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I have been pondering the idea of disease suppression.  Has anyone seen a particular illness be suppressed, only to come back later as a more internal disease, but needing the same remedy as the originally suppressed disease?

I am dealing with a case right now of muscle cramps in the leg and sciatic pain that are better from a bit of movement but worse with continued movement.  It responded nicely to Rhus tox.  The client's reaction when I told her what I had given her was fascinating.  The first bout of sciatic pain came soon after 3 or 4 rounds of steroids had been given for several incidences of poison oak rash within a year's time.  She thought it was a strange irony. 

As a homeopath, I wonder how closely these are linked.  And if the suppressed rash became the muscle cramps and sciatic pain, how much treatment will reverse the effects of suppression?   


Predictive Homoeopathy Part One

The Theory of Suppression

Dr Prafull Vijayakar

The PDF file for reading the chapter on suppression is available online to download to your computer.

You will read about the author, the theory and reasons of and for suppression, different types of suppression, plus a chart of the seven layers of suppression. A chapter covers the direction of cure. Everyone wants to do after the first remedy has been given. How to make the selection for the second prescription? Read Dr Prafull's thoughts on the science of the human genetic constitutional and the basis of all homoeopathy - the similimum. Let us learn the doctor's proof of similimum and conclusions.


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Dear Amanda. There are many possible directions to go. For instance the rhus tox may need gentle repetition in varying water doses during acutes, but a chronic remedy, such as Calc carb for long term care. Not saying those are the best remedies for this case. However, there are remedies that complement each other, enhance each other, follow well or even negate each other.

Theory of Suppression by Dr Prafull Vijaykar will give you good insight on the subject.

Dr Prafull article on suppression


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