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This is our Homeopathy World Community

« A collaboration between classical medicine and complementary medicine... is finally becoming possible.»

 Jean-François Steiert, Swiss federation of patients

Homeopathy World Community

will bring to your attention

Homeopathy World Projects

in need of your attention and support.

This month please donate to Abha Light Foundation

Abha Light is affiliated with the Kenyan Society Of Homeopaths

* * *



HWC member Didi Ananda Ruchira has worked over three years in this village in Nairobi and is close to reaching an incredible dream.

  • Let’s help her build a homeopathic clinic in Kambimawe village, Kenya.
  • Land has already been donated by village leaders.
  • Didi has worked diligently training new homeopaths for 10+ years.
  • It will cost $1300 [£900] to construct one room.
  • The goal is a ten room clinic building.
  • Give what you can and direct others to learn about this important work.
  • Give for the spirit of homeopathy, hope and healing in the world.
  • We can all benefit from the evidence she gains and the lessons in which remedies work for disease, symptoms and theme pictures.
  • Visit Didi's FACEBOOK Page
  • Become a Friend of Abha Light
  • Go to the link above to make a donation today!

Greetings from Kenya - Volunteers Needed

Around February - May 2010, our Abha Light College of Natural Medicine homeopathy students will begin their practicum.
Generally for our practicum we send students out on mobile clinics around the country.

This serves a few purposes -
(a) students get to see many patients in a short span of time.
(b) they can use the opportunity for popularizing homeopathy and their future practice in their chosen village or town

Besides the advantages for our students, this is an excellent opportunity for volunteers.

We need volunteer homeopaths to escort our students to the field and assist by mentoring & supervising them.

(c) Volunteers get to participate in "pioneering homeopathy" in new places
(d) Volunteers get the opportunity to serve the poor in Africa
(e) Volunteers also get an opportunity to experience casework in Africa and attend large numbers of patients in a short span

Many of our volunteers have told us that this was an personal opportunity of a lifetime ...
- they saw many patients in a short time
- saw unusual cases
- gained confidence in prescribing they (some volunteers, mostly freshie homie's & students) felt lacking

Our students, back in the classroom, would also thoroughly enjoy hearing from you if you would wish to lecture on any favourite topic of interest

Not to mention this opportunity, we have our "usual" village clinics for any volunteer to join, if you prefer to go to established clinics rather than "mentor" students.

Now, in 2010, we are planning to raise our volunteer fees to Euro 1000 for 4 weeks (all inclusive of room & board). However, if anyone wishes to come exclusively for these student-mentoring mobile clinics, we'll give you the old fee of Euro 800.

Please go to our webpage to apply.
Be sure to mention in the application that you read this email and wish to supervise-mentor our students.

Karibu Kenya!

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Golden Opportunity for those who want to explore this part of Africa, also to gain some clinical experience, at a moderate expenditure. Hats off to Didi for her project
getting inspiration from Didi's work .
It is a very good opportunity for those who willing to go as a Volunteer to serve Kenyan people. If you put the list of volunteers, already went, in this forum, it will be encouraging more people to join.
Marvellous work...


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