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Dear all,

Sunday morning I gave a clinical training in the MHOE (Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association), and asked my colleagues to think about the possible mental symptoms amid Tsunami survivors in Japan. We collected a lot of symptoms and after that we translated it into the Repertory language.

So, these were the symptoms we got:


MIND - FEAR - death, of
MIND - FEAR - death, of - sudden death; of
MIND - ANXIETY - family; about his
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - cares, worries
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - business failure
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - job; having lost his
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - mental shock; from
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - death of loved ones
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - excitement
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - homesickness
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - injuries, accidents; mental symptoms from
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - position; loss of
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - responsibility
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - surprises - unpleasant
MIND - PAIN - during
MIND - DESPAIR - future, about
MIND - DESPAIR - existence, about miserable
MIND - DESPAIR - health, of
MIND - DESPAIR - recovery, of
MIND - DESPAIR - pains, with the
MIND - DESPAIR - religious despair of salvation
MIND - DESPAIR - social position, of
MIND - DESPAIR - supported; wants to be
MIND - DOUBTFUL - recovery, of
MIND - ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - crime, for a fear of having committed a
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - house; wants to get out of the
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - run away, to


I will insert the Radar 10.5 results.


I think, that it could be useful to study the top 10 remedies. I was surprised to see on the 3rd place Nux vomica. I think that Aurum metallicum on the 9th place would be a good remedy, not only as a first aid remedy, but as a chronic remedy too.


My heartiest welcome to every homeopaths,


Ferenc Sasvari MD


Dear all,

I was surfing on the net, and I have found a very good, and useful writing from Dr. Edward Shalts.

He is writing about the PTSD, and he is sharing his experience here:


Ferenc Sasvari

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Great job. Much appreciated. We shall get started with the study session.

Dear members

Yes, -- Above symptoms we could imagine are commonly experienced in a disasters of that magnitude. So, in a way they would not be classed as extraordinary, uncommon, singular (= 153 org. symptoms).

I would leave out all the ailments rubrics, as they are secondary and don't really fit the purpose. If there were a ailments from nuclear disaster rubric, -- the entries may or may not find confirmation as being useful remedies. We should also bear in mind, that every epidemic,( = every new nuclear disaster) comes along with slightly different common symptoms and therefore is to be handled as a new epidemic.

The best way forward is to go to Japan and take cases, many!, and treat them according homeopathic principles and rules and at the same time with growing experience see what is common to all of them (= genius epidemicus) and see which remedies performed well. (=clinical confirmation)

This may lead to a group of remedies (= rubric: ailments from nuclear disasters), and certainly form a good idea what symptoms are common to the current epidemic.

With that knowledge gained, we then can determine in each individual case, which symptoms are common and which symptoms are the individual symptoms (= uncommon to the epidemic).

Those individual symptoms determine the correct remedy for the individual person.

The process is called INDIVIDUALISATION .


An insightful observation, Hans. Of course, taking live cases will be the highest form of gathering data. With the possibility of more earthquakes and disasters with nuclear plants finding a more specific set of remedies would be a helpful guide.

I doubt Hahnemann had these nuclear disasters, but similar types of trauma like volcanic eruptions, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even war with PSTD can also guide us toward useful remedies. 

Off course, Homeopathy treats pt individually. Everyone affected in the disaster will not feel the same. But majority could feel this way, thats what happens in any epidemic, majority will show some symptoms in common and those are called "common symptoms of that epidemic" and based up on those, one remedy is found which is called "Genus Epidmicus".

If the above mentioned sypmtoms persists long time after the happening then thats the individuality of that pt.

Dear Nira

A common set of symptoms, common to all who got the epidemic disease will point to a number of remedies, but not to one single remedy.

Read ORG.: 73.

To get to the disease-symptom-picture oRG.: 100 - 102

As the handling of Chronic miasmatic disease is the same (see ORG. 103)

The result has lead to a number of remedies in chronic miasmatic disease. In the same way a disease symptom picture of any epidemic will (and has so in the past) lead to a group of remedies (not one single remedy!)

The final selection is based on concomitant symptoms experienced by the individual. (par,: 153, 211)


I personally doubt, that this is an epidemic, -- it does not bear the hallmarks of it,


The nuclear disaster is a man-made affair,  a mass medication so to speak, known to create a chronic disease of a non miasmatic character.

Here, ORG paragraph 74 and 75 give a not very encouraging outlook.

Pragraph 76 explicitly tells:

Only against the natural diseases the allmighty gave help with homeopathy --

Dear Hans,


Ferenc is right as well as You, Sushil, and Nira and Anita's point of view in addition. We should not forget that there are numbers of people who can't go there but they are compassionate with the suffering ones.  Ferenc wrote that they (he is working with hundreds of people/helathcare professionals every week) thought about the possible symptoms and didn't say that those are the remedies, according to the homeopathic software's database. When there is disaster around us, sharing and giving is noble path and always helps, more or less but helps. Homeopathic Experts are very busy bees in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc routines. We contribute in different ways, in ways of our capabilities, financial situations, mental and spiritual states/levels and many other influencing factors.

We must live in unity and Love. Water flows from a higher level to the lower levels. God’s grace too is like that. It flows down to those who are bent with humility.


Finally, personal contact is good but we are nothing than a substance without feeling compassion to our environment. The compassionate cast of mind is capable of many so called miracles.


Blessings to everyone like sparkling shower of rain on summer afternoon,



Dear Victor

Right or wrong, -- this is not the question. Unity is not created by arguments.


We all love to help, and if I had "THE ONE REMEDY" which would cure the effects of this cathastrophy, I would send tons of it.

There is also reality, -- the wrong remedy can do just as much harm as the right one can do good.

We are responsible, and before giving a remedy on uncertain grounds, I abstain and get the information, neccessary for a selection which is based on fact.

To illustrate above, i used to tell the following story to my students:

One day, in the earlier years of my clinic, a horse owner approached me to have a look at his race horse. The horse was down with pneumonia and antibiotics had failed to bring any relief.

I went the same afternoon and looked at the horse. I found heavy breeding, a high temperature and the animal lying down. The animal seemed to be more excitable.

Without further investigation I decided that PHOSPHORUS is the remedy, which I applied without hessitation in a 200C potency /liquid,-- by spraying it in the nostrils.

the horse twitched shortly, the breeding got more laboured. both signs, i thought were homeopathic aggravations and a good sign, so I left it go. Next, a big twitch, and the horse stopped breeding and died within 5 minutes.

What went wrong? I asked the owner about his observations, and he reported, that the horse seemed to be very thirsty, drank a lot, but was in pain afterwards. Also the horse lost condition, got weak very suddenly, yet was restless.

Here we have it -- this is not Phos, this is Arsenicum!

What was my problem: Lack of MMP knowledge. If I would have known MMP at the time, a few questions would have given me the neccessary information to see clearly, that this was not a case of Phos, but of Ars.



Very good approch Viktor!

I believe this place is for constructive work and not to prove some one right or wrong. Hence the homeopath should show ability for constructive critiscism.

The group of symptoms collected above are in general, no well studied Homeopath would just go to the area and start giving remedy!

We all should be open to accept different views (these are not arguments)  from other homeopathic practitioners.


Some Delusions and fears can still be added here.

Dear Nira, Share your thougts about delusions and fears, please. Ferenc

DR. Hans is talking Homoeopathy, in its true sense, and that is the way it works. Unfortunately common symptoms has no or little value in selection of medicine. Collecting the appropriate data and the arriving at genius epidemicus, is the only option.
Great work!


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