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Dear friends,

This issue of the "single dose" is an old debate.  Mostly when it is being discussed it seems the discussion becomes emotionally charged. I think its time to discuss this subject rationally, philosophically and practically.

What do u think ?



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Some medicine really work fantastic in single dose only, I can illustrate this with a example. A 65 Years old person of senile Prostitis, suffering very much with burning in urine and stool too. He can not sustain any type of constriction. He is a person of changeable mood, loquacious nature. I prescribed to him Lechesis – 200 on dose. In the evening . Great relief feels him at morning. No complaint remains, but when I repeated the second dose of Lechasis after 15 days, all complaint come back. I have lost my case.

Second case .
A women is suffering from itching with Swelling of both labium majus, with burning, when I examined patient physically I found that there is great Blueness with dark black spot on the both labium. I prescribed her one single dose of Lachesis -200, Patient get well very soon, and never return for that complaint.

So about the use of Lachesis it’s my opinion that it must be use only one single dose.
once the deep pathology is involved single dose is insufficient however,in acute emergencies sometime single dose relieves.
Dear friends
I agree to your ideas and also think that it is individual: sometime one dose and sometime reapeted doses.


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