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I have found Fagonia Arabica Mother Tincture best for the cure of testis blockage. Fifteen drops in a cup of water thrice a day.


regards to all members and Debby,


Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz

Fagonia arabica Cures "Albuminaria" Due To Surgery?

Photo credit: Dr Mumtaz

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Dr. Mumtaz Ali if you share complete case history how you get case history why you select Fagonia Arabica? It is best for discussion I don't understand which symptoms are you select this medicine? Thank you

I agree with Dr. Mustafa

Please further clarify your questions?

in other words i wrote about symptoms of "Obstructive Azoospermia"
Marvelous, indications?/

Thanks for short comments

Clinical proving of this plant mother tincture and various homeopathic pharmaceutical forms has been established by Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz Chiniot Punjab Pakistan. Some simple verifiable clinical tips along with dose has been recommended for the benefit of other homeopathy lovers. Hundreds of clinical uses advocate for its clinical use, however, its dose and potency matter was solved by Homeopathic Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz and some tips for confirmation has been shared here. Complete details shall be available for the community with in few months as work is in compilation mode.

Here for friends I have talked about my few clinical tips, which are gems, please collect these as you will find them very useful in practice.

I am sorry that due to shortage of time detailed discussions on daily basis shall not be entertained by me however time to time i would like to share my clinical life tips,simply hoping that you will continue to verify my tips in scientific way using clinical labs also.

with best wishes from Chiniot Punjab Pakistan,


Dr Mumtaz Ali Riaz

Are you prepare personaly Fagonia Arabica's mother tincture?

Why you not use Fagonia Arabica in potency?


Dr. Aamir Mustafa

I could not understand by "testis Blockage"? Will you please clarify its meaning viz-a-viz symptom/s or diagnosis.

Dr. Sahni

Retd. Dy.CMO

Dear Sahni,

I am talking about symptoms of "Obstructive Azoospermia"


Dr. Sahni

TESTIS BLOCKAGE. (Any kind of obsruction in testis resulting obstructive azoospermia) Fagonia Arabica cures with in 3-4 months and cure rate is 6 out of 10 patients in the dose already described by me at this site.


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