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Many will not believe that the H1N1 / H5N1 Swine/Bird Flu is not only a manmade fabricated bioweapon, to be released onto the world people, but it is registered and it is patented.


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Below are some photographs of part of the actual American Patent to BIG Pharma, Medimmune Vaccines Inc' who will make trillions $$$$$ from this treason, and sold through their fellow NWO members UN W.H.O Treaties already established under the IHR's. ALL arranged with a 'PRESIDENTIAL' edict guaranteeing immunity from litigation when people start to get sick and die. NO ONE will be permitted to SUE these big Pharmas who are key membe...




In other words, Australian people have been 'SET-UP' with Gov' regulations to allow UN NWO W.H.O. to take control VERY SOON. It was planned - Australian people were going to be vaccinated at border checkpoints when crossing the STATE - People will NOT be given Gov' Social Services bi-monthly pay cheques without obtaining a 'FLU shot health certificate. This same MO, is being used in America, and all member Countries.


Late report to July 2010


CDC allegedly falsifies reports--ignoring up to 3,587 Miscarriages from H1N1 Vaccine


A shocking report from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) presented data from two different sources demonstrating that the 2009/10 H1N1 vaccines contributed to an estimated 1,588 miscarriages and stillbirths. A corrected estimate may be as high as 3,587 cases. NCOW also highlights the disturbing fact that the CDC failed to inform their vaccine providers of the incoming data of the reports of suspected H1N1 vaccine related fetal demise.


NCOW collected the data from pregnant women (age 17-45 years) that occurred after they were administered a 2009 A-H1N1 flu vaccine. The raw data is available on the website.


Using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), including updates through July 11, 2010 as a second ascertainment source, capture-recapture statistical methods* were used to estimate the true number of miscarriages and stillbirths following A-H1N1 flu vaccination in the U.S. Typically, even so-called "complete" studies conducted by the CDC have been shown to miss from 10% to 90% of the actual cases because of under-reporting.


NCOW Press Release

Contact: Eileen Dannemann (phone: 917-804-0786, e-mail: Sept. 17, 2010 


For Immediate Release:

Science Contact: Dr. Paul G. King, NCOW Sci. Advisor (phone: 973-997-1321, e-mail:


Two Children are dead, thousands in hospitals with convulsions, and the MEDIA are silent befor ethe Government finally suspended this fatal unsafe vaccination drug. A drug for a PANDEMIC THAT WAS NOT A PANDEMIC. in fact less people died in 07, 08, 09, and 010, from FLU for the last 120 years.


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