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We have

so much to be grateful for including our gift of sight.
This touching and beautifully directed short film about living in the dark, about blindness and injury will make you stop and think.

Have we devoted a HWC page to THE EYE?

The beginning feels the stuffiness of the room and the fan [carbo veg or pulsatilla?]

Eye injury [arnica, aconite, symphytum ?]

What remedies come to mind as you watch this blurry, foggy, watery, moving film?

Feeling dependent?
Corneal Injury?
Grief and loss?

What remedies for the characters and their relationships?

Visit this film. The director seems to gravitate toward VISION and INJURY as a theme.

Dir. Thomas Leung / Australia / 2005 A young man remembers a childhood with a blind father and his own temporary sightlessness.

Atom Awards, Australia, 2006 - Best Tertiary Animation
Victorian Student Animation Festival 2005 - Winner of Best Production Design
Winner of Best Film
5th Bondi Shortfilm Festival - Winner of Winner of Best Cinematography

Look at this awesome technology to make eyeglasses with liquid

New York Times Notes On blindness

Notes on Blindness from The New York Times - Video on Vimeo.

After the writer and theologian John Hull became completely blind in 1983, he kept an audio diary of his experience. This film is a dramatization using those recordings.

For the story behind 'Notes on Blindness,' click here:

Impending Doom
I must get out
Break through this curtain and veil and come out to the world of light out there

In a coal truck, in the coal mine

I had to jump out and run back

If I would accept this, I would die

My will to resist were broken

Not to accept seems futile

What one is refusing to acquiesce in is a fact

I have to face no escape

Just go on these years

RAIN uninterrupted sound that fills the audible environment

Could there be something like falling of rain in a room only inside, then the whole would take on dimension. This is an experience of beauty, Instead of isolated, cut off....


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