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Hallo everybody
Debby suggested this subforum as it provides a wider platform than the blogs for discussions relating to my guide.
All questions are wellcome. your comments give me the opportunity to improve the guide.

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This is super, Hans! Just to let everyone know that this is a new "category" in the FORUM discussion section. The title is "Homeopathy-Study-Guide". The reason I did not use the word "Homeopathic" study guide is because I believe the search engine sees "homeopathy" as a higher rating for when people search our topics.

The other reason I suggested Hans write Discussions, rather than Blogs is because if you have posted a comment, just click what you have written within 15 minutes of your reply and you can EDIT, add, make corrections and fix typos before it becomes permanent. I always like to reread and check my work and that's why I like the Forum the best. You will see your screen window light up in a yellow color for editing. Then just click SAVE.

You can also add Threaded remarks, which means you can add a reply within the stream of comments. In the Blogs you can only add a comment at the end of all remarks.

Looking forward to Hans leading us on our way to the best study techniques.
Any study guide /help is highly appreciated in Homeopathy.
what is your idea? which topics you plan to work on?
I would like to know more about your guide
will you follow a special book? ok, I'm eager to receive any homeopathic guidance you can give....I'm looking forward to your help
Thanks a lot
Hi Maria
Look in my blogs. Most parts are published already.


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