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During my study I found something very interesting in Dr.Kent's writing. He gives the definition of a Homoeopathic Physician.


"A Homoeopathic Physician is a one who adds to his knowledge of medicine a special knowledge of homoeopathic therapeutics and observes the law of similars"


I hope it is interesting!


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Dr Basu,
When we study Materia Medica we can see hidden treasures and truths that are brought forth by the potentization of the substance. The universe then reveals her secrets. In a very real sense we can begin to see the interconnectedness of all things. There really is no separation. This wondrous marvel of G-d’s creation can keep us connected to our higher source. Let this inspire you daily as you go about your lives.

Homeopathy is spiritual medicine. It is also carries the blueprint for all truth. Living from this truth can be a spiritual path.
Thanks Dr.Sarswat.
Dear Dr Ravindra Sarswat - I am posting "LIKE" click for your comment.
Great link!
Nilanjan Basu!
This one-line link carries a great meaning concealed in it.
Important points to ponder upon seriously are "knowledge of medicine", then "Homoeopathic therapeutics" and the most important "observation of law of similars".
The most confusing phrase used by Dr. Kent is 'homoeopathic therapeutics' which may mislead many a homoeopaths for the specific, patent and disease orientation of homoeopathic practice, although Dr. Kent's point is not to use specific medicines for specific disease.
In Organon of Medicine the Aphorisms 1 and 2 clearly give the The definition of a Homoeopathic Physician

A Homoeopathic physician must consider the diseased person as an individual with unique body, mind, soul.This is the basic difference between Homoeopath and all other medical practitioners.

He must select a single remedy, depending upon, the personal totality of the symptoms. The minimum dose, must be allowed to work unhampered for sufficient period of time. He must refrain from injecting the medicines/ Drug transmissions etc and only apply the prescribed methods of administering the remedy.


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