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The Essence of a "Sulphur" Constitutional Type
by Gina Tyler DHOM
Los Angeles California,USA-

The mental, emotional, and physical make-up of a "sulphur" is discussed in this article (sulphur: sol = sun, ferre = to carry). When a trained classical homeopath helps a person with an illness, they normally look for signs of the patients "constitutional remedy". What is a constitutional remedy?

From the time of conception you take into consideration the inherited traits from your parents and ancestors. Not only physical traits, but disease imprints, and mental, spiritual, and emotional traits. Trauma is inherited not only during conception but via the fetus forming. So, it is the totality of all symptoms of the patient; this makes one's constitution. To match this constitutional type with a homeopathic remedy that is similar in "personality" is a difficult task. Sometimes it may be obvious, but not always. (There are thousands of homeopathic remedies that have specific personalities.) The patients obvious traits are sometimes tainted by miasmatic layers of a chronic disease. These need to be homeopathicaly removed (like peeling an onion layer by layer). Out of the thousands to choose from, sulphur is the most extreme in intellectual abilities. Sulphur patients have unusualy gifted mental abilities from the day they are born. Some sulphurs are: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Samuel Hahnemann, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates.

Among our great leaders, inventors, scientists, gurus, and mathematicians, there have been many sulphurs. The scholar, the creative genius, the eccentric, the impulsive artist; all have minds that flow profusely into metaphysics, theories, and equations. All are famous for answering in long-winded sentences.

A great example is the book called "The Organon" written by S. Hahnemann. Hahnemann calls sulphur "the king of antipsorics". Sulphur types are philosophers, deep in thought and oblivious to the simple physical life they live. As Einstein was, his wife had to do everything for him. He had to be fed, dressed, etc.; his head being "in the clouds". Sulphurs live in a world of imagination. They are blind to all the material things of today.

Personally, I am focused on the sulphur constitutional type due to the fact that when I think back in my own life, my mentors, great teachers, and inspirational people have all been sulphurs. It is always those that stood out, making a dent in society. I have great respect for the eccentric sulphurs because of their many contributions to my life. Up until now, I have only met male sulphurs. It is well known that there are very few female sulphurs in existence. Sulphurs need a lot of emotional, mental, and physical room due to restless and nervous energy (like the flammable element sulphur.)

The greatest egos come from the sulphur type, but this is the motivating force that keeps him mobile, stimulated, focused, and driven. Such great leaders are self motivated and do not look to follow another but set the pace for others to follow. This intense ego, if imbalanced, is destructive, obsessive, irritable, insecure, negative, and a hypocondriac. To criticize an unbalanced sulphur is volatile. You cannot argue with a sulphur type due to the strong will and obstinate personality combined within a dictionary of wuick witted vocabulary words. So here, you have the two basic extremes of polarity.

Emotional and mental states of imbalance cause organic derangements in the physical realm. Sulphur is impatient with those around him. Always on the move, full of brilliant ideas, alchemists call sulphur "the heat and force of everything." In homeopathy, sulphur is used to push out symptoms ("bring to maturity"). For example: clearing up skin imbalances due to suppressive topical lotions, or suppressive emotional and mental imbalance; a phenomenon that happens when the vibration of the homeopathic sulphur remedy neutralizes the vibration of the disease.

All of one's traits become "real" under stress of an emotion. When a
sulphur is suppressed, mentally and emotionally the unconscious side of them makes an appearance. The alter ego sets in; its spirits, its demons (Lucifer), and its flaws all become visible. This is when it is easy to detect a sulphur. The worst thing to do to a sulphur is to cause sufficating suppression of any type. To suppress their imagination, creativity, ego, and spirit will degenerate a sulphur's fire. The physical body becomes full of discomforts and starts to adapt to its miserable situation, becoming ill with disease, irritable and difficult to live with.

