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Superiority Of Homeopathy In Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Hashimoto's thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis is an auto immune in which the thyroid gland is attacked by a variety of cell- and antibody-mediated immune processes. It was the first disease to be recognized as an auto immune disease. It was first described by the Japanese specialist Hakaru Hashimoto in a paper published in Germany in 1912.

Dear Friends, Review the links above for details on Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Please discuss only the role of homeopathy in treating this autoimmune phenomenon. The conventional medicine [allopathy]  follows the treatment modality of thyroxine supplementation to suppress TSH and thus attain thyroid normalcy.

Sometimes they prefer steroid medications too suppress the immunological over activity. Unfortunately attaining euthyroid status doesn't provide a symptom free period for the patient.

As we know, the thyroid is still a metabolic enigma to medical science.  This discussion intends to throw some light onto those mysterious aspects of this gland and emphasize the role of homeopathy in overcoming these riddles. 

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Thyroid dysfunctions  present  a wide clinical spectrum most often which can't be explained merely on thyroid status alone. Hashimoto's thyroiditis is one among such thyroid disorders in which patients are symptomatic even in euthyroid state.TSH  , T3 &T4 wouldn't show the least abnormality in values. sometimes Hashimoto's presents with subclinical hypothyroidism,hyperthyroidism  also.SO the chances of missing the diagnosis is more in patients who present euthyroid  and without any goitre.  other symptoms of hypothyroidism [ weakness,myalgia,weight gain ,hairloss,menstrual abnormalities ,cold intolerance  etc ]may or may not be present.Another important  feature is its preponderance in female populations.But of late,I got 2 adolescent boys in my O.P with HASHIMOTO'S thyroiditis. Hence  thyroid is  a metabolic enigma .euthyroid status never rules out  chances of  thyroid dysfunctions. SERUM antiTPO titre  and FNAC are confirmatory tests for Hashimoto's.

 sometimes the presentation of Hashimoto's may be as a miscarriage .TSH testing alone wouldn't lead us to the etiology if she is Euthyroid.There are so many conditions of THYROID gland which is puzzling the medical world .As our discussion topic is Hashimoto's I would like to remain with in the purview of Hashimoto's. 

OFTEN, WE HOMEOPATHS  IGNORE THE "POSSIBILITIES OF TREATMENTS"in each case considering its etiology,prognosis,limitations.Instead we argue in the name of "CURE". is it possible? yes,it is possible BUTNOT IN EVERY CASE.And one thing I would like to point out that ,we can not  draw conclusions  just based on a single case. Research  with adequate samples and its meta analysis is the primary tool for any conclusion be it in allopathy or homeopathy.SO its my humble request to all homeopaths to perceive each case with an unprejudiced dr Hahnemann said in aphorism 3 see what is to be cured in disease .ofcourse our medicines have immense potential in single doses and multiple doses low potencies and higher potencies too.But there are some clinical conditions which wouldn't lead us to Ideal cure.depending on the pathology,hindering miasmatic influences and ,organ loss  we must  change our drug protocol with an open minded approach.What  I want to emphasize is  WE MUST THINK OF HOMEOPATHY IN SUCH CASES  ALSO WHERE WE CAN PROVIDE  BETTER TREATMENT ALTHOUGH NOT IDEAL CURE.

Hashimoto's is such a disease where we can cure the patient in initial stages.But then too we can't avoid a relapse in another phase of life especially postpartum.We must look for possibilties of homeopathy I mentioned earlier thyroid hormone supplementation is the treatment option  in conventional system of medicine   ,often  when a patient approaches  a homeopath iatrogenic hyperthyroidism would be the  result  atleast in a few of  the patients.I have seen cases which do not progress  even after thyroxine supplementation in raising T3  and T4 status.[NOTE:- WITHOUT IGNORING CASES WHICH REQUIRE ALLOPATHIC AID]

Here homeopathy has a role -the constitutional approach .finding out a constitutional drug to stimulate the body systems and at the same time the drug may address the aetiology also.Hashimoto's is an auto immune phenomenon and  STRESS is the major trigger although it can have a mutifactorial  association.a comprehensive case taking and remedy selection have found effective in reducing symptoms and  attaining patient wellbeing.but do we need  THYROIDINUM 3x?It is useful  in restoring  TFT  to euthyroid state especially in patients with HIGH TSH. but it has to be used with caution in very low doses.I don't recommend it in every case which can be cured  with single remedy. 

