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The vital force is to homeopathy a fundamental principle that defines the immaterial spirit-like energy, termed "dynamis" by Hahnemann, that enlivens the material body. No bodily function, physical or other is possible without this life-giving force [1].

This is not a philosophical element of homeopathy alone, but is deeply rooted in about 97 different traditional and alternative medical approaches. As such it is fundamental to traditional chinese medicine in the form of 'Qi', the life-force of nature, that instigates all organ function, and is also basic to the healing system of the ayurveda, where it is termed Pranaa or Kundalini [2].

In the health system that we know as conventional medicine today, this life-giving principle has no consideration. The rise of conventional medicine was only as recent as approximately 100 years ago. Up until then the vital force, or vital energy was a manifest concept in the understanding of health, disease and cure of the existent traditional systems of health care[2].

Why was this principle abandoned? What impact has this had on conventional medical development and research? Where would medicine and healing stand today if this element had been considered?

[1] Hahnemann, S. (1974). Organon der Heilkunst (2.Auflage) 6B Heidelberg:Karl F. Haug Verlag.

[2] Stux, G. (1996) Akupunktur – Grundlagen, Techniken, Anwendungsgebiete München: C.H. Beck

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Thank you for this comment. Yes of course, for us homeopaths the vital force is still the main principle fundamental to our practice. Yet considering that for many, even thousands of years, this principle existed in the traditional practices, it causes one to wonder why this concept was the abandoned within the relatively new conventional medical approach.

Kind regards

Indeed. Well said!

Thanks for commenting!

Kind regards


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