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Dr. Hahnemann gave the gift of homeopathy to humanity. Are you satisfied with the progress and growth of Homeopathy and are we taking care of this gift in the best possible manner?

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I find homeopathy is progressing satisfactorily all over the world. People in general have come to realize the detrimental side effects of Allopathic medicines. People have also become aware of the fact that homeopathic treatment is curative safe & non-invasive. Homeopathy is spreading fast especially in Indian sub-continent comprising countries of India, Pakistan Bangladesh & Srilanka.

Best thing about Homeopathy is its beauty in healing its patient,of course this depends on the doctor.It is said that     "Homeopathy never fails, but the doctor fails". I wonder if this saying is hundred percent.

I agree with Sir Kuldip Singh and Sir Wequar Ali Khan. In my opinion homeopathic growth, awareness and acceptance has a rising and upward trend. People now know that homeopathic healing is simple, safe, easy to take, economical, effective and above all non-violent. The quality of homeopath really matters. Best wishes to "Homeopathy".  

Homeopathy is certainly a boon to mankind.but there are some misconcepts in people s minds. ie that homeopathy is slow in treating illness .It does not have cure for serious diseases.another fear is that it will increase the pain first in uprooting the disease. one anxiety is that that homeopaths use cortisone to treat and it has been found while testing in those who do not believe in homeopathy mislead others by calling it a quackery. I HAVE TRIED TO ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS BY WRITNG AN ARTICLE IN A MAGZINE BUT IF ANY OF CAN GIVE ME MORE TIPS I WILL BE GREATFUL.

HWC will appreciate if you share your article and add to our knowledge.

Yes, homeopathy is a wonderful & precious gift God has given to all living beings existing in this world. It had made some progress in the past, is progressing now and will have bright future. It is a slow and steady process. 


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