vomiting cases, water and electrolytes levels should be maintained right from the beginning of treatment, which can definitely avoid hospital admission.
  • Many mothers do not give any drinks due to fear of vomiting. It is absolutely wrong, because, even after vomiting, a small amount of water remains in the stomach.
  • Glucose solution can make the dehydration more; ORS (without flavors) is the better alternative.
  • Homeopathy never fails, but we may fail due to wrong remedy selection and frequent change of remedies. Under such situations, do not hesitate to take a second opinion, or refer the cases to higher centers with IP facilities.


Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS, PGNAHI.

Family Homoeopathic Clinic

North Paravur

Kerala, India.


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Hmmm, I have faced similar predicament with my babies.

It will nice to reflect and find how you could have got it right the first time. What did your colleague miss observing ? Any causative?

Rice water, forceful, unable to retain water : looked Verat Alb to me.

Whenever our kids suffer, we keepon changing remedy! This could be the reason. An out sider is the best one to observe the peculiarities. Of course, veratrum is also similar to the case.
I have prescribed this drug for a few cases, but not a regular remedy. This plant is available india on the sides of roads. And now it is cultivated for comercial purpose due to its importance in making biofulel. The oil from Jatropha curcas seeds is used for making biodiesel.
whether viral or bacterial diarrhoea, our medicines work !
Yes, our medicines always work.
Dear Dr Rafeeque ~ please tell the differentiating symptoms in which you selected Jatropha amongst the many other potential remedies for forceful diarrhea and vomiting which is aggravated by drinking water? How do we recognize this 'rice water' appearance? I have cooked rice, but not sure what this means exactly? It it a milky appearance and opaque pure water consistency? Rumbling and gas in the abdomen was also present. How can we memorize and recognize this group of symptoms and know not to select the other remedies?
I will make a list of all such remedies for comparison.
A good thought full presentation.Jathropa will be remembered;Why Veratrm alb was not considered?
Thanks for the comments. Of course, drugs like ars, verat, etc are also similar to the case, but what attracted me is forceful stools with rumbling. Most of the remedies listed cover the same, but I tried to see whether a rare remedy works or not!
Very good addition. Great photo, which on first appearance I thought was a jar of coconut oil. So, this rice water has much of a jell like texture or consistency? Very opaque white. I cannot imagine the diarrhea to be white in color. You mean it was brown with this consistency. That really helps. An it has no shreds or pieces of undigested food. This will be memorable.

Some times small remedies like that can give good result.



That is true!


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