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From My Perspective
I am concerned as I look at the state of homeopathy in the world today.  Concerned because of two great issues.  
  • First, because too many members of the homeopathic community seem to define that community as being made up solely of homeopathic practitioners, and
  • Second, because too many homeopathic practitioners think that the needs to the homeopathic community begin and end with their individual waiting rooms.

Too often, if you ask the question in a homeopathic forum, "What do you think of the state of homeopathy in the world today?" you get an answer from practitioners that either directly or indirectly has to do with how busy their particular practice is.  
  • If they are very busy, then they think that homeopathy is a booming industry globally and don't understand why I am asking such a question.  
  • If they are not busy, then they are happy to see the question being asked and answer by stating their particular needs when it comes to getting that waiting room filled to overflowing.
This is, in my opinion, very small thinking.  And very shortsighted thinking.

My History And The Present Day
In the three decades that I have been a part of the homeopathic community in the USA (and, let me state clearly, that I believe that that community is made up not only of practitioners, who fulfill one important function, but only one, but also homeopathic educators, writers, lay practitioners, pharmacists, and, most ignored of all, the many millions of people whose lives have been changed--to a greater or smaller degree--by the use of homeopathic remedies.) I have never seen such a time as this.  A time in which homeopathy is literally under siege.  In many parts of the world, politicians and lobbyists are joining forces to craft laws that would, if they were allowed to pass, curb or end the practice of homeopathy as it is now known.

Government, Larger Forces and National Health Care
Further, the United Nations, with its Codex Alimentarius, has now gotten into the act and, with parts of that Codex about to become law in the European Union, all eyes are on the EU to see how it will play out.  Should the use of homeopathic remedies be curbed there, you can look to see similar changes in other nations around the world.

As I am sure that the whole world is aware, we here in the USA are struggling right now with the idea of changing our entire healthcare system.  And we are considering different aspects of national health care as an important option.  But please notice that nowhere in this discussion has there been any real consideration of homeopathy, nor has there been any proposed legislation that would guarantee homeopathic medicine a place at the table in the New World Order.

This is the moment in which things have to change within the global homeopathic community.  This is the time in which we must AT LONG LAST put aside our differences and stress instead the thing that joins us together--a common love for homeopathy, both it's philosophy and practice.  We need to create that thing that has been so elusive, a definition of homeopathy that can be used by all aspects of the community and standardized across the planet.  And we need to take back the lead in the discussion of homeopathy, what it is, how it works and why is must remain a legal medical option in all nations in the world.

The Foes
We have, in recent years, seen the rise in the number of groups whose dedicated mission in life is the removal of homeopathy.  In Great Britain, there is the 10:23 campaign, which seeks to both ridicule and remove homeopathy from that nation's health care system.  The British also have their Skeptics, as they call themselves, a group of allopathic doctors, researchers, etc, who have banded together to harass anyone who writes anything that is pro-homeopathy.  Daily, homeopathic blogs, sites and forums are attacked by this hoard of Flying Monkeys

Looking For Support
And yet, where are the voices that are being raised in defense of homeopathy?  When the subject gets brought up in internet groups, there are those who agree as to the urgency of the mission, but few who will actually raise their voices up in the defense of homeopathy.  I have to ask why?  I have to wonder how anyone who has been healed--actually healed!--through the use of a homeopathic remedy could ever sit by silently while homeopathy is being threatened with being outlawed, literally removed from the list of legal medical alternatives, in nations around the world. The community here at the HWC has proven itself loyal and thoughtful in the past.  So I write this today, in the hope that here at the HWC we can raise the banner high and get the job done.

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Thank you for starting this discussion. For HWC members interested in advocacy work. Please join the Campaign Group. Thanks

Thanks, Debby, for tweaking my post.  You made it look and read much better.

I know that I, for one, will be joining the Campaign Group.


Your "very small thinking" has given a very large inspiration!!!!

The time is not late. All homeopathy related people should unite and work together. Every homeopath should spend atleast one hour daily for the propagation of homeopathy, the remaining 23 hours can be utilized for private practice and other activities.

Your thinking is not small, it has given a great inspiration. Definitely, this is the time to work for homeopathy.

Thank you for bringing up many good things. Strong power and lot of work is needed everyday for homeopathy.

I understand we all have a great medicine for future among the other important medicines. It is important to understand that Hahneman meant this medicine also to spread in practicing and through experienced cases. 

Here in Finland we are all together only 5 million people, but for me it is a huge amount of people to spread the knowledge how to use homeopathic remedies. I hope to get more information and studies to translate for us. I will spread the videos and links in my website and in facebook.

All the best for everybody!

Dear Vinton,


I think you are right, in fact it is all in the hands of patients!

Now we see that homeopaths are starting to realise the need to unite, but what about patients?

Are there any patient associations - users of homeopathy, would anyone know?


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