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Dear all,

Sunday morning I gave a clinical training in the MHOE (Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association), and asked my colleagues to think about the possible mental symptoms amid Tsunami survivors in Japan. We collected a lot of symptoms and after that we translated it into the Repertory language.

So, these were the symptoms we got:


MIND - FEAR - death, of
MIND - FEAR - death, of - sudden death; of
MIND - ANXIETY - family; about his
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - cares, worries
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - business failure
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - job; having lost his
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - mental shock; from
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - death of loved ones
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - excitement
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - homesickness
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - injuries, accidents; mental symptoms from
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - position; loss of
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - responsibility
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - surprises - unpleasant
MIND - PAIN - during
MIND - DESPAIR - future, about
MIND - DESPAIR - existence, about miserable
MIND - DESPAIR - health, of
MIND - DESPAIR - recovery, of
MIND - DESPAIR - pains, with the
MIND - DESPAIR - religious despair of salvation
MIND - DESPAIR - social position, of
MIND - DESPAIR - supported; wants to be
MIND - DOUBTFUL - recovery, of
MIND - ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - crime, for a fear of having committed a
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - house; wants to get out of the
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - run away, to


I will insert the Radar 10.5 results.


I think, that it could be useful to study the top 10 remedies. I was surprised to see on the 3rd place Nux vomica. I think that Aurum metallicum on the 9th place would be a good remedy, not only as a first aid remedy, but as a chronic remedy too.


My heartiest welcome to every homeopaths,


Ferenc Sasvari MD


Dear all,

I was surfing on the net, and I have found a very good, and useful writing from Dr. Edward Shalts.

He is writing about the PTSD, and he is sharing his experience here:


Ferenc Sasvari

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Dear  Dr. Rafeeque, Thank you very much!

Ferenc Sasvari

Hi Ferenc, Thanks for sharing this. In NZ we had an earthquake and came up with remedies for acute circumstances, we had a small handful of remedies and notes that emergency shelters etc could give out to people. This worked well in an acute situation, however it has now been several weeks and the symptoms for some are becoming chronic, with aftershocks still happening, winter coming and there is a lack of housing etc. Therefore individualization is crucial in the latter stages. Disasters are interesting.

Many blessings for your insights, Anita


Here is the screen shot of more rubrics, which can also be considered in the situation like this.

One may look in to cross references too.

Dear Nira,

Thank you very much for your additions, but could you explain, why did you choose the rubric MIND-Superstitious? Ferenc

Hello Dr Ferenc ~ It makes very good sense that once a person has had a near-death experience, they lean back upon the circumstances and go into a place of superstition. For example, a ball player begins to wear the same shirt over and over again because they hit a home run wearing that shirt. Or, they go through the same physical mechanics or rubbing hands, patting pants, the number of times warming up the shoulders and arms before going for another home run. 


In the same manner, a person who has been in state of trouble, injury or fear can say, "I have lived through this instance because....I was doing such and such." This becomes a necessary part of their life as a superstitious belief to stay alive and survive. Many people say, "knock on wood" and then touch something nearby of wood; or "throw salt over their shoulder" for good luck. All these behaviors could be considered "superstitious" behavior.


In a way, this shows their belief in something beyond their control. Thus, after a natural disaster of this magnitude, many realize their survival is dependent upon something beyond their own behavior and cause for future survival.


Image above shows 'broken glass mirror."

Ignatia is best suited to people, especially women, who are experiencing strong emotional problems, such as a broken relationships, acute grief after a death of loved one, moving away from friends, even loss of a treasured item. They are frequently emotionally fragile like glass that will break easily, artistic, and hypersensitive. Prone to mood swings and feelings of self-pity, they may have a rather brittle air. Person's needing ignatia may laugh and cry at the same time. Suppressing their emotions can lead to hysteria. High expectations of those close to them are typical, and they find it hard to break the bond with their partner if in a state of disillusioned love. See Taylor Swift Video

Dear Debby,

Thank you for your  bright explanation about the meaning of the Superstitious rubric.  I understand now, why did Nira choose this rubric. Look after the rubric Fear-superstitous ( Rhus-tox) I remember, that I read in maybe one of the Andre Saine's book, that he thinks, that Rhus tox is one of the most Superstitious remedie-.


Absolutely. Very good. LISTED UNDER MIND, FEAR, Superstitious are two remedies: CON, Rhus-tox. Here are 41 listed remedies: 


I suppose you could differentiate between other psychological themes for compulsions and OCD behavior, such as, anarchist, ardent, dictatorial, extravagance, impetuous, intolerance, narrow-minded, obstinate, headstrong, religious affections, and fanaticism.


Very well explained Debby.

In such a situation person needs something to hold on to, and Superstitions may give them a ray of hope and something to rely up on to get going in such desperate situation.

I hope Dr Ferenc agrees with this.


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