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Sulphur, Sleep And Myself

Sulphur works wonderfully with sleeplessness. I  have tried it many times when sleep is gone, usually when waking up early in morning and if cannot go back to sleep, a Sulphur dose would make sleep deep.

(The Sulphur patient is the victim of much trouble in his sleep. He is very sleepy in the fore part of the night, at times sleeping till 3 A.M., but from that time on he has restless sleep, or does not sleep at all. He dreads daylight, wants to go to sleep again, and when he does sleep he can hardly be aroused, and wants to sleep late in the morning. That is the time he gets his best rest and his soundest sleep....kent lectures)

However principles of homeopathy be followed before prescribing. As they say its very difficult to know your own constitution. The consitution could be "sulphur" to have a wonderful effect. Additionally, other symptoms which confirm sulphur as my remedy include:

  • Aggravation from standing as in sulphur (Kent),
  • Order is not part of job e.g. books, keys etc aren't kept properly, (Kent)
  • Drinks much and eats little (Kent)
  • Black heads (Kent) on nose
  • Always into learning activity; Anxious when out of work/activity eg on holidays, (Kent)

  • Sitting with bent back
  • Delaying things

The last two symptoms are not confirmed to be with sulphur (or not yet come across in books) but I think are part of this same Suphur constitution.


So for helping someone in cure, constitution analysis could help find a better cure than sticking to this for that formula (in this case sleep and coffea).


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Sulphur works wonderfully with sleeplessness. I have tried it many times when sleep is gone, usually when waking up early in morning and if cannot go back to sleep, a Sulphur dose would make sleep.

But we cannot deny your above experience.It can be helpful.

I also experience Sulphur for those person who complaint sleeplessness, Sulphur make them dreamy sleep.


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