1. Sulphur is an extremely hot blooded person. Warm hands and feet; always kicks off blankets.
2. Nervous, lean, eccentric looking.
3. You can spot a sulphur in a crowd due to his unruly long hair, and
outgoing selection of clothing (sometimes wearing the same clothes week after week.)
4. Sits in a chair with his entire body involved.
5. Paces the floor, cannot stand still in one spot.
6. Cannot wear wool clothing, gets super itchy.
7. Health complaints are always relapsing.
8. Noon and midnight are the worst aggravations for sulphurs.
9. It has to be "his idea", not someone elses.
10. Reads a lot of books, retaining everything.
11. Can teach a class better than the instructor.
12. A sulphur "scholar" does not worry about his physical appearance.
13. Messy house does not matter to sulphur. He is indifferent.
14. Offensive body odors.
15. Intolerance of artificial heaters indoors. They make him "stuffy".
16. Chronic skin eruptions (eczema, dry itchy psoriasis, boils, and acne.)
17. Lots of anxiety. Dislike of criticism, suppression, and being scorned.
18. Embarassment is extremely humiliating.
19. Much struggling for ego and honor.
20. Sulphur "idealists" are usually dogamatic and cannot be swayed.
21. Absent minded "professor" type, neglecting practical aspects of their lives.
22. Sulphurs make excellent teachers.
23. Sulphurs want to do things whenever they want to, not when told to.
24. Known for drinking large amounts of alcohol.
25. Charming to the opposite sex. Many sulphurs are womanizers.
26. Having many partners. Openly flirting with women, but hopelessly dependent on their wives, emotionally and practically.
27. Sulphurs are great in promoting themselves.
28. Lots of self confidence, gifted and enterprising.
29. Preferring self employment. Likes his independence and freedom.
30. Has knowledge of a broad range of subjects, highly intellectual.
31. Most have no formal education and are self taught (born an intellectual genius.)
32. Sulphurs like an audience.
33. Sulphurs do not care about being socially acceptable.
34. Relates to all walks of life, young and old.
35. Individualist, independent.
36. Childish persona.
37. Lots of self confidence, boasting about his achievements.
38. When it comes to a goal or passion, sulphur dives into it 1000%, whether it is a negative obsession or work related project.
39. Protective of his family, the wife is "queen" in his eyes.
40. Sulphur feels like a child of the universe.
41. Often unbearable to live with, cynical and feeling sorry for themselves causing insecurities.
42. Becoming aloof, guarded, and with a self doubt.
43. Worries about the future.
44. Revels in argument or anecdote.
Note: The "clinical" symptoms of sulphur have not been discussed such as skin afflictions, lymphatic, cardiovascular and urinary systems. For that, most homeopathic Materia Medica's have lists of information. This article pertains more to the "essence" of sulphur.


please add your own write up's/observations on the different constitutional types here-
Things you dont find in the Materia Medica.

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May I draw a picture as
S-- stubborn mentally
U- unusually hot
L- lack of cleanness
P- profuse perspiration with foul odor
H- hurried, Hippocratic, hypersensitive
R- ragged philosopher.
verry nice,I like that!

i know another dr. Who used this method to make it simple to remember remedy types.
(S.K. Banerjea-Bengal Allen Med. Inst-Calcutta)
Thank you for your appreciation, and there was a Bengal Allen College in the Calcutta pre- independent India and it was functionary up to a certain time but now it is not recognized neither by Central council nor by State council .The govt. colleges which are under regulation of Calcutta University are Calcutta homeopathic medical college & D.N.Dey homeopathic medical college which are within Calcutta.
4. Sits in a chair with his entire body involved.
Please elucidate the meaning of #4

It might be nice to read about some sulphur "salts" and how they "react" combine / bond with other minerals.

Wonderful to read this. Thank you Gina.
Dear Debby
writen from
A personal observation-
Yes I am married to a classic Sulphur Const.
Thus the inspiration to write my article.The crazy-gifted-Mad genious he is!Amazing soul!I have great respect for him!

I saw the before and after effects of taking Sulphur with him.
There is a line they cross over from "imbalanced Sulp-to-Balanced Sulp"
after they have been on their constitutional remedy for a while.

All this stuff from MM(Materia Medica) I am not interested in,any homeopath can find that writen in books already.
This is why I opened this new discussion-

A great book on "personal" observations of essences is;
Wonderfull book!
I purchased the book just few days 2 profiles till now Arsenicum and Nat-m and it's really wonderful. The authour could make it easy and deep at the same time that anyone can read this book even without any homeopathic background. I hope you can make a separate review about this book so that other members can know more about it.
Hi Hani
Why not post your own comments on these two constitutional types?
I am sure you have lots to share with the others.

At the present I am reading two books by homeopath
Melissa Assilem
"Matridonal remedies of the humanum family'
I am planning to write a review on her second book Melissa's called
Menopause where she discusses in depth Folliculinum-and many other remedy types
This is a wonderful picture of sulfur, I may remind people, however, that almost anyone can require sulfur depending upon where they are in their life of in their healing process. I've seen Pulsatilla people benefit from a dose of sulfur after recovering from a bout of flu or allergy, and even in a postpartum condition, sulfur low can help bring back someone's energy when other remedies seem to do little or nothing.
One of the caveats of constitutional typing someone is that the constitutional remedy may not always be the remedy of the moment. I've even heard homeopaths say that they always open a chronic case with sulfur just to see what evolves from that. I disagree with that as a general policy, but statements like that are born out of experience rather than theory, and deserve some serious consideration.
Dear Jeff Thanks for your Reply on my sulphur article-
You Posted:"One of the caveats of constitutional typing someone is that the constitutional remedy may not always be the remedy of the moment........................."
My reply;Yes agreed,The main Gist of my article is the classic Essence of Sulphur constitutional Type. Those that have clear imprints of this constitution most often do not stray far from being 'sulphurs' all the time. My article clearly does not go into using sulphur in clinical and acute protocals-the article is not about that. Yes many patients do need sulphur at one point or another depending on their life/symptoms/acutes.
Ahem......Sulphur mama checkin' in!!! While it is perhaps true that Sulphur men outnumber Sulphur women, we DO exist, we are just generally not as stinky, scatterbrained and dependent as our male counterparts. After all, we are women, and we have to attend to the practical aspects of life whether we want to or not. In fact, one of my most challenging aspects about having children, is finding enough time to study, write, and DAYDREAM, because that is when my most stunning revelations come to me....that and when I am cleaning the house, which does not seem like a task a Sulphur would enjoy, and I don't, but you take your quiet moments when you can get them!

