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(Case shared during All India Homoeopathic Congress-2012, organized by HMAI, Kolkata, India)

Mr. R had an eye injury by a blunt object, resulting in subconjuctival hemorrhage. He had consulted an eye specialist in the city. He prescribed some medicines and told the patient that it would take 20 days for the complete absorption of blood. Patient was not happy with this remark, hence he decided to consulted me, to try Homeopathy. He had pain, tenderness and difficulty is using the eyes. I prescribed Ledum 200, three doses per day, along with plcb. Received a phone call next day saying no signs of injury found. I thought he was just faking, so I asked him to come next day. Frankly speaking, while giving prescription, I was thinking that it would take at least 7 days to become normal, hence, I really got surprised to see the magic of Homoeopathy when he visited my clinic!

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

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Dear Dr Rafeeque - This presentation of FaceBook also stirred considerable interest. Many people suggested remedies for this eye injury. Take note of the list of rubrics below and tell us how you selected this smaller remedy when so many other more commonly remedies might have been given?

Eye: Inflammations: acute; injuries, after: ACON, ARN

Eye: Inflammation; conjunctivae, injury, after: acon, arn, euphr, ferr-p, ham, rhus-t, SULPH

Eye: Inflammation: injuries after: ACON, apis, ARN, bell, bey, calad, CALC, Calen, canth, coach, EUPHR, ferr-p, grin, HAM, Hep, led, merc, NIT-AC, PETR, PULS, rhus-t, RUTA, Sil, Staph, SULPH-AC, Sulph, symph

Generalities: Injuries, blows, falls and bruises; blunt instruments: ARN, bov, carb-ac, symph

I think what Dr Rafeeque and Dr Sajjad  have written is summed up well by Dr Rafeeque

," In emergency cases, remedy comes to our mind just by observation of the case and by considering the basic details given by the patient. It often works".

Thank you dr Rafeeque

In traumatic conditions, many homeopaths do not rely entirely on repertories or reportorial analysis but prefers personal and others clinical experiences which are also written in homeopathic books.Ledum is said to be the best possible remedy in comparison to others for the above mentioned condition. Possibly ,that might be the reason, Dr Rafeeque relied on Ledum and got the required result.


Yes, the exact reason is given by Dr Sajjad Akram. When the aetiology is clear, we can consider the remedy. Suppose, this person had not given any aetiology, then I would have considered repertorisation. In emergency cases, remedy comes to our mind just by observation of the case and by considering the basic details given by the patient. It often works. n no result, then we shuld consider the detailed study of the case. If one approach fails, we have another approach without drifting from the basic principle. This is the beauty of Homeopathy. 

Very nice case result.

Just a question for my learning, why not  Arnica ?

Thanks for sharing the case. 

Dear Dr Rafeeque,
Thank you so much for sharing this acute case. I totally agree with your thoughts about the experience and dealing with the cause of the ailment helps us in such emergency cases.


Thank you all.

Homeopathy is the best provided the prescription is correct as you did in this case


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