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The Peter Chappell Remedies and AIDS,the future of homeopathy

june2009 I n t e r h o m e o p a t h y

The future of homeopathy / part 3 by Harry van der Zee, MD

Keywords: Epidemics, Collective Trauma, Endemic Diseases. ARHF, Amma Resonance Healing Foundation, Peter Chappell, malaria, dengue fever, PC Resonances, diabetes, PC1AF, HIV-positive, PC309g, septrim, PC180g, gonorrhoea, malaria, PC240m, PC302v, typhoid, tuberculosis, PC300t, PC435p, rape and sexual abuse, PC304x, genocide, war trauma, cardiomyopathy, dilatation of the heart, hypertension, ,fear of death, PC423z, PC158n, diabetes mellitus

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Here is the direct link
Volume 2009 June:
more from "peter" about his special remedies;found at link-

The principles of remedy design I used are these:
- Taking the idea that Like creates Like as the meta remedy design principal.
- Forming on a metaphysical level using divine consciousness the likeness concept of the
disease, from its consciousness, its purpose, its psychology, its action in the body, its totality
of symptoms - a spiritual disease essence, its divine purpose.
- Translating this into a mathematical formulation using a branch of abstract mathematics
similar to fractal mathematics (that allows love as an ingredient). This is higher mathematics.
- Transforming the mathematical formula into an electronic signal, like a Fourier Transform -
standard technology.
- Putting the electronic signal through a coil around a ferrite C-shaped core so that it becomes
a magnetic field - standard technology.
- Succussing a vial of liquid, alcohol + water, in the field, in the gap in the C core - standard
homeopathic remedy preparation.
Thereby making a remedy in the likeness of the disease.

The foundation of the ARHF is a result of the positive experience with using resonance in treating AIDS in Africa. In 2001 Peter Chappell, one of the founders of the ARHF, while searching in Ethiopia for a remedy that would fit the disease totality of HIV/AIDS found a new way to design a remedy based on resonance. Since that time several other remedies for other epidemics like malaria have been designed and applied with good results.


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