I don't have a lot to contribute to this picture, other than to say that not every characteristic of Sulphur, as we have defined it over the years, applies to every Sulphur person, sometimes even the generals. For instance, I am not an overly warm person, not like my husband who is a veritable heater to snuggle up to, but I have lived in chilly Colorado for so long that generals such as these are somewhat less reliable. Also, I tend to be more neat vs messy, but I feel like this is merely a learned trait, because I certainly wasn't that way as a child (some children are extremely fastidious---I wish mine were so I wasn't always having to pick up after them!) Although I would like to think that I am not, I can be extremely egotistical, especially regarding my work; Sulphurs are very sensitive to criticism. I also find it difficult to place myself (ever, really) in the position of a student, because compared to most people (the exception being other Sulphurs) I am in the position of master, largely by default.

As a homeopath, I always struggled with finding MY constitutional type because I was missing several of the "key components" of Sulphur AND because so much of the reference to Sulphur is more pertinent to men. Here are a few characteristics of what drives a Sulphur woman:

Prefers positions of power or influence, as long as it doesn't require a lot of marked attention (I want to be in charge, but I don't want to do much of the "busy work"). I like to think big, plan big, arrive at brilliant solutions, but if I have to put it all in place myself....forget it, it ain't happenin'!

Family is very can mess with me all you want, I have a good nature and can take a blow to my pride occasionally, but DO NOT MESS WITH MY FAMILY.

I am tall, a little more stout since having children, not a real collector (except of ideas, and oh yeah, Fiestaware, but it is because they are so colorful AND practical, I have had my original set for over 3 years without a single chip, now that is truly amazing in my house!) and I LIKE nice clothes and dressing up to go out.

I LOVE good food (ESP EATING OUT), good drinks, excellent music (improvisational "JAM bands" are my favorite, mostly because of the unpredictability--just saw Bela Fleck and the Africa Project in Aspen and oh man, was THAT magnificent!!!) driving fast in powerful cars, and watching people, life itself constantly unfolding itself in front of me. Exercise is not one of my favorite things to do unless it involves live action and interesting scenery ie skiing, mountain biking, hiking, rafting or some kind of team will never find me in the weightroom doing reps OR crunches!

I howled when I read the part about "writing in long-winded sentences" because that is SO true, and I am certainly no exception. In fact, Debby had to ask me to please break up my long paragraphs so that I would be more readable. She was not the first person in my life to make that comment, that is for sure. The problem is that a Sulphur mind has a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of information to convey, esp if it is a pet topic. I'll get to the point eventually, so try to stay awake til it happens.....(pontification? absolutely!!!)

Sulphur children are extremely gifted, often far beyond their peers and usually their teachers as well, so they are often hard to manage in school. They need a lot of independence and a lot of CHOICE about what they are doing. Montessori education is an excellent pathway for Sulphur children because it allows them this opportunity while also providing a safe structure within which their creative abilities can be channelled and actualized. It is no coincidence that Maria Montessori, the founder and developer of the extensive Montessori philosophy and curriculum, was a Sulphur woman.

My greatest fear is not becoming a hugely successful homeopath, writer, singer, musician, artist or poet, such that I have to go back to working at a job I hate, where I have little authority and have to take orders from intellectual, spiritual and physical inferiors (ie a lab tech--standing DEFINITELY aggravates!!!)

My greatest obstacle is suppression, on all levels. You can keep your metal fillings, crowns, surgical implants, antibiotics, epidurals, excema creams and vaccinations because I have no interest nor need for any of those things AND DON'T TRY TO CONVINCE ME THAT I DO (I know no one on this forum would ever try to convince me otherwise, this is just a general statement that a Sulphur might say, at least this one!) Stubborn is an husband sometimes calls me MULE, but ONLY if a major conviction is being questioned. Otherwise, I am quite easy-going, dislike harsh encounters, prefer harmony, and can be very generous, whether in my home or in my business. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, even the clean-up is OK as long as there is some good music to listen to or a nice Bhakti chai to stimulate me.

Enough of the pontification, but this was a forum for Sulphur, right?!!!! Now you know who you are dealing with, if you didn't suspect it already! ; )

Karla,Karla,Karla I knew there was a reason I liked You right from the first time I read your replies here at HWC. (you are a female version of my Sulphur Husband)!I had such a big grin on my face while I was reading your post just now,chuckled out loud even,a bit odd sitting here alone in my office.
About being 'long winded'- Try being on the other end-I have sulphur const. patients who's casetaking goes on and on and on- forget about the 2hour timeslot!Sulphur cannot just answer with ONE WORD.And I dont mind your long posts.
Yes female Sulphurs are a verry rare breed! You should be proud!
Sending big (HUGS) to my lovely sulphur friends on HWC. You make my day. :-)


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