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The national Tiger of India
 is directly related to the eternal Masters of the Himalayas who have a Gospel of the Baba's. These Baba's gospel
relates to the knowledge and understanding of the eternal being. the
human as an individual in service for himslelf by action and good deads
in service of all humanity. The Ancient Mastery of Physical body, by
full Kriyayoga and consious energy of healing transformation of other
human beings. The Tiger stands for this eternal energy. The Tiger of
Joshimath on the way to the hotsprings and wells of the four GAnges
springs GAngothri Yamunothri, Kedaneth and BAdrinath tought this most
refined techieque to the disciples and spread his chelas as messengers
of this healing good new through the world. As India as a whole
continent, lives in the respect of this eternal fire of human go(o)d
consiousness and can be taught easil to every human being one is blessed
with grace of truthfull indipencence. The world is clearly speaking to
oneself and the person in delight and enlightenment speaks truthfull
uprightious to the world. We essely can get excess to any etherial and
worldly knowledge, to teach any human being the full freedom and peace
understanding and way of good action.Naturally good health and good
deads are the nature of these blessed beings...the Tiger was taken in
discredit by the stories of Jim Corbett, as a coverstory to make people
afraid to enter the realm of the babas which by nature is located in
Kumaon and GArwal, most holly and sacred plants and minerals are
treasured in the Uttaranchala and Uttarkant valleys and mountains, and
living Masters have been there for centuries blessed with
longlivity.Actualy punished by death for the last 150 year during the
Colonialist regime of England, they had retreated..but never died. As
the English commerce tried to trade with the eternal healing substances
of plants and predious gems....they might not be stronger than the good
with its healing and enlightening properties. Former Oudh provine holds
the Agharbathi tree, the eaglewood tree, which was lokated in the
Uttaranchala region. The Oudh oil is traded all over the world as the
predioust etherial oil as it can by nature enhance the metabolism to the
better, to creat clear consiousness. So the Tiger and the true tigers
nature related t the true understanding of fire and consiousness in still living under the respect for man and humanity in India.
The Guru Pranavaanand, Gurudev and Bramahanand are all the same name for
this Shankaracharia of India resided in the Joshimath Ashram...many a
messengers occured inbetween humanity over all continents to spread this
message of the trueth of the eterna TIGER OF INDIA.
My gratitude to the Masters and the call of the ONE.

Real tigerbalm and Aquilaria aquilochia as wel as SomaLata 9 sarcostema acidum) are most refind substances in mothertincture to heal a human body on an leel ....

Shantisuan, Jutta Pfeiffer
We start a retreat in AMghari COrbett NAtional PArc on behalf of the
blessing of the Ancient teaching of Kayakalpa and KriyaYoga.

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