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Homeopathic science is based on laws that are yet invisible to our modern devices, and our senses. Yet homeopathic cures are tangible evidence of its efficacy. All organic life is a merely carbon-based mix of elements. If you remove all the space that spin the atoms of our cells, the total amount of actual material “stuff” in our bodies would only fill a teaspoon. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, called this energy the Vital Force.

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Dear Melanie,

It could also be about a different understanding....of the Laws We Already Have....! I've enclosed something on this that you might find interesting.....Enjoy....!

With best Wishes

Hi everyone,

Here is another nice explanation of what homoeopathic potencies really are:
Good article Melanie! I am placing the link to your article in the long distance hair transmission thread,as this enforces the theory of 'energy' medicine even more.
Homeopaths seem to forget that we work with energy,not physical medicine, the thought of dispensing remedies via transmission is 'out of the question' and bizarre.In actuality it makes the MOST sense.


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