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Creating Waves of Awareness

Here are the archived audio file for each day of the 30-Day Challenge.
Thanks for listening! I hope this helps our community and you gain much from this work. Looking forward to your feedback.

There is a place to make your remarks and tell what you have done each day. Has this been inspirational for you? Did you create an intention and an action item?

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This is not the OFFICIAL First day audio of the 30-Day challenge. But it was one of the first audio files. REACHING A MILESTONE

Please Welcome Christine Our One-Thousandth Member!

The 30-Day Challenge

I am going to attempt a GONG, as in Qigong, to create a new audio every day for 30 days. And, I am challenging all HWC members to do one positive action each day for 30 days to make homeopathy more prominent in the news, in your backyard, on the internet or where ever you go. Just do it!

Day 2 of the 30-Day Challenge

DAY TWO - Begins with an Inspirational Thought about the vital force and the concept of finite and infinite in our world and our souls. Already I'm asking myself why I created all this work for myself and it's only day two. It will be interesting to see my mindset change as the days go by.

  • New applicants may take up to 48 hours for response.
  • These audio files will help YOU as members in your business, work, career become better authors, journalists and writers. You will learn techniques that make writing and reading flow more smoothly. We all want to make a good appearance.
  • Tips on internet etiquette
  • Tips on improving the search engine
  • Tips on inviting new members
  • Tips on creating new discussions
  • How to share information
  • How to make HWC a beautiful site
  • The Organon - Aphorism #30 - Go to Groups We have many groups to join The Organon - started under the leadership of Dr. Subhas Singh and the International Society of Homeopaths started at under the leadership of Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

    Today's thought - Organon Discussion - Aphorism #30

Is Twitter a Waste of Time? Yes and No. It depends. How do you use it? Is it fun? Is it educational? Are you connecting? Having any conversations lately? Meeting people who you NEVER in your life would have ever met. AND ---> They talk a little about Internet Etiquette. Something I've been saying this for a while now. Do you know what I am talking about HWC members? Take a listen. I hope a laugh and a smile.

Listen to DAY THREE AUDIO | The 30-Day Challenge

It seems I am starting a following. Thank you to all who are listening. I would love to see some comments and feedback if you are enjoying these audios. REPLY below.

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  • Reading Aphorism #31 - How can we change our mindset and spirit to become immune to illness in mind, body, spirit and community?
  • Have you created your website yet?
  • If you have found HWC of benefit in any way, go directly to the HWC FORUM subtab Success Stories and CREATE A NEW DISCUSSION. Post what you think HWC has added to your life.
  • What action are you taking today to improve the perception of homeopathy in the world?

Listen to Day 4 | The 30-Day Challenge
Thank you to everyone for listening!

  • Creating waves of awareness, membership is increasing.
  • We are Passionate about homeopathy, our career, people and life!
  • Homeopathy is sustained by our giving energy.
  • Reading from the Taoist Qigong for Health & Vitality by Sat Chuen Hon | Definition of Health
  • Will you join me as an activist advocating for homeopathy?
  • Crucial Health Issue | Swine flu at
  • Reading Aphorism 242
  • What are the strengths of homeopathy?

Day 2 of the 30-Day Challenge
DAY FIVE - Begins with a Chet Day Fire Meditation from Zen master Shunryu Suzuki

  • Who are Featured Members?
  • Surfing with Dr. Nishant | Is Cancer Reversible?
  • Call to Action | Neighborhood Caring Community Leaders Needed
  • END W ORGANON READING aphorism 120 & 121
  • Thought about the Swine Flu Vaccine testing on 12,000 vulnerable school children in Oklahoma

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Dear Dr. Satish. I truly appreciate your comments and hope that many more will benefit. We must all work together as one big world family. Oh my! I see there is an error in this post. Please note that this is DAY - 5 of the 30-Day Challenge. So many minute details to care for in every entry. Please forgive error.

Day 6 | The 30-Day Challenge
Pure Poetry| Blooming Rose | My Gift To You

DAY SIX - Begins with a Gift for all of you. A blooming rose to express the joy that I have from seeing all your sparkling conversations about your lives, your work, your hopes and dreams.

  • Are we all homeopaths here?
  • What is the average age of HWC members?
  • What is YOUR dream for HWC and Homeopathy?
  • Sometimes a litte competition is good.
  • I challenge you to start a twitter profile.
  • Organon: Aphorism #286

Day 7 | The 30-Day Challenge
Twitter | How Do Our Belief Systems Effect How We Practice? | Pharmaceuticals

One of my favorite actresses and singers | Barbara Streisand in "What's Up Doc? "

  • Let's make homeopathy front page news for positive medical research!
  • David Hartley talks about Aphorism #273 in his discussion
  • NY TIMES: Pharmaceutical manufacturers spend billions to hawk their pills ($4.8 billion last year, according to Nielsen) to drive brand awareness and memorability restrained only by mandatory Food and Drug Administration disclaimers to avoid liability.

    What about zinc? Hey, wasn't that an ingredient in Zicam? How does this compute?

Day 8 | The 30-Day Challenge
Saying "hello" across the planet in language & gesture Sending positive waves of awareness

  • Housekeeping | Learn to navigate HWC | Click FORUM | Tutorials
  • Professional Homeopaths who want to post cases & images join CASES GROUP
  • Dynamic Webpage | Click FORUM TAB | I like HWC because . . . and create a discussion
  • Search Engine Optimization Tip | Insert a space after Dr. so we can find use using search function
  • Invite alternative therapist to join HWC so they can expand their toolbox for healing
  • Aphorism #6

Day 9 | The 30-Day Challenge

Day 9 is a reading on the commentary of the Organon. The swine flu is now spreading to Iceland and India. Is is everywhere in the USA. People are feeling fear. What can we do?

  • Today's Reading: Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine By Murphy Robin, Narendra Jain, 2004 Title Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine Authors Murphy Robin, Narendra Jain Edition illustrated
    Publisher B. Jain Publishers, 2004
    ISBN 8180564630, 9788180564635
    Length 560 pages P. 132 - 134
  • Quote on Aggravation:
    This slight homoeopathic aggravation during the first hours — a very good prognostic that the acute disease will most probably yield to the first dose — is quite as it ought to be, as the medicinal disease must naturally be somewhat stronger than the malady to be cured if it is to overpower and extinguish the latter...‎ Page 473

This is one of my favorite Laughing Yoga Videos.
I do not know whether it is the other side of fear. Let me know what you think.


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