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Hello everyone!


Two Key Trauma Remedies

Talking as a psychologist and trauma specialist, the remedies that Anita has suggested sound good to me. Do remember ARNICA for all kind of shock and PHOSPHORUS for the hyper-arousal state with fear.


Living in a Dream

On one of the videos a Japanese man says something like, "It is all like a dream, I can't accept it is reality."  This is an early stage of trauma when reality is overwhelming, your psyche goes out of reality to protect you and things start to feel unreal. This state of "dissociation" * can often be seen in rape-victims that go into a dreamworld after repeated rapes.


A State of Hyper Arousal

We become traumatized when reality is beyond our frame of comprehension. If we have no clue how to deal with the situation the body may go into a state of hyper-arousal. All remedies attuned to psychic arousal when the heart races and the blood pumps mostly into big muscles to make us ready for fight or flight can be used. Other symptoms may be felt when the digestion stops, the sleep gets restless, the respiration accelerated, and the mind hyper alert on the present (if not dissociated). It is difficult to maintain and realistic cognitive level of reasoning, thinking and planning. When the instinctive level of activity has taken over, one lives in a constant state of alarm, with inability to focus or think on a higher cognitive level or take another perspective. The person can only deal with what is immediately in front of them through their instincts. 



Long Term Effects

Even months and years after the original incident, flashbacks (unwanted memories of the overwhelming experience) come day and night. Sleep is often impossible at night. The body gets worn out from the constant, never stopping arousal. This may result in painful muscles throughout the body. Vitamins and minerals do not get  assimilated when ingested. Most body functions are low quality. The person gets extremely exhausted and deeply depressed with tendencies to isolate from everyone. The person exhibits dementia-like flaws of cognitive faculties with poor memory, lack of concentration, loss of orientation, and desire for suicide.


Emotional Scars

Other symptoms related to surviver's trauma follow out of a deep instinct to protect fellow human beings. Those who survive a catastrophe, like recent New Zealand and Japan earthquake, the tsunami, flooding, loss of life and possessions, may be left with deep emotional scars. Those most susceptible have have watched the suffering of others and the sudden traumatic death of others without being able to help in these situations. We may not see the physical scars, but the emotional scars run deeply in the psyche and the mind. Guilt feelings can be so extreme that the person feels he or she has no right to live.


Natural Catastrophes

This review of traumatization after natural disaster may appear similar to a human experience of torture suffered at the hand of another human being, such as rape, beatings or imprisonment. However, we can see some differences when observed closely and carefully at the thinking, emotional, mental and physical symptoms resulting from true torture of this kind. 

Websters Online*

  1. the act of separating or state of being separated. 
  2. the separation of a molecule into two or more fragments (atoms, molecules, ions, or free radicals) produced by the absorption of light or thermal energy or by solvation. 
  3. in psychology, a defense mechanism in which a group of mental processes are segregated from the rest of a person's mental activity in order to avoid emotional distress, as in the dissociative disorders (q.v.), or in which an idea or object is segregated from its emotional significance; in the first sense it is roughly equivalent to splitting, in the second, to isolation.
  4. a defect of mental integration in which one or more groups of mental processes become separated off from normal consciousness and, thus separated, function as a unitary whole.

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Anitas remedy suggestions:

*Aconite*: a 'classic' for fear and fright. Especially when the fright
has come on suddenly, as in the case of being woken by a violent

*Arsenicum album*: for fear and worry about loss of security on all
levels-- physical and financial. Also the desire to have company and
fear of being alone. Recurring anxiety between 12-2am. Respiratory
symptoms that worsen from the time of the fright (e.g. asthma) or
anxiety symptoms that involve breathing difficulty (such as hyper

*Gelsemium*: a remedy indicated as 'ailments from bad news';
especially when a person feels 'like the rug has been pulled out from
under them' or especially if they feel weak in the knees or powerless
in the force of an event. Also to consider for post traumatic
conditions where the person feels dopey and droopy and may come down
with a viral illness following bad news or a shock.

*Opium*: homeopathically indicated when someone has such a fright that
they become severely disassociated-- people suffering from this form
of self-protection following a fright or trauma may not be aware of
'how out of it' they are. Sometimes they may be observed as being dull
or insensate-- as if drugged by an analgesic/ anaestheitc. They may
seem as if they are 'out of their body' (Lithium phos also has this

*Argentium nitricum*: For repeated catastrophic thoughts about
recurrences of the fright---e.g. constantly anticipating the after
shocks. And for the specific fear (and recuring fear) of buildings
falling and crushing them.

*Stramonium*: Particularly useful following fright or trauma where the
person is afraid of the dark, is prone to waking with ‘night terrors’.
Also indicated when the behavioural response to a traumatic event is
one of two extremes—excessive apathy and helplessness or aggressive
and even violent outbursts.

Also always remember the Bach Flower Remedy combination: *Rescue
Remedy TM*. This is a classic support remedy for anyone who is anxious
or frightened. It typically comes in a dropper bottle and a few drops
added to a water bottle that can be sipped frequently is a good way to
administer to people suffering from shock and ongoing fear/ anxiety.

Dear members

The most prominent remedies for this situation are:


followed by: 


followed by remedies in a lesser degree:

arn, ars, aur, bry, cham, lach, lyc, nat-mur, phos, samb, sec-c, stram, verat, Zinc.

Much depends what is the exact condition now after the trauma.  this information gives the clue for the suitable remedy.

Good information, Dr. Ingrid. I would like to add one remedy to your list: Cimicifuga Racemosa. I find this particularly helpful when the trauma involves brutality, betrayal, or some other feature which results in a very "dark" state of mind. Not quite gloomy or suicidal, but deeply disturbed.


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