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I don't know if it is the swine flu- possibly not, but a patient of mine had her daughter return from Mexico sick with a nasty flu which she got. I have seen the same sxs in a friend and her partner in CA, and something lighter but similar in another family of 6 in AZ. I will post the sxs below. It may just be another nasty flu bug. But it starts with diarrhea and nausea, has lasted so far a week with either evolving sxs or changing ones. SO far Sulphur has helped but I will know later if it is curing.
Here are the sxs from MacRep and RW- the written notes somehow got erased....
Throat; PAIN; SORE, bruised; Coughing agg. (31)
Cough; PAIN, FROM; THROAT, in (10)
Head; PAIN; COUGHING; With (168)
Cough; AIR; COLD; Agg. (118)
Throat; PAIN; INSPIRATION; Agg. (23) ****
Throat; PAIN; INSPIRATION; Agg.; air, of cold (6) **
Skin; PAIN; COLD agg. (4)
Extremities; PERSPIRATION; FEET (195)
Generalities; CHANGE; COMPLAINTS, constant change of (48)
Stool; PUTRID ODOR (76)
Eyes; HEAT (149)
Throat; PAIN; THROAT-pit; Cough, from (5)
Throat; PAIN; STITCHING; Coughing; agg. (14)
Throat; PAIN; STITCHING; Throat-pit (7)
Throat; PAIN; BURNING; Cough; after (17)
Throat within two words of inhalation of cold air agg (4) : ail., bufo, cist., nux-v.
Throat within two words of stitching pain within two words of cough (16) : aegle-f., bor., Bry., caps., ham., hep., kali-c., lach., lyc., nit-ac., nux-v., phos., sil., stann., suth-f., tela.

See if that matches other flu cases you are seeing. The throat pain is particularly severe with coughing. Today there is copious mucus with difficulty expectorating.

Also- Hahenmann Pharmacy is getting in swine flu nosode- I think from the pigs themselves, because they also have swine meningitis. It occured to me if this is really an engineered virus (seems clear to me it is) we might combine that with Tub av. and influenza A (also at Hahnemann) to make a nosode prophylactic remedy...just a thought from a normally classical homeopath. I was thinking 30c.

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Very interesting discussion, however if the individual was in Mexico, shouldn't the authorities be made aware of her "potential" H1N1 case?
It is too late for the daughter to be cultured- and now the mom- my patient, is past that point too. We have no idea if it is actually the Swine Flu although the sxs are close....She is improving dramatically now. What would the "authorities" do about it at this point anyway? Tamiflu is their answer...not hers. She has not exposed herself to anyone in this process, so no concern about spreading it.
Can you give me the URL for that? I would love to read it. Have they known about this "engineered" virus for that long? The combo of bird, swine and Influenza A.


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