Dr. Sanjana, Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an auto-immune disorder, right. When does endocrinologist started curing such disorders! Allopaths have no cure for any of the autoimmune disorders, even Hashimoto's thyroiditis can be cured by them.
1) During initial phaze, the symptoms are mostly due to hyperthyroid state
2) Second phaze is that of euthyroid, this state is irrespective of allopathic treatment, due to destruction of follicles.
3) Last phaze of hypothyroidism due to complete destruction of thyroid follicles.

Thats why in such cases, the TSH levels fluctuate from more then 100 to 0.001.

Homeopathy only has a cure for all the autoimmune disorders including Hashimoto's
When I say cure, I mean cure, the body is totally free from autoimmune disease.

As always, we rely on individualization of each and every case. Same approach is taken in these cases also.
Symptomatology and good case analysis can cure most cases.
I have presented a case which was cured by Tuberculin. Search from the links posted below by Debby maam.

Instead of thyroid 3x, look deeper into principles of cure and get a cure.
Nanni, namaskaram.

yes doctor,I too never ignored constitutional approach.but treatment protocol varies with the phase at which patients reach us.all the cases do not follow the typical clinical spectrum.In some patients the phase of euthyroidism is prolonged for so many years without any goiter or with goitre but no other symptoms or signs which cause distress to the patient .while in others tft is normal but patients  are symptomatic. some other group may be overtly hypothyroid .Depending on the presentation we choose  or omit THYR3x.In hashimoto's allopaths advise only eltroxin  life long  adjusting the doses as per tft. IN THE INITIAL  STAGES  we have better  management or real cure options.But this is also a fact that relapse at later years of life even in people treated  by homeopathy.can we extinguish autoimmunity  completely? wouldn't that come out if the triggers of autoimmunity  conquer the body systems during attack of another major illness or physical /mental stress?I have also noticed in some patients treated for hashimoto's  presenting later in life with allergy[chiefly respiratory or skin].

there are cases where we can't ignore allopathy.[ just hashimoto's thyroiditis is not discussed here] 1]myxoedema  patients with frequent attack of fainting.

2]hyperthyroid cases with thyroid storm.

3] toxic adenoma 

4] follicular adenoma  co existing with hashimoto's thyroiditis

In all these cases we can attempt to cure or sometimes cure  happens but  in the first 2 cases emergency management protocol  is important .In TOXIC ADENOMA  a hyperfunctioning  thyroid always poses a risk of atrial fibrillation.

In end stage hashimoto's also total follicular destruction reduces the chance of homoeopathy[increased pathology]

In follicular adenoma  co existing with Hashimoto's  the fnac is often not unequivocal .here also we have a risk of treating  treating a neoplasm assuming it as benign .

this discussion emphasises the superiority of homeopathy in treating Hashimoto's but it never omits the risks we have to anticipate in each individual case. I don't agree with  the blind following of homoeopathy in my own practice .we have scopes  but limitations also like any other system of medicine.

a few important homeopathic medicines for Hashimoto's  which have given cure in my practice   are the following:

calc carb,ars alb,lycopodium,fluoric acid,spongia,bromium,natrum mur,calc Flour,thyroidinum .

the following group of medicines helped to tackle the initial hyperthyroid state of hashimoto's:

rhus tox,viscum album,belladona,iodumarsenic alb,argentum met.

Thats nice to share :)
Keep it up!

Dear Dr Sanajan. The thyroid gland, hormones, growth factors, metabolism, etc have become a hot topic in our world today. Please look over some of the articles and programming on HWC


It is a  good  thing  to know that homoeopathy helps  in thyroid cases. What I meant is that we can help even in those incurable cases, at least to reduce the symptoms. But in overt hyperthyroidism our treatment is not free from risk. Atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis are immediate complications.

I have observed a patient with Grave's disease who attained euthyroid state under anti-thyroid drugs [allopathic]. One night he got an attack of fibrillation. Doctors were in doubt and advised ablation of thyroid as early as possible. Of course we can reduce the symptoms and reverse the thyroid status to normalcy. But even then, hyperthyroidism is not risk free. Especially if the patient is taking homeopathic remedies we homeopaths would be blamed for not referring the patient to an ENT surgeon for thyroidectomy in toxic adenoma or Grave's. We can treat overt hyperthyroidism with written consent from patient.

The patient should have complete and full information about all potential treatments, choices, outcomes, side effects and also give consent before treatments.


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