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Each of us has something to share and learn. It is an innate quality of humans to form opinions and ideas when we are exposed to information. As homeopaths we are expected to be unprejudiced. This gives us an open door to share our ideas and ask questions. The little tidbits of information we learn along the way can sometimes be just what someone is needing to hear. The universe does work in mysterious ways.

So please take a minute to leave a comment when you read the Blogs. This is an opportunity to share and and create community. We need to stay together. We may not always agree; this is okay. But for our profession to survive and flourish we need to continue creating community.

Homeopathy is worth the energy we give it.  As J.T. Kent said, “If you love homeopathy, it will love you. Such is natural charity.”

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Dear Dr Ravindra. I do so appreciate the acknowledgment and spreading of more than courtesy. If you have time to read an article of interest, then you probably have time to leave a short note of how the message stirred your imagination. 

To leave a post just for the sake of saying, "great article" will not show the depth of perception, leaving the author will something more to write, or knowledge of "what" was so great in the post. 

Hopefully, we will have the "Like" button to contribute our satisfaction and approval. I'm truly looking forward to this. 

If we show by example the benefits of our actions, more will follow. 

  • Leaving comments helps to build our relationships and we also learn about each other. 
  • Leaving comments leaves a trail so that the author and other readers know who has gleaned this information.
  • Leaving comments is common courtesy and etiquette on the internet.
  • Leaving comments lets people connect with you via your profile photo. You do not need to enter your contact information
  • Leaving comments shows you care.
  • Leaving comments stimulates more discussion on the topic.
  • Leaving comments brings more positive energy to the person who gives a bit of him or her self.

I'm sure you can think of more reasons it is a wise action. ☺

Dr. Saraswat, Regards. Your advise is really true. Everybody must follow this.
Leaving comments stimulates more discussion on the topic. So as a Homoeopath, we should stimulates more discussion on the topic by giving simlimum.
Dr Sharma,
You are sincere about this, but nobody is following.
I suppose this is correct. When posting a comment, reaffirm what the speaker says. Anand has many good suggestions. Thanks.
Still Homoeopathy need progress & for a new Homoeopath any positive attitude is a lession . So by providing  similimum  we can simply not only upgrade us but also can help our little  Brothers & Sisters of Homoeopathic Family.

I agree that we may not always agree but being homoeopaths, where there are set rules [we lovingly call them 'laws'], we are required to agree. If we still don't, it is the lack of knowledge.


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