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Techniques to Improve Homeopathy World Community Discussions and Activity

Suggestions for improving Interaction on the HWC website..
  1. Please use the CHAINLINK ICON on the menu bar to insert the link of 'highlighted text'. Test that it opens a new window. Discussion authors may click EDIT to make corrections to their article or blog. 
  2. PERMISSION: Please ask authors of outside sources if you can reprint their article right here on HWC with the credits and acknowledgements of website and author in case readers want to leave the network for further investigation. This way everyone stays here in the HWC community to discuss the topic and connects with friends. Otherwise, you may write a summary and editorial comments.
  3. A great way to stimulate more activity and discussion is to link other similar articles within the HWC network. This provides further resources and viewpoints.  An example of this technique can be seen at the bottom of this blog. Articles that contain links to outside sources to sell services and products will be removed. 
  4. Invite your friends and authors to join the HWC social network here using the INVITE TAB and/or by sending a personal note so that it does not appear as a mass mailing and also on the HWC FaceBook page. When inviting friends please tell them to read the GUIDELINES REQUIREMENTS to make approval process go smoothly. There is also a DISCLAIMER Page
  5. Search the network for the best possible place to list your discussion. Using the drop-down menu to locate an appropriate category or visit the CATEGORY page.
  6. Check out the Tutorials to increase the learning curve on posting information to the HWC network.
  7. Write a testimonial for Why You Love HWC. Click ADD NEW Discussion.
  8. Make sure to enter TAGS of keywords when writing your discussion or blog. Please enter "homeopathyworldcommunity" and "hwc" as one of your tags. Separate each tag word with a comma.
  9. Join TWITTER and wear a TWIBBON
  10. Join HWC FaceBook and post pertinent articles to homeopathy

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Editing is at fault.Everytime i fail to edit my post.Perhaps i do not know how to edit.please guide.
This time it worked."15 minutes left to edit" i think it is effective for few minutes only.
I edited my post within two minutes but on the front page the unedited post appeared.I do not know why?
refresh your screen. MAKE SURE YOU CLICK "SAVE" after you do the Edit. You do have 15 minutes to make changes. Sajjad -- I really appreciate that you took the time to read this tutorial.
greetings debby, for the past few days i am trying to create a new discussion
but cant do,everytime when write evrything and click add comes as error...time is past ,refresh and add again,,,but i tried immdiately for many times in vain...what to do

here i am presenting the discussion can u help to post/create a new discussion...will u , thanks with regards expecting ur reply
NEW be added in the group " Translating Language into Repertory Rubrics "
[ topic FEIGNING - SICK , TO BE ]

which means assuming an appearance of sick, or pretending to be sick.....
here the patient pretends to be sick, or exaggerates his complaints to get more attention or else....


1. some childrens may pretend to be sick, to avoid going schools etc
2. elder patients may moan/ exagerrate to turn everyones attention towards them

CASE;- a girl 4yrs, brought by her mother, with complaints of cough for the past 11/2 mont
Dear Senthil - Yes, you did do it just fine here. I have no idea why it would not work in the other section unless you are not a member of the TRANSLATING LANGUAGE GROUP. Perhaps you just need to click JOIN GROUP button.

I just checked and it looks like you are a member there. Maybe try one more time.

thanks debby ,u asked me to try one more time, i tried again once.. wow it worked and new discussion was created !what a magic debby,can u tell me the secret...? bye thanks


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