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This question was posed to me by Dr Tiwary :
" i have just completed intership i need ur help n guidne sir .how to study materia media n remember it for long sir"
I thought it might be helpful if we opened a public discussion around this topic.

Before i can begin to give some advice I have some questions for you.

I am not so familiar with the various ways in which Homeopathy is taught in India so maybe you could give me some description.
How were you taught materia medica? Over how many years?
About how many remedies were you expected to know well?
What did " knowing well ' mean to your teachers?
Which books were you expected to study for this?
Which repertories do you use.

Not only will it be interesting for me to learn what you have to say about all this but it will give me some idea of how to advise you, or at least to find something  from my own experience which may be of assistance

I look forward to your answer

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Dr Nikhil,

You have nailed it just right.

Students, who are just beginning, are attracted by the cherry - the new fashion of homeopathy. And, this happens at the cost of foundational source work. How sad!

And, at the same time, there are practitioners who are contented in the glory of what they learned, probably decades ago. There has lot been happening in homeopathy with groundbreaking work of Vithoulkas, Rajan and others. All of which is simply not just cherry - but the wholesome teaching of the base, cake, icing and new frontiers.

I truly don't see contradictions in these evolutionary steps. And, still, homeopathy is not a finished science by any means, as yet.

Probably, integrating what has happened as yet and the ongoing is one of the palpable challenges before homeopahic community. By doing so, we can keep what fits in with the spirit of homeopathy.
hello Dr.Kambli !
I agree very much, with you advocacy for the old masters.
but I see modern trends going the same way, so I am not that sad and disappointed.
in Europe Luc de Schepper, Andre Saine and David Little are more aknowledged than ever.
Good day Dr. Anand.
The organization of these threads is a little tricky as sometimes it is hard to know who is addressing whom.

If this was directed at me - yes I have used the Kent Homeopathics MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks software from their inception. The founder David Warkentin and I used to share an office way back when he first thought of this idea.
Cessat causa, cessat effectus
Ranga Sai,
Does this mean that when there is no longer life in my body that the cause of life has ceased to exist?
Dear Jonathan ... that is what it means.
:-) Reading your book on the Avian realm. Great read.
Greetings Dr Anand.
Nice thought about complementary remedies. A similar approach would be to take the inimicals as these remedies are often close in their action.

Also of course one could take the botanical family - Solanacea - the Nightshades and then you would do Belladonna, Stramonium, etc. or Ignatia, Nux and Strychninum in which the active principle is strychnine.

I think in a serious school a great amount of thought needs to be given to the way and the order in which materia medica is taught.

One approach to cover all the remedies is not really in accord with the principle of individualization. Some remedies and groups of remedies need to be dealt with in one way, and other remedies and groupings require quite a different approach.

Ah, if only software could solve the cases for us we would all have these fantastic results.

I do agree though that it is a great help in accessing information. To have a whole library of books available by just entering a few keystrokes - fantastic.

When I began my study I there were no computers and I would write out every rubric and the remedies by hand and then go thru all these pages carefully comparing the remedies in each rubric. A great help in study but now it would drive me nuts.
Best wishes to you


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