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One of the important key note of Ignatia is Contradictions. But when an Ignatia patient comes to us, we do not get the contradictory symptoms as given in the materia medica most of the times.

For example, I treated a patient who was prescribed Ignatia based on the contradictory symptom. The contradictory symptom which I found in him was that he said during winter  like to drink Cold water that too ice cold and during Summer I wish to drink Hot water, that too he said very hot. Then he also mentioned that when he has cold I like to inhale ice cold water through my nostrils after which I feel relieved. He was a patient of psoriasis and after a single dose of Ignatia 200, he did not require medicine for more than 4 months.

One more example is of a Lady patient with hypothyroidism with goiter, which was causing a severe choking in the throat while sleeping, and also caused severe cough. While she was explaining about the tragic incidences taken place in her life, I felt she was explaining them like a story and she did not have any the expression which should be present in her (like sorrow, tears, sadness), because she was explaining me about the death of her son at the age of 3 and how her husband himself was responsible for that. I felt it was the contradictory symptom in her which helped me in concluding the remedy (But I did not take this symptom initially while repertorising the case). She improved quite well after a single dose of Ignatia 200, before 2 months till today.

I have mentioned all these for requesting everyone to share The Contradictory Symptoms of Ignatia which you have come across in your practice and which where really helpful in finding the simillimum. Hope it will be useful for me and others too. Please render your experiences...

With Regards,
Dr. Poorni Sudhakar


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cough aggravated coughing is a symptom I have verified in practice.
It was a symptom along with lot of others indicating ignatia..
here is the rubric
COUGHING agg. : Bell., cist., cocc., hep., Ign., raph., squil., teucr.
ignatia is 3 mark while belladona, hepar are 2 marks